Dig: USA Orders New Event Series

Dig TV showUSA has ordered a six-episode action adventure series called Dig. It’s from Heroes creator Tim Kring and Gideon Raff, the co-creator of Homeland on Showtime.

The new show will be filmed in Jerusalem and is expected to debut on USA sometime in late 2014.

Dig follows the story of an FBI agent who’s stationed in Jerusalem. While investigating the murder of a woman archeologist, the agent uncovers a conspiracy that’s 2000 years old and that threatens to change the course of history.

What do you think? Does Dig sound like a show that you’ll try watching?

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  1. JohnB says

    I love the Israeli people and the nation of Israel. Israel is far from perfect, but I could live safely there for the most part, not possible in any other Arab nation…as I am a strong overt Christian and a military vet with fresh memories. I will watch this show as long as the plot line is believable and has a logical flow, The introduction of the various groups such as the Temple Mount Institute, the Essene’s, the Orthodox and a few other groups I’m not fully familiar with add to my knowledge. I like the Israel countryside and historical structure views as well. The depiction of Jewish law enforcement, intelligence and IDF were fairly accurate. You can leave off the overt and graphic gay sex stuff as it add nothing to plot. Insinuate it and if being Gay is a reason to get attacked or whatever in Israel (they are pretty liberal over there, but not all) then clearly relate that. DO NOT GIVE THE Muslims a stick to attack Israel with by agreeing with their false propaganda and giving any cedence to it.

  2. jp says

    loved Dig. Though hard to follow, at times, I enjoyed all the characters. Hopefully the show will continue by following the FBI agent to his different posts.

  3. evil mimi says

    where is the drama of Armageddon when mankind CAN’T start it. if this crazy group succeeded, what was going to happen to the world? nobody knew (or really care), so where is the drama of the end of the world, or this series? if the “battlefield of Megiddo” happen MAYBE there was hope for a show that had no direction.

  4. Annette Overstreet says

    Every time a new TV show appears that is interesting enough to make me watch, the network decides it needs canceling and replacing with some moronic series that doesn’t require brains to watch. I am sick to death of reality based shows and cop shows and shows that numb one to sleep. I want something I can sink my teeth into, think about, chew on, and look forward to for next week. You have that in DIG; why can’t you network people leave well enough alone?

    • stace says

      I completely agree with you!!! I loved Dig and looked forward to it every week but as usual a show that keeps you on the edge of your seat won’t be back. Everything out there is exactly like you said. Cop shows, reality or mind numbing.

    • Tammy says

      They will never do that.They always get rid of all the good shows on Tv and keep all the crap! Then the cable and other companies charge us an arm and leg to watch the crap.

  5. Nomen says

    The premise was interesting so I watched the first few episodes. They lost me with the two men making out in the back seat. Not my cup of tea.

  6. adel says

    My husband and I are enjoying the series. I hope there is more to come. So little on t.v. is worth watching. Too much sex violence and no plot just sensationalism. The border is also a better series, hard to find.

  7. JohnB says

    Having been to Israel as visitor and served in the US Military deployed to Mid East, I like a series that accurately depicts the region and Israel in particular. However, the Bible has a lot to say about these days. A TV series about the region would do well to bring in solid well known Christians, well aware of end times prophecy fulfillment, the history of the region and actual conditions on the ground in Israel, not media hype generated from the Islamic and ex-Nazi regions of Europe that still are afflicted by those curses. 1st and 2nd Jihads covered most of central and southern Europe, the 3rd jihad will dominate the news and territory of all of Europe. Their focus is to belittle and portray Jews (once again) as a source of the worlds problems when in fact it has has been godless Naziism, communism and Islamism (like a religion but devoid of any value for civilizations, thus in effect “godless”). Israel and the west are far from perfect, but if we could ever get free from the steady stream of ‘isms’ that are out to dominate Judeo- Christian culture and the wealth and freedom it creates for masses of regular folk, we might better be able to judge the value of it eliminate for all these upstart political and psuedo-religious systems that process one form or another of utopia as a deception but deliver slavery and a grey dull life and lifestyle where everyone is indeed ‘equal’ but everyone is also poor. So do the series right and let’s not let the ‘isms’ define or navigate the plots for their deceptive purposes. Keep it real and on point without slaving to those who want to eliminate Israel and the Jewish People.

    • Pam says

      Very well spoken….I would agree whole heartedly. The truth is actually so much more interesting than fiction. If someone in the television/ movie industry would dare to stick to the original script as outlined in the scriptures we might be getting somewhere.
      I am curious to see where this mini series is willing to go…..another misguided illuminists script for the sheeple or daring enough to follow God’s play book…
      Bet you have more interesting thoughts to add too, you sound like someone who has convictions! Any chance you would care to share some more with me?

      • JohnB says

        If you are looking for reliable sources of info on Israel and how prophecy comes to pass both for that nation’s benefit and to Israel’s detriment, I can do that, This site may limit or censor the free exchange of information but it is worth a try.

    • tashina strongbow says

      The Abrahamic religions are far from perfect, all 3 religions are extremely sexist, very proslavery, the Jews can have goyim slavery and abuse them terribly if they want, and torture them and work them to death, if they want, look up goyim slavery, it will be there, the Nazi`s are evil for sure, for practicing their bloodline bull **** superiority, but I it is totally ok if the Jews do it, right. God`s chosen people, what God of justice says slavery and superiority is ok, your God, You can keep him. Right now Jewish women are lined up some where waiting for a Rabbi to stuff a cloth up their ****** to see what color their monthly blood is to dish out the punishments, as all 3 religions put women down for their periods, had it not been for women`s lib in this country this would continue. look for God hates vaginas. com for a funny look at this biblical stuff. But it is true. This is why women must take Mikva bath`s , to wash away their filth, it is in the Bible if a woman who has their period touches meat it will rot which is a lie, A TOTAL AND COMPLETE LIE and Jews believe that slavery of Goyim is cool, we are lower than them. This is wrong for anyone to believe. The native Americans had the belief you are never to be wasteful , miss treat the land, air, water , or animals, many were matriarchal, or believed and lived equally, the plains Indians were war like .But Christians came and said Native Americans were wrong, women and children are property, and so all white men and men in general. you are to have dominance over every thing, not care taking and stewardship there of . You can keep your reptillian God. I will take a God of Justice and equality. And that is not the God of Abrahamic religions. An eye for and eye and tooth for a tooth only exists because if you damage either you could not re sell your slave, as the slave trade rules. Not because the Jews had some righteous law to set slaves free. Goyim slaves were treated like the **** bag Nazi`s treated their slaves. The Jews made their deals with the watchers, the Nazi`s the Nordics. Both are evil and wrong. Both! go to Goyim slaves , just google it, it will be there. I will defend many liberal Jews , but the conservatives of any of the 3 Abrahamic religions no in the least.

      jews can

  8. Anonymous says

    If there are enough documented facts then you have conspiracy ‘probability’ and you can’t beat that. Let’s hope they keep it plausible and I’ll keep watching.

  9. Anonymous says

    Conspiracy theories are great to watch but are always tainted by the twisted liberal view. As soon as you see news cast with MSNBC you know it’s warped. It is truly laughable how liberals can’t get enough of bashing Christianity, really a desert commune and black Escalade’s.
    Hollywood has become a cesspool of Anti-American, Ant-Christian cowards spewing what they have learned from college. Let’s put this in perspective, if Muslims ever invade do you think you’re safe because you are a Godless liberal? Thank goodness for people that own guns and still believe in God

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