D.L. Hughley Breaks the News: CNN Show Cancelled After Controversial Comment

IMAGECNN has announced that they are ending the D.L. Hughley Breaks the News TV show after a short run of only a few months. The looming question is if it’s truly just a matter of logistics, or whether the news network got more than what they bargained for with the controversial host.

D.L. Hughley has been a popular comic for the past decade and recently co-starred on NBC’s ill-fated Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Breaks the News debuted on CNN on October 25, 2008 as a comedy news show, shown weekly on Saturday nights. The self-described “news junkie” wanted to let everyone know that “This ain’t your daddy’s CNN.” He interviewed a typical assortment of newsmakers, pundits, and ordinary people but with his own personal spin. The results were quite different than what you’d find elsewhere on the news network.

While Hughley’s show was anything but dull, it may have been a little too cutting-edge for CNN. Starting the show just days before Barack Obama won the presidential election, Hughley quickly raised the ire of some viewers. One of his first guests was a character named “Freddie Mac,” a brightly-dressed pimp who apparently caused the financial crisis. Via Black Star News, Dr. Boyce Watkins complained that all of the show’s humor comes from generalized stereotypes and that the host turned “the stellar Obama presidential campaign into a minstrel show.”

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More recently, Hughley took more heat for a comment he made about the Republican National Committee (RNC). Hughley was interviewing RNC Chairman Michael Steele and hip hop legend Chuck D about the political party’s attempts to gain popularity with the black community. Hughley stated that the RNC “literally looked like Nazi Germany. It literally did. I make that point, not only are we not welcome — not only are we not welcome, but they don’t even care what we think.”

Shortly after Hughley’s “Nazi Germany” comment, CNN announced the end of Breaks the News. According to an official announcement, the cancellation comes as the result of the host’s desire to relocate his work to Los Angeles where he lives with his wife and three children. CNN decided to retain his services as a Los Angeles-based contributor for the network and they claim they’re eager to continue a relationship with him. Breaks the News will end later this month.

Regardless of how the cancellation announcement is couched though, it’s hard to believe that Hughley’s controversial comment and content has had absolutely no impact on the decision to cancel the series.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Alice says

    I am so glad it is removed. I found it to be a racially biased show and was highly offended at Mr. Hugley. He should stick to standup or sitcoms. I could not believe that CNN put him out there. He was an example of ‘blacks can say whatever about whites’, but whites cannot do the same. Clearly racially baised in my view.

  2. Lori says

    This show got off to a slow start but grew on me in no time at all. At first he seemed like a fish out of water but I was so thrilled to see him push on and get it very right in the end. His common sense approach fits well with our new leadership in the country, no matter what color his skin is. He asked guests real questions that I would have asked if I had the opportunity. I’m disappointed in CNN but I know that DL will move on with another skill in his repertoire. He matured and made me laugh and think all at the same time. Thank you DL. You will be missed and I will follow you where ever you go!

  3. AE says

    The one he did on Rush Limbaugh last week (?) was hilarious. Just cracked me up when the elephant-pants came on the screen hung as fence between Mexico & USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. kept laughing (for days ) every time that picture came into mind Too bad he is cancelled. Was a little too ethnic in the beginning but Just started warming up to his humor. Going to miss him

  4. ro says

    cnn sucks. i’m amazed D.L. didn’t cancel THEM! He was too good for that jive-a$$ station that only knows how to suck up to power — but doesn’t have the balls to report on them. Hey, HBO, you listening?

  5. says

    Rush is not and has never been racist. Maybe you should listen to his show before throwing out comments like that. Secondly, if D.L. was let go because of the comments, he deserved it. Comparing the GOP convention to Nazi rallies not only makes no sense, it is base hypocrisy. All GOP rallies combined could not come close to the Orwellian feel of ONE of Obama’s “worship me as a Greek God” shows.

    Of all people, black Americans should favor the GOP. It was the Republicans who led the fight to free the slaves, the Democrats opposed it. A Conservative was the first black Supreme Court Justice. A Conservative was the first black Secretary of State. It was a Conservative who was the first black WOMAN Secretary of State. And you have the audacity to claim Republicans are racist? If anyone is racist it is the Democrats who hold people in bondage to a welfare system and engender race hatred and class warfare.

