Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog the Bounty HunterNetwork: A&E
Episodes: 244 (half-hour)
Seasons: Eight

TV show dates: August 31, 2004 — June 23, 2012
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Dwayne “Dog” Chapman, Leland Chapman, Tim Chapman, Beth Smith, and Justin Bihag.

dog the bounty hunter past TV show

TV show description:
This real-life series details the job of bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman at his Da Kline Bail Bonds facilities in Honolulu, Hawaii, and Denver, Colorado. Dog catches fugitives with the help of his business partner and wife, Beth Smith Chapman, sons Leland and Duane Lee, daughter “Baby” Lyssa Chapman, nephew Justin Bilhag, and associate Tim Chapman.

Dog knows firsthand the position of the criminals he seeks as he himself was once jailed for armed robbery and first-degree murder. The show tells the story of how Dog became a bounty hunter when he admitted to a judge that he was unable to pay child support.

The judge offered Dog a deal; if he could capture a fugitive, the judge would pay part of Dog’s child support in return. Dog now has 12 children to look after and while the series follows him and his company in their search for fugitive drug dealers and arsonists, it also profiles Dog’s journey as a father. To Dog, finding a clown for his son’s birthday party or picking up the right flowers for his wife on their anniversary are just as important (if not more important) than bringing a criminal to justice.

The show began after Dog’s appearance on Take This Job, a show that profiles people with unique and interesting careers.

Series Finale:     
Episode 244 — Mid-Course Correction
Dog’s target for today was once an upstanding member of his community. Now with no home, no job and the law on his trail, this middle-aged exile from middle-class society is using the cold end of an ice pipe to soothe his troubled soul. But Dog also has new trouble brewing inside his own family.
First aired: June 23, 2012.


What do you think? Will you miss Dog and his crew?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. John Smith says

    This is by far the best thing A&E has done cancel this Dog the bounty hunter show folks need
    to know he is a convict himself and once a convict always a convict it never goes away always quotes from the bible but don”t follow it the whole crew think they are above the law kicking in doors bugging the neighbors trying to get leads lelend peaking in the windows in other states you would be arrested the bad part saying you can call me uncle Dog and then his wife Beth always saying you going to jail if you don’t tell us what we want but all in all takes a convict to catch one his show should be canceled pulled of tv by all stations

  2. annonymis says

    It started out as a great show to watch as it seemed to me…..then I began to notice how jealous Beth seemed to be of Baby Lyssa. I too had to deal with a very ugly nasty snide sinnister hateful odious compulsive lying step….men are so blind to these kind of women because they consistantly (like cons) follow the wrong head (Ha!!! no brainer) then it’s the poor young beautiful children that end up in the crossfire of those Hags from Hell. I just pray for victims like that to be strong and just shun the very appearance of any kind of evil, stand up strong for yourselfs realizing that in God’s eye’s… do not have to take that kind of scrutiny, harrassment, or basically…Abuse