Dirty Sexy Money: ABC TV Show Essentially Cancelled?

Tripp and LetitiaDespite mediocre ratings in season one, ABC decided to renew Dirty Sexy Money for a second year. Unfortunately, their gamble hasn’t paid off and it looks like time is running out for the Darling clan.

As the story of Dirty Sexy Money begins, idealistic lawyer Nick George (Peter Krause) finds himself taking over his late father’s single client, the very rich and dysfunctional Darling family. Patriarch Tripp Darling (Donald Sutherland) is incredibly influential but needs all the help he can get to manage the fragile relationships with his wife Letitia (Jill Clayburgh) and their five grown children; politician Patrick (William Baldwin), promiscuous Karen (Natalie Zea), corrupt clergyman Brian (Glenn Fitzgerald), and immature, party-loving twins Jeremy (Seth Gabel) and Juliet (Samaire Armstrong).

Tripp also needs Nick’s help in fending off his enemies like rival billionaire Simon Elder (Blair Underwood). Thankfully, Nick has the support of his wife Lisa (Zoe McLellan) and their young daughter. Other characters are played by Lucy Liu, Will Shadley, Laura Margolis, Bellamy Young, Candis Cayne, Shawn Michael Patrick, Chloe Moretz, Sheryl Lee, Andrea Smithson, and Daniel Cosgrove.

Money debuted on September 26, 2007 on ABC. The premiere episode attracted 10.44 million people and a 3.6/12 rating /share of the 18-49 demographic. The following week’s numbers fell by less than 10% which was a very positive sign. Unfortunately, the show essentially kept falling each subsequent week, hitting a season low of 6.52 million viewers and a 2.0/8.

The show’s production was interrupted by the writers strike and Money’s creator, Craig Wright, wondered if it would ever return. Ultimately, ABC decided to take a chance and renewed Money for a second season with an order of 13 episodes.

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The gamble didn’t pay off. Season two of Money kicked off on October 1st with only 7.02 million viewers and a 2.4/7 in the demographic. The following week’s installment fell to 5.85 million and 2.0/5. Subsequent episodes have averaged less than six million viewers, making last season’s low-point look good by comparison.

The network has yet to order additional episodes or indicate interest in doing so. The cast and crew are currently wrapping production on what is likely the show’s last episode. ABC’s midseason schedule hasn’t been officially released but one that’s being shown to advertisers doesn’t have Money on it.

The series could still be under consideration for a third season but that seems highly unlikely considering the ratings decline between seasons one and two.

The sixth episode of season two is scheduled to air tonight, leaving seven to go. With Money’s declining viewership, you have to wonder if ABC will even air them all. If they do, it will likely have more to do with the network’s economics than plans for the series’ future. Where’s Tripp Darling’s influence when you really need it? Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Batoul says

    If the cancellation is about the money, come on honey, let the Darlings give you some money,,,,, and complete the show.

  2. LJ says

    don’t cancel Dirty Sexy Money. We love this show. We have watch parties every week at someones house! We will miss this show if it is cancelled.

  3. Debbie says

    Please don’t cancel DSM! Its fun to watch with beautiful people all wearing great clothes. My husband watches with me. He is a big Donald S. fan. All of the actors are top notch. We never miss it! Its entertaining!

  4. MBF says

    Dear ABC, Please give those of us that need actual entertainment, plots, twists, dialogue, and intrigue a little hope in keeping Dirty Sexy Money. You finally found a program that hits on all our guilty pleasures and now you’re going to get rid of it? Is the world of ABC so desperate to turn everything to reality shows that you’re going to remove an actual program that comes from the historic roots of shows like Dynasty, Dallas, and others where people planned their weeks around to watch. I think with a little time and some advertisement, other than ABC channels, you could get a following that will exceed your expectations and get a loyal fanbase that is in need of something other than “Hooking up my divorced Mom with my new stepdad” crap. I am sure the writers really struggle with shows like that because of all the incredible dialogue (That was sarcasm by the way). Let the writers do what they are supposed to be proficient in, and that is creating worlds of fiction that actually offer intrigue to people who need a break from REALITY. PS. Some of us can only watch it on TIVO or the computer, so please find a way to count us as fans too.

  5. R S G says

    At some point these networks will figure out the mistakes they are making by cancelling all these shows that have a MUCH larger fanbase than they think. The industry MUST figure out a way to count the DVD viewers. They are going to find themselves with no viewership at all if they don’t do it soon. I am not available to watch television in prime time. I DVD everything I watch so I do not count. I wonder how many others there are out there.
    Pretty soon ABC will have nothing but reality tv. Sad that the network that was THE network to watch has now become ABC – The Reality Channel.

  6. Nick George says

    PLEEEEASEEEEEEEEEEE! Don’t cancel the show bad people! I love this show! It’s all I ever wanted! I love the Darling’s house, I love the Darling’s dog and above all I love Karen’s pretty ass.

    Nick George from Paris

  7. Mark says

    Don’t cancel the show, I love it…and I’d be out of a job.

    The Thanksgiving show is very clever. Pick up the back end of the season!!!!

  8. Amanda says

    Please dont cancel this show. It is one of my favorite shows that I wait for every week. Maybe it would be better if the time was changed on it, and more advertising for that day. Since it is kinda late. Maybe that would help. I was being tortured when the writters went on strike and now its back, and you are talking about taking it away. I already cant wait to see what happens next week!!!

  9. Jewels says

    No don’t cancel this show….waited months, since the writers strike happened, for it to come back….I watch it faithfully. It had a slow start but it’s definately picking up, didn’t you see tonights episode! Loved the catfight!

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