Detroit 1-8-7: Imperioli Not Confident About Season Two Chances

Detroit 187Unfortunately, Detroit 1-8-7 been struggling almost from the beginning. ABC’s freshman police drama debuted with a mediocre 2.3 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 9.34 million viewers. Things quickly went down hill from there. The last original episode mustered just a terrible 1.0 rating and 5.05 million. Now it’s the lowest-rated scripted show on the network.

Despite those dismal numbers, at the recent TCA press tour, ABC chief Paul Lee was still pretty optimistic. He said, “We haven’t made our decisions yet on second season. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have liked it to have stayed with high numbers, because it’s an extremely high-quality show… It’s a really gritty, brilliantly written show which we’re very proud of. So do we hope it comes back. We’re not going to make those decisions probably for another two to three months, I have to say.”

Regarding the chances for a second season of Detroit 1-8-7, star Michael Imperioli is a little less optimistic. He said, “You know, we’ll see. I’m not overly confident about it. I think the show’s good enough. There are a lot of stories to tell. I think it will only get better in the future, but that has to do with a lot of factors that are out of my control.”

TV show supportHe continued, “I’ve been disappointed that it hasn’t done as well in the numbers… I don’t think that a lot of people really know that we’re on the air. I think that the people who do know really like it. We do have a lot of loyal fans. Primarily, it’s in the demographic — 18 to 49, whatever. I don’t know how that works that we’re not doing as good. We had some good overall numbers for a while, but you know, these things are hard to predict.”

Looking at it philosophically, Imperioli added, “[The ratings are] out of our hands. We’re doing the best we can do. The work has been really good. So I’m not complaining.”

What do you think? Will Detroit 1-8-7 be renewed? Should ABC give it a second season and a second chance, even though the ratings are poor?

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  1. John B. Lankford says

    Good stories. Very good acting. Why cancel? Let it “catch” like it took time for “Fringe” to catch.

  2. Nancy says

    My son and I love this show. We moved to Alabama, but our hometowns are Detroit and Ferndale. The scenes, street names and mention of the surrounding areas bring back so many memories. The stories are real good and the cast is excellent. It needs more advertizing of the upcoming scenes to get people interested. Get to it executives.

  3. jill e says

    This show is great and I look forward to every episode. If it dies the Network is at fault not the acting or storylines. They have preempted it for some stupid Charlie Sheen interview, or not shown new episodes one week and then on again the next week. I see that they are ending it on a Sunday night. WTF Another good show that won’t go on because the networks execs are stupid a=holes.

  4. EB says

    Detroit 1-8-7 is the best detective/crime show on television. ABC has done a poor job of promoting the show compared to other similar type programming (for example, the comparatively inferior Chicago Code).
    Weeks of interruptions of first run viewings have also hurt the ratings.
    If this show is cancelled, it is a network failure not a quality problem.

  5. PG says

    Its a great show in a bad timeslot with a network not doing much to promote it. Move the show to TNT or USA and the loyal watchers, who enjoy shows like the Closer and Hawthorne, will follow.

  6. Lorraine says

    Being from Detroit I have really enjoyed this show. It uses the Big D as one of it’s characters. Love the cast and the stories. Please don’t cancel this show, it is really great.

  7. Donald Skaff says

    Some greats started out with bad ratings. These networks today want instant hits regardless of the talant. A Brittney Spears of TV shows so to speak. There are still some of us that require the qulality and this show has it, both in acting and story line. I should follow in the footsteps of Hill Stree Blues, NYPD Blue, and the Shield, given the chance. I was sorry to see D.J. Cotrona killed off. Makes me wonder if the powers to be really know what they are doing. The show could not have been casted better in my opinion. They even got Megan Dodds under control before she imploded. This show is great. All it needs in a better time slot, more advertising and a second chance. The viewers will come around.

  8. Kathleen Papajohn says

    I believe that Detroit 1-8-7 is the best cop show on the air. The acting and writing are superb. It would be a shame to cancel it. It seems that only the mediocre survive.

  9. rebecca says

    I love Detroit 187, and I don’t usually get into cop shows. the acting is great!. I you should bring in Imperioli’s wife from the Sopranos to boost ratings. Maybe oly bring her in for a couple of shows. She could be a hooker/ snitch….. What do you think?

  10. estefani says

    i really enjoy the show. i think it should go for another season if it doesnt get it i’ll be very disappointed because the last episode was intense and unexpected things are getting good in the romantic side of the show with stone and sanchez. if i miss a show when it airs i just watch it online i hope it goes for another season!

  11. Betzblue says

    I like Detroit 1-8-7 very much…but it’s Tuesday night slot against Sons of Anarchy…was like a death sentence from the get go….I dvr’d Sons, so I could watch Michael Imperioli’s new vehicle. ( I liked him in Men on Mars too) IF ABC decides to ax this show, I hope that TNT or another channel will pick it up ( like they did Southland) .
    At least give us a season dvd…( that’s the least you can do).
    I was a huge fan of NYPD Blue and think that Detroit 1-8-7 is right beside NYPD Blue as being one of the best cop shows out there…( I do, like Memphis Beat too)
    DETROIT 1-8-7 DESERVES a second season and a different time slot!!

  12. Kay Yeager says

    I loved this show! Miss it terribly. Very true to life in the Detroit area. Seems as tho everytime a new life like series starts it always gets cancelled. Wrong time slot. Should have been on Thursday night instead of all those ridiculous comedy’s.

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