    The number one cause of death in the black community is abortion. More black people are aborted (9,683,928) than die from AIDS (136,557) Violence (201,491) Accidents (250,087) Brain Vessel (364,586) Cancer (1,118,609) Heart Disease (1,532,362) COMBINED.

    It is genocide on a mass scale. Planned Parenthood is a known RACIST organization, purposefully targeting blacks since its founding.

    Get the facts, quit believing the liberal lies foisted on you by a biased media, friends.

  6. liz says

    How could you cancel him? He was the greatest thing to happen to boring CNN.
    He was wonderfully patriotic and really gets what’s going on.
    Shame on CNN for the cancel.. he will be missed.

  7. Faith says

    What??? The only notable thing you have to write is that you think D.L. got canceled because he said the Rethug convention looked like Nazi Germany? Pshah! What you NEEDED to write was that his show will go down in political history for cracking open the “Who’s the head of the GOP? Michael Steele or Rush Limbaugh?” controversy!!!! Whatever….You go, D.L. I wish you much success. You were a different, and very much needed voice of the common man. You asked questions that no one else was asking, and you made us laugh all the while. You’ll be sorely missed.

  8. Diane says

    I love D.L. Hughley. His show was very funny to me, but I knew that if he didn’t cut some of his words short this would happen. It is the same old egg shell we as black people have to walk on no matter were we work. unless you own your own.

  9. JohnQ says

    Too Cutting edge?? You cant be serious. This was buffoonery at its best and CNN knew it. This guy has no clue about p[politics are historical events. He was just a goofy stereotype for CNN to promote. It failed miserably! Thank god he’s gone. I was beginning to think Al Sharpton was the new CEO of CNN! I was constantly scratching my head as to why CNN would have made such a bone headed move like this. As a black American, i was incredibly puzzled at CNN’s decision to have this idiot on. This was the biggest affirmative action play i had ever seen. This guy Hugely got his fame from having the one of the most buffoonish shows on television , following ,Only the Dave Chapale show. Not even BET would have hired Hugely. Are you kidding me??!!!

  10. Chris says

    I submitted to quickly. I wish D.L. Hughley continued success in life. His firing was in the same spirit of equality that others have been fired for. He was fired for an outrageous and offending statement in a politically correct culture. I do hope that he will be given another chance after some time away. I also hope that once we get past the black vs white, white vs black, we can eventually get away from the political correctness and let people show themselves to be people and not perfect.

  11. Chris says

    In regards to Bonnie Brown’s comments, it’s interesting that in our PC environment the promotion of diversity is celebrated unless one steps off the DNC plantation and then they’re labeled an “Uncle Tom” which I was always taught to be racist and intolerant . Bonnie, aren’t we attempting to create a world where blacks can be anything they want to be without the fear of their skin color determining their future? Do you really want all blacks to fit one mold? We had that before. It was called slavery.

  12. Gloria says

    that was a good show. I liked it because his take is what a lot of people think but won’t say. Too bad that CNN couldn’t take the heat. Maybe there is someone else out there that can. He would be good on a magazine show like what that old guy on 60 minutes does. But o well, white people haven’t changed a lot.

  13. Bonnie Brown says

    What a shame. I watched that particular episode and was glad wen Mike Steele was exposed for what he is…. a modern-day tom!! If Rush Lindbaugh is allowed to make his insulting, always controversial, racial comments on the air, then why can’t blacks defend themselves. Still trying to hold blacks in bondage. Another reason why blacks should pool togeher and get their own network. I will follow DL wherever he goes. The only black shows/news that can remain on CNN is black crime, e.g. the Chris Brown/Rihanna case, the O.J. Simpson case, the Michael Vick case, the Mike Tyson case…..NO NEWS LIKE BLACK NEWS!!

  14. Danielle says

    I watched a few episodes and I really enjoyed it. It was different and brought a perspective to me that I was not used to. It is too bad there is not room for differing opinions on our news media. Maybe we would get a more well rounded view of what was going on in America if we actually listened to more than 1 side!

  15. says

    That’s a damn shame. Hughley’s show was funny, controversial, but pretty informative also. It was his interview with Michael Steele that really helped put Steele out there as the clumsy buffoon he is.

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