Dirty Sexy Money: Petition to Save the ABC TV Show from Cancellation

Dirty Sexy MoneyThe Darling family may be one of the most wealthy and influential families in the Big Apple, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t have the same problems as other TV show characters. They all need viewers to watch each week.

Though Dirty Sexy Money has a loyal following, the ABC series just doesn’t seem to attract enough viewers and it looks like the network will soon give up on it.

Is Money worth saving? Many agree that it’s a quality show that’s both well-acted and well-written. Should execs try another timeslot or perhaps move it to another channel? Or, if the show has to end, don’t the fans at least deserve a definitive ending?

If you don’t want the show to end, there are a few things you can do… Tell your friends and family to watch the show, either on TV or online. Sign the petition below. Write to the network. Politely tell them how you feel about the show and that you’ve signed the petition. Then, pass the word along. The show’s in trouble, don’t keep it a dirty little secret.

To: ABC Studios and Berlanti Television

We, the undersigned, are enthusiastic viewers of the ABC TV show Dirty Sexy Money. We believe that it is an entertaining series that deserves to be on the air. We ask that you continue to produce and air new episodes.

If the show is not attracting enough viewers, we ask that you try another timeslot or consider moving it to another channel in the ABC/Disney family. At the very least, we ask that you make sure that the series has a proper conclusion to the show’s many ongoing storylines.

We represent a small percentage of the ABC viewers who tune in each week. We’ve been loyal to this program and network and ask that you show the same loyalty to us.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • AnonymousCountry: Budapest2015-03-24 12:27:06
    Bring it back please! :(
  • Julia ChangCountry: France2014-12-31 13:18:52
    I am dying to know what will happen after the finale (when Nick finds out that his father isn't dead) Please please please please please please please please bring Dirty Sexy Money back!!!
  • WadeCountry: Usa2014-11-20 12:47:08
    Keep it going
  • Tara TruebloodCountry: USA2014-08-27 16:35:45
    Please bring DSM back! Need to know what happens. Was a great show!!
  • Mercedes EliasCountry: USA2014-08-17 20:36:01
    Love this show!!!
  • LidiaCountry: Canada2014-04-07 11:39:52
    I think its a brilliant show. I'm not a T.V. Fanatic, but this show is great and i couldnt wait to watch it. For a non tv person, i cant express how disappointed i was when i couldnt find more episodes, and realized the last one i watched was in fact the last episode. I couldnt wait for saturdays recordings in order to watch it. I hope you find a way to bring it back! There's so much junk on tv, same o same o, this was different and the characters were perfect.
  • AshleyCountry: Canada2014-01-18 10:42:57
    Bring it back...I was so disappointed when this show was cancelled. I absolutely adore the plot. Dirty sexy money....season 3 make this happen ASAP, ,
  • JayCountry: United States of America2013-09-07 04:36:09
    I've seen many shows on ABC such as Cougar Town, Modern Family, V, Big Shots, and Rookie Blue and this show is one of the best shows that I've seen on ABC. I'm sorry to say this but 'Dirty Sexy Money' is better than any of the shows that are currently being aired on ABC. I also watch shows such as Suits, American Horror Story, The Big Bang Theory and I watched Nip/Tuck before it ended. All of these are successful shows and I believe that 'Dirty Sexy Money' could be just as successful. This show has a great story line, great lead actors in Peter Krause and Donald Sutherland, and the potential to be a hit show. Please bring back 'Dirty Sexy Money'.
  • MattCountry: U.S.2013-09-06 14:00:46
    This show is amazing. I wish I would have known about it when it was still on the air. I know it has been a few years, but I hope they eventually bring it back.
  • ana marie samatraCountry: United Kingdom2013-07-17 06:16:32
    it's a very entertaining program, hope it will continue. thank you.
  • yasmeen Fortier-BourneCountry: U.S.2013-02-19 01:41:36
    I absolutely love this show, the actors are great and the story line is addicting. And the way the series the cliffhanger kept many viewers including myself wanting more. Even after it ended I watched it over again twice on Netflix. If this show was brought back it would be a hit!
  • Hajara saniCountry: UAE2012-12-05 16:53:42
    Please bring it buy its my best show, i miss it...
  • Linda WolfCountry: USA2012-08-06 22:24:22
    Please reinstate the show. My husband and I really enjoyed the show.
  • LaetitiaCountry: South Africa2012-07-23 14:34:39
    It is an exciting and intriging show. For the viewers between 20 - 30 it changes from all the teenage stuff we have lately.
  • AlexCountry: UK2012-07-15 13:00:09
    At least finish it with a film or something!
  • Joseph PopeCountry: United States2012-07-14 19:37:23
    Please bring it back!! It was one of the few shows that I enjoyed watching!
  • Sam JorgensenCountry: United States2012-04-18 07:54:40
    Please bring it back.....We will watch it. I cant wait
  • Maggie BanfillCountry: USA2012-03-09 07:15:38
    Please bring Dirty Sexy Money Back! You left us with a cliff hanger that must be answered. I watch the show on Netflix and Hulu and I love it.
  • AidaCountry: USA2012-03-04 14:28:55
    I just got into this show on netflix and was SO bummed to find out it had been cancelled!! Please bring it back, it's such an awesome show!!!
  • EmileyCountry: USA2012-02-27 03:34:03
    LOVED this show, great drama. Needs to come back on!!!!!
  • rittaCountry: Tunisie2012-02-15 04:32:16
    the show is breathtaking !!! i loooooooove it !! pleaaaaaaaaase bring the show back , i'm beggin youuuuu :( at least we deserve a real ending !!! please do continue it
  • MelissaCountry: U.S.2012-02-12 12:59:15
    This was an awesome show!
  • Dr. ScottCountry: Peru2012-02-10 01:55:55
    The show was quite amazing. It always had me on the edge of my seat....I needed to know what was going to happen next. The twists and turns were unexpected and great. I loved it, please bring the show back.
  • LellaCountry: italy2012-01-26 08:07:19
    pls do continue it!!!
  • Rachel PostCountry: USA2012-01-14 00:58:37
    this show is amazing and so addictive! The actors and writers are brilliant. Bring it back.
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