Do No Harm: Descriptions for Cancelled Episodes

Do No HarmLast week, NBC pulled and cancelled Do No Harm after just low-rated two episodes had aired. There’s still no word on when or if the peacock network will release the remaining 10 installments but we do have the descriptions of the third and fourth episodes.

Here’s a tease of what you would have seen tonight and next Thursday night.

02/14/2013 (10:01PM – 11:00PM) (Thursday) : Jason (Steven Pasquale) agrees to grant Ian (also Steven Pasquale) his wish – a rendezvous with the object of his desire, Olivia (Ruta Gedmintas). But it comes with a catch: Ian must pose as Jason at a black-tie event honoring Dr. Vanessa Young (Phylicia Rashad). Ian’s antics threaten to ruin the night, pushing Lena (Alana De La Garza) into the arms of another man, and putting Young’s daughter Abby (guest star Jurnee Smollett) in mortal danger. But Jason stays true to his word, and Olivia later greets Ian in a hotel room — with a dangerous ulterior motive.

02/21/2013 (10:01PM – 11:00PM) (Thursday) : Ian (Steven Pasquale) falls for a woman in D.I.D. therapy, but when Jason (also Steven Pasquale) suspects she has a life-threatening condition, he races to cure her – a cure that may mean she no longer loves Ian. When Dr. Jordan (Michael Esper) alerts Dr. Young (Phylicia Rashad) that someone tampered with her daughter’s chart, all signs point to Jason. Lena (Alana De La Garza) is ready to move on from Jason with a new boyfriend, but is Jason willing to let her go?

What do you think? Do you like the sound of these episodes? Would you have watched? Are you hoping that NBC releases the entire series?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    Why would you, NBC, spend the money to make this series and only air two (2) episodes??
    I loved what I saw and the acting was superb. You blundered greatly in my opinion. What is going on? Really losing respect for your network.

  2. Elizabeth says

    I am so upset about the cancellation of do no harm i was hooked from the first episode and could not wait for more. Very disappointed nbc what the heck!!

  3. Eric Peterson says

    I’m starting to believe that NBC stands for Nothing But Cancelations. The start off with good shows, and hardly give them time to grow an audience. Sometimes it may take several episodes to get viewers attentions. Give shows time to let people enjoy it and talk about it amongst their friends and get others to watching. You don’t just cancel a show after 2 episodes because you got low ratings. There are over 100 channels out there for people to choose from, so if your inept scheduling execs can’t find a better time slot, go with what you got and give it time. Realize that not only are there over 100 channels to choose from, but that there’s this great little invention that many people use to help view these multiple channels called a DVR. I personally rarely watch anything live anymore. 95% of the time, during the Primetime hours, I can be found watching previously recorded programs. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know about the Do No Harm show until another family member told me about it. That’s right, I always recorded Elementary from CBS and Scandal from ABC. But by the time the second episode of Do No Harm aired I had already pulled the first episode onto my dvr and recorded the second. As I watched them together, I found that I really enjoyed them and would be recording the show every week. Too Late! The jackasses at Nothing But Cancelations had already scrapped the show. Just like they’ve done countless times before with other shows, which is why now I barely watch 2, maybe 3 shows from that channel. It doesn’t pay to get interested in a show that comes on NBC because you’re likely to become disappointed when they decide it’s not up to their ratings expectations and cancel it.

  4. lunascotia says

    Does NBC really think it has something better for this time slot? Probably more of the same old-same old. This wasn’t the best show by any means, but was intriguing and really showed off Philadelphia in a good light. What a waste to have made however many episodes but give up after only two. Just another example of our short-attention-span society.

  5. Kevin says

    I LOVED DO NO HARM and would have watched EVERY episode. Even if NBC decided NOT to pick it up, I would have still followed it to the end. I REALLY hope NBC will reconsider or at the very least, release the whole 12 episodes on DVD.

  6. kim says

    What is nbc nuts? That was a great show! I cant believe it, only show i have looked for on internet to see where it went. And find out NBC cancelled it? Are you kidding me?

    • Lisa says

      Same here Kim I went to watch my DVR and was very disappointed when there wasn’t an episode 3 to watch and had to find out why online! Please bring this show back

  7. Some Guy says

    There was great potential here. Thoroughly enjoyed the first two episodes and was curious were things were going to go. Bring it back or at least release it OnDemand since Comcast now owns NBC.

  8. says

    The show was GREAT ! We are REALLY disappointed it is being pulled. :( Steven Pasquale does an EXCELLENT job of dual roles! Aren’t you people watching one of the BEST TV shows out there??? NOT LIKE NBC TO NOT KNOW A HIT, WHEN THEY HAVE IT!!! fOOTBALL GOT IN THE WAY! BRING IT BACK!!!

  9. Carsh says

    I cannot express with sufficient intensity how upset I am that you cancelled such a GREAT new series. A show/movie has to have certain criteria to keep you interested, ie drama, sadness, anger, happiness, laughter, (you get what I’m saying), and this show had it all and more. With all of the obtuse shows on TV, you cancelled the wrong one. I agree with the other comments that you didn’t give this show enough time on air to see if more people like me would tune in. How can you expect to air 2 shows and make such a deplorable decision. BRING IT BACK!

  10. Karand says

    I just watched the piloit and liked it so much I
    Keep watching it on my iPad over and over.

    This could have been an amazing new show,
    so damned tired of so called “reality” tv. I want
    shows with exciting story lines and good old
    fashioned plot twists that you never see

    Come on powers that be dump a stupid reality
    shows and give this one a fighting chance
    to win fans over!!!

  11. LaShawn Barnes says

    This was a really good show and they should’ve given it more time.. Word of advice for NBC don’t put anything on the same night/time as Scandal and Elementary.. No winning there..

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