Dexter TV showNetwork: Showtime
Episodes: 96 (hour)
Seasons: Eight

TV show dates: October 1, 2006 — September 22, 2013
Series status: Ended

Performers include: Michael C. Hall, Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter, Lauren Valez, David Zayas, James Remar, Erik King, Desmond Harrington, and C.S. Lee.

TV show description:      
Nice guy Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) works for the Miami Metro Police Department as a blood spatter analyst.

In his time off, he also happens to be a serial killer. His adoptive police detective father, Harry Morgan (James Remar), recognized his sociopath tendencies as a child and taught him to channel his passion for killing into eliminating only heinous criminals who’ve slipped through the justice system. Harry also teaches him to mask his emotional emptiness so that he can appear normal.

As an adult, it becomes harder and harder for Dexter to keep his secrets hidden from his single-mother girlfriend Rita Bennett (Julie Benz), and his police department co-workers like no-nonsense Lieutenant Maria LaGuerta (Lauren Vélez), aggressive Sergeant James Doakes (Erik King), friendly homicide detective Angel Batista (David Zayas), quirky lab-tech Vince Masuka (C. S. Lee), and Harry’s natural daughter, Debra (Jennifer Carpenter).

Series Finale:     
Episode #96 — “Remember the Monsters?”
In the previous episode, Saxon killed Clayton, shot Debra, and escaped. She calls for help and is soon taken in an ambulance with Quinn.

Because the flights in Miami are grounded due to the impending hurricane, Hannah takes little Harrison to Jacksonville to board an airplane there, bound for Argentina.

Saxon goes to the hospital to finish off Debra but Dexter spots him and he’s taken into police custody. Debra’s surgery is successful but she then suffers a stroke from a blood clot. The physician notes that only a miracle will prevent her from being brain-dead.

Dexter meets Saxon in his cell to do a gunshot residue test and intentionally leaves his pen on the table. He provokes Saxon to stab him and then, in self-defense, Dexter punctures his carotid artery with the same pen and kills Saxon.

Batista and Quinn question Dexter about the killing. Though they likely know what really happened, the official report states that he acted in self-defense.

Later, Dexter visits Deb in the hospital as the facility, due to the storm, is being evacuated. He lovingly takes her off life-support and takes her body to his boat. Despite the stormy waters, he takes her body out to where he’d dumped so many other bodies. He pauses to watch it sink out of sight and says goodbye. Dexter then steers the Slice of Life into the oncoming hurricane.

His boat is later found in pieces and Angel is informed via a phone call. In Argentina, we see Hannah reading a news account of Dexter’s death. She holds back her emotions and asks Harrison if he wants to go get ice cream. Fade to black.

A new scene begins and we see a bearded man driving a truck to a logging center somewhere up north. He enters a sparsely decorated old house and we see that Dexter has survived. He sits at a table and and looks directly into camera. Did he try to commit suicide or intentionally fake his death? Is he done killing or will he begin again? The screen cuts to black for a final time.
First aired: September 22, 2013.


What do you think? Do you like the Dexter TV series? Do you think it should have been renewed for another season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    I have been with Dexter since the first season e01 love the show the only thing that gets me through the week knowing I will be watching Dexter on Sunday evening. Love the show please keep it going. I am from Miami and the Geographic towns are true you do not find that often being correct in locations. Really would like to see Harrison grow up

  2. says

    i never had watched dexter until i went to visit my daughter-in-law in hawaii…i had a choice, beach in hawaii or watching dexter…i chose dexter…i came back to maine and ordered the stars network and watched every episode made since the beginning in one season… husband watched every episode in two weeks….pleeeeeeease don’t cancel… we can’t afford to go to the movies and dexter is better than any movie !!!!!!!!

  3. Mary S says

    I had heard of Dexter but did not start watching until Season 3. I have been hooked since that first episode. I went to Showtime On Demand and was able to watch all the episodes in order. I now own all 7 seasons. If ever a person should be feared, it is Dexter, but I adore this show…the writing the casting, the acting (which doesn’t feel like acting!)…the characters feel real, the storylines are engrossing….I love everything about this show! The week doesn’t feel right to me until I have my time with Dexter. I know that this is the final season and all the episodes are written and maybe even recorded, but I do wish there were a way to rewrite the season finale before it airs as the series finale. Just put it on the shelf for another couple of years, end this season reasonably and write a new one or two or three!

  4. Curtis Blanchette says

    Please do not cancel Dexter. Best series for SHOW TIME. Why not let the show go on and on. Very good drama and plot renewal in season 7.

  5. Matt says

    Gotta give it a couple of more seasons. It is the best show on tv. I’ve been hooked since the first episode.

  6. John C says

    Dexter is why I got Showtime. I might have to let it go if they don’t have something else coming down the pipe.

  7. says

    I have enjoyed the 7 seasons to date , and read several of the books . If they do not kill or forever incarcerate Dexter a big screen rendering might be in the offing . There is only so much growth that a sociopath like Dexter can experience , and the angst of Deb knowing his true nature has barely been explored this past season and the final upcoming 8th . Kinda looking forward to Michael C. Hall in the comedy in which he will portray the brother in a dysfunctional family . It has been teased on Showtime , but I do not recall a series start date . Farewell Dex . May you someday come to terms with your Dark Passenger even if only in death .

  8. says

    My wife and I just recently in the last three seasons caught on to the addictive personality that Dexter Morgan seems to have. We to have been watchers of Showtimes rival network (HBO ) programs like Deadwood up until it’s VERY UPSETTING abrupt ending with no real ending to speak of,And that alone was almost enough to give us reason to cut HBO”S throat,and just leave it for good because we were DIE HARD DEADWOOD fans. But when TRUE BLOOD was officially birthed we began watching it and were immediately, However I am so so thankful for the trusty DVR because fro reasons unknown all the best stuff is aired on Sunday night. I fear that if we don’t hit these season finally’s soon our DVD is going to overheat and burn to the ground. Why they don’t put radiators on the damn things I don’t know because on Sunday night ours cranks up at 8:00 pm and don’t get to cool down until early Monday morning. I have GOT to say if I were a serial killer Dexter Morgan would be my hero because he does it so very well. I don’t know when this series is supposed to come to it’s end,But I can honestly say that that night will sit right up there with the one and only season finally that I can honestly say brought tears to my eyes just because I had watched it from birth,And knew that it was really really over,And that was the ( FX ) series The Shield. I can honestly say that The Shield was why I put satelite TV in my house,And Tuesday nights at my house every one that knows me knew NOT to call or stop by between the hours of 10:00 and 11:00pm. My wife and I watched The Shield EVERY Tuesday night,Just like we watch Dexter, Boardwalk Empire,and the Walking Dead although it is a new program. But has been adopted by AMC for two full seasons now which I think will be great. But The matter at hand is Dexter Morgan,And I very well plan to stay true to Dexter just as he has stayed true to his second job,which is being Miami’s Serial killer.

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