Dirt: FX Cancels Courteney Cox Arquette TV Show

DirtThe second season of FX’s Dirt series was cut short due to the writers strike. Only seven of the 13 ordered episodes were produced, with the last one airing on April 13th. Fans wondered if six additional episodes would be filmed for the show’s third year to make up the difference. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing a third season at all.

Over the weekend, Dirt star and executive producer Courteney Cox Arquette told reporters that the series had just been cancelled by FX. She was attending the “A Time for Heroes” Celebrity Carnival, held to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

The cancellation doesn’t come as a total surprise. Dirt’s ratings slipped in season two and the season (now series) finale attracted just over a million viewers. On top of that, castmember Ryan Eggold signed onto the CW’s new 90210 series and Alex Breckenridge’s committed to CBS’ The Ex List series which debuts in the fall.

While it doesn’t look like we’ll see the staff of DirtNow again any time soon, Cox Arquette and hubby David Arquette are continuing to develop new projects together. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. VrC says

    I am so disappointed!! I am dying to know why Lucy’s father killed himself, such a freakin shame. It was such a good show I can’t believe it wasn’t picked up!

  2. Jay says

    I loved this show! Courtney was perfect for the roll and the series kept us at the edge of our seats. It made viewers’ ponder about all the “dirt” muckrakers have dug up from society from way back to nowadays. We all know there is corruption behind the scenes of many people in the publice eye. I am devastated to find out this show, as well as “The Riches”, were both cancelled due to the writers’ strike. Both shows had great ratings, yet were not able to blossom into successful, ongoing tv series. Life isn’t fair though and we can’t always have what we want but kudos to all of us for having the oppurtunity to enjoy the 2 season-length series. It was too good to be true.

  3. Rey Torres says

    Being a fan of Cougar Town, I just want to state how much I loved DIRT. I only recently discovered it thanks to NetFlix. And watched the complete series in less than a week.
    I believe that had a major network originally aired this series, it would have had the viewers necessary and still be on today.

  4. Jessica says

    Please bring back Dirt!!! I watched some episodes when the show originally aired and recently watched the whole show on netflix and I’m left wishing there was more! This show had great acting and was original and well written. Plus it does a great job of putting out a different view on our celebrity crazed culture. Why was it cancelled when so much bad crap out there survives?? I guess I can only dream they’ll decide to bring it back so long after it’s been cancelled.

  5. Brittney says

    Omg… Dirt was the greatest I watched it everytime it was on and would have bout every season to continue watching it… I am currently shopping and I asked the store clerk when it was coming out and wen he said it was cancelled I was totally disgusted!!! Plz bring it bck!!!

  6. says

    I really, truly loved the show Dirt! It’s so much better than her current show Cougar Town… It was interesting to see how Courtney Cox had portrayed a character so dark and pull it off so well! I was really saddened by its cancellation. I live in the Philippines and I only got to learn about Dirt early this year! Le sigh… If only they gave it another shot, I’m sure it would have gathered MUCH more viewers!!!

  7. says

    I live in the UK and watch far too much television,.I saw most of the episodes of DIRT and it was a very good show! Can’t see why it wasn’t as popular in the states. Maybe the worldwide syndication made up the numbers. As it was on several of the channels over here. I suspect that when they take a look at the overall worldwide viewing figures they will show that there were a lot of fans out there. Some of the biggest ever shows were not immediate hits and had to be saved by fans demanding more Look at Star Trek now or the X files. Both rescued by their worldwide audience rather than local and a fan base. I suspect in this celebrity driven cultural age that Dirt was right on the money. The Film is just begging to be made but with real A list stars as themselves, in fictional story lines where perhaps art would imitate life. You could probably bring the whole show back on the premise of have having major A list stars as themselves. Imagine Robert Downey junior, Colin Farrell, or any of the more controversial Hollywood stars. A Micky Rourke domestic violence storyline or George Clooney outed by DIRT. Or Alicia Keys in an episode trying to negotiate back photos of her in some girl on girl action. Or DIRT threatening to go public on JAY-Z about his involvement with the deaths of Biggie and Tupic. Also the opposite would work great. Actors and stars that have a more wholesome image, could do storylines that showed a torrid and dark world behind the image Lisa Gibbons or Oprah fighting tooth and nail to surpress damaging eveidence of their private lives. It would be great! I think the public don’t want fictional celebs when the can get that on any reality based TV show. So do DIRT with real stars as themselves in semi fictional controversy. I’m telling you with performances and cameos from real stars that show would be back with a vengeance. Maybe I’ll write a treatment and send it off to Courtney. Despite the demise of the show any one who watched an episode would have to be impressed by her consistently outstanding performance as the emotionally crippled Pit bull editor of Dirt magazine. I’ve no doubt that had the show had better ratings in the US Cox would have received much more artistic recognition in the form of awards she was brilliant. For those of You that haven’t seen it for heaven’s sake catch is run or DVD The show had everything but the kitchen sink “Real Drama.” Anyone else thinks this would be a great idea let me know or better yet email my comments to the relevant powers within the Courteney Cox Arquette Production team.

  8. Ashlee says

    BRING BACK THE SHOW DIRT! It was sooo good and I got so into it which I think a lot of people did as well. I really love Court’s new show Cougar Town as well but I hope that she will also bring back Dirt! Love that show! Please bring it back! :)

  9. Michelle S says

    I am so disapointed about ‘Dirt’ being canceled. I’m beginning to wonder if it is even worth continuing to pay for satelite if there is going to be nothing on to watch. ‘The Riches’ is gone and ‘Dirt’. What the hell are we suppose to watch? I mean there is hardly anything on these days that is worthy. I’m going to sign up for a sewing class because THAT is more exciting that what’s on the tube. So sad….

  10. Inks says

    What a travesty! Dirt was a very cutting edge and dramatic show that always had me wanting more. I am shocked that the fx ppl didn’t see that!

  11. Dirt Lover says

    I cannot believe they cancelled this show.. it was seriously the ONLY reason I even turned the television on FX. The show was one of the best shows ever.. I loved it and am really disappointed. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. s16s says

    I started watching Dirt all the way over here in the Middle East. My friends and I LOVED it………… Somebody please bring Dirt back! The most original show I’ve seen in forever with fantastic writing and Actors.

  13. dre says

    i have to say i saw courtney cox in a different light, her acting has risen to a new level. sad to hear that the season has been cancelled. still on season two though so i can enjoy the last bits

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