D.L. Hughley Breaks the News: CNN Show Cancelled After Controversial Comment

IMAGECNN has announced that they are ending the D.L. Hughley Breaks the News TV show after a short run of only a few months. The looming question is if it’s truly just a matter of logistics, or whether the news network got more than what they bargained for with the controversial host.

D.L. Hughley has been a popular comic for the past decade and recently co-starred on NBC’s ill-fated Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Breaks the News debuted on CNN on October 25, 2008 as a comedy news show, shown weekly on Saturday nights. The self-described “news junkie” wanted to let everyone know that “This ain’t your daddy’s CNN.” He interviewed a typical assortment of newsmakers, pundits, and ordinary people but with his own personal spin. The results were quite different than what you’d find elsewhere on the news network.

While Hughley’s show was anything but dull, it may have been a little too cutting-edge for CNN. Starting the show just days before Barack Obama won the presidential election, Hughley quickly raised the ire of some viewers. One of his first guests was a character named “Freddie Mac,” a brightly-dressed pimp who apparently caused the financial crisis. Via Black Star News, Dr. Boyce Watkins complained that all of the show’s humor comes from generalized stereotypes and that the host turned “the stellar Obama presidential campaign into a minstrel show.”

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More recently, Hughley took more heat for a comment he made about the Republican National Committee (RNC). Hughley was interviewing RNC Chairman Michael Steele and hip hop legend Chuck D about the political party’s attempts to gain popularity with the black community. Hughley stated that the RNC “literally looked like Nazi Germany. It literally did. I make that point, not only are we not welcome — not only are we not welcome, but they don’t even care what we think.”

Shortly after Hughley’s “Nazi Germany” comment, CNN announced the end of Breaks the News. According to an official announcement, the cancellation comes as the result of the host’s desire to relocate his work to Los Angeles where he lives with his wife and three children. CNN decided to retain his services as a Los Angeles-based contributor for the network and they claim they’re eager to continue a relationship with him. Breaks the News will end later this month.

Regardless of how the cancellation announcement is couched though, it’s hard to believe that Hughley’s controversial comment and content has had absolutely no impact on the decision to cancel the series.

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Gus says

    It’s sad to see DL leave I really enjoy his show and comments he really gets to the point and make fun of everything.
    I just wonder if it has to do with the color, Keith Oberman’s comment to Rush Limbaugh, or to George W. did not affect his Job don’t get me wrong I always enjoy keith since he was the sportscaster for KTLA in the 80’s and I love his aggresivness,his comments,his honesty to reality.
    Is it racial that a black man cannot make these type of comments.by the way I’m not black,but I don’t see any fairness here.
    DL will be back on the air again and we will enjoy his show again. sooooon!!!!

  2. Susan says

    For those who watch the Democratic and Republican conventions, forget who you thought should be president, where was the most variety of people? Music? Also, the speakers were not screaming about how awful that thought the other camp was. CNN, look back on all those rallies…..it was Nazi camp for anyone other than a white person. The convention for the (D) was filled with young folks in jeans, babies, great music. The (R) was polyster and over weight white folks. I happen to be white and given the choice I’d be at the (D) party.

  3. kristie says

    I wish that I did’nt love CNN so much because the cancelling of the D.L. Hughley show leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. I will boycot the 10 o’clock hour on CNN on Saturday nights until they bring the show back. For the people who don’t like the show, change the channel for an a hour, problem solved.

  4. says

    I am really sad to see this show go off the air. He was funny and he did put a great spin on the news. There’s nothing wrong with him speaking his mind. Plus, it was great to see a black guy on CNN. Come on, do you really think that Don Lemon counts?

  5. Angelina says

    I love him…he’s super smart and has great observations, probably just needs another type of format…he’ll do great! I’ve seen his stand up and MC talents, and he can really think on his feet….

  6. Duke says

    To start with, Hughley is a ho-hum comedian at best (I believe very overated). I don’t know if those comments got him canned or not, but they were kind of stupid and certainly not that funny. I’m sure CNN can come up with a suitable replacement. Also, number 23 (Dennis) might try a spelling course.

  7. Rachel says

    DL was a fresh outlook for CNN. I looked forward to seeing his show every weekend. I watch other shows on CNN for their news reporting, but DL brought humor and an open mind to current topics. It’s so sad. What will be in his place, more reruns of Larry King? Maybe Comedy Central could pick up his show, and CNN could go back to just giving the news.

  8. Jimstud7 says

    I knew DL’s days on CNN were short – I was surprised CNN even started the show. CNN was just trying to get brownie points because we have a Black president. Sorry CNN but we see through you. I will give you credit for putting forth a good effort to report the news in an even handed manner. I will continue to watch your programming. NOW — In response to JC Smith, I don’t want to offend you and I think you believe you understand Black people but you really don’t. Indeed it was Republicans who first opposed slavery but Republicans immediately took up policies that would harm the welfare of Black people. There is just nothing Republican’s have to offer African Americans. Republicans want smaller Government so Big business can get away with the crimes they commit and there will be no one to catch them and bring them to justice. We are seeing the fruits of Republican policies right now. The problem is – the soul of man is evil and people/businesses have to be watched at all times or they will commit evil. If you see a Black Republican you are truly looking at a fool (they want to align themselves with the rich Republicans at the expense of their own people). The Republicans will have to do a LOT more than put a Black person over the RNC to attract us. Personally I’m offended that Republicans think they can win Black people support by elevating a Black person to lead their party (are you kidding). I’ll clue you in on something – Black people who are Republicans have nothing in common with everyday average Black people. In my estimation, Republicans will probably never win the support of Black people. Republicans should stick to stealing elections — they will get more results from their efforts. People who are in tune to things that affect Black people understand that Rush is truly a racist. As you suggest people should do, I have listened to Rush and he makes my flesh crawl. Black people only have to listen to someone for a short time to know if the person talking has a low regard for African Americans. I do not use the race card in a frivolous manner because it will lose its value – but – trust me when I say – Rush is a racist. He doesn’t care for Black people at all and if you agree with him then maybe deep down you may be too. Have you examined yourself objectively? I accept as true, it’s hard to see one self truthfully – self included. Pretend you are a Black person, really try to think like one and then listen to Rush. We are not all hypnotized by the so call Liberal Media. I find the far right just as distasteful as the far left. Nothing can exist without balance!

  9. jboyd says

    I am a very white liberal kind of gal and I love DL…I looked forward to watching his show every weekend…I’m very disappointed…I liked his perspective and the fact that he wasn’t afraid to say what he thought.

  10. B says

    can’t believe that cnn cancelled dl. but i guess most of the american public can’t handle how a good portion of people actually view the world. dl just wasn’t scared to say what most people feel. disgusting how so called freedom of speech can be taken away so fast, why doesn’t someone take it away from that idiot rush limbaugh that is able to say he hopes our president fails and doesn’t ever get any punishment for saying what he feels, no matter how idiotic it may be. pretty disgusting and hippocritical. wake up people, not everyone agrees with dl, but he is a good source of entertainment, which makes the news a little more bearable!

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