Dexter: Series Ending; No Season Nine

Dexter TV show endingThe killing spree of Dexter Morgan is finally coming to an end. Showtime’s Dexter TV series will end with the conclusion of the show’s upcoming eighth season.

While speaking with Wall Street analysts on a conference call, CBS Corp. CEO Les Moonves confirmed that this season of Dexter will indeed be the show’s last.

There’s been speculation about Dexter ending for awhile but this is the first time that the news has been confirmed.

Though the cost to produce Dexter has risen over the years, Showtime is no doubt sorry to see it go. It’s easily the cable channel’s highest-rated scripted series. First run episodes of season seven averaged 2.23 million viewers.

The eighth season of Dexter will premiere on June 30th and Showtime has ordered 12 episodes once again. The series finale is expected to air on September 22nd.

What do you think? Are you sad that Dexter is ending or do you think the time is right? Or, has the series stayed on too long already?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Judith says

    I have never complained about my favorite tv shows being canceled so this is a first. Great marketing plan cancel the most popular show on Showtime! What were you thinking? As like everyone else, I ordered Showtime for Dexter and I doubt you can come up with anything to rival this great series. There certainly is not any other series at this time or last fall. I will rethink Showtime.

  2. Setra says

    This is sad news to hear that Dexter will be ending after season eight; it was one of my favorite shows. Iā€™m glad I recorded the first several seasons.

  3. Louise Belardo says

    Please do not cancel Dexter, there are very few shows on TV and Cable that are so cool and great this is one of them. Please reconsider this, there are many fans out there that are extremely upset about this and do not want it to end. It’s one of the best shows on Showtime.

  4. M.Esco says

    I too ordered Showtime for my Dexy! My favorite show of all time! After the finale, I bid farewell to Showtime. Gonna miss Dexter, badly! …sigh.

    • Anonymous says

      Dexter is one of the best shows on TV taking it off because you want it to go out on top is rediculouse its one of the only shows thats gotten better with every season an to just give up when youve just started a whole new chapter in the show is just stupid you could of gotten atleast another two or three seasons an your fan base would have gotten only bigger you guys giving up on it like thos makes me wanna get rid of all my seasons Iean all ur fans have been watching it just to see it end now iys a big disappointment.

  5. RMH says

    Well I guess everything good must come to an end. The last two seasons weren’t as good as the first five and not sure the direction they took in season 7 left too many places to go, so hopefully it will end gracefully and deviously fun not as dreary and religon infected as recent times. I guess the good news for me is I’ll save some money – I add Showtime when Dexter starts and I shut it off every season when Dexter ends. šŸ˜€ So June to September’s not so bad!!!

  6. Mark Carter says

    Extremely disappointed to see Dexter closing up shop. It’s easily the best show Showtime has and for them to just pull the plug is about as stupid as when NBC cancelled Heroes. The moment the final episode of Dexter is finished, so is my subscription to Showtime.

  7. says

    Love the show, every episode. Will be so sad for it to end. I think it is a big mistake unless, Michael is tired of it and wants something new. My favorite show of each year. True Blood is my Second.

  8. S. Miller says

    It’s time. I haven’t been dazzled for the last two seasons. I’ll miss it, but will continue to read every book.

    • julia says

      considering that the books are different that the show, that might be hard. For instance on the show dexter had a boy and in the books its a girl.

  9. Rob says

    was really hoping for a season 10… it would have kept my dark passenger at bay, but now… im not so sure.

  10. whatever says

    Well since it is only March I think they would let the writing team know that this is the final season. So that they have enough time to craft the perfect ending.

  11. JMorgana says

    I do think it’s about time this came to an end. However, it’d be nice if it got an actual series finale and not just the last regular episode.

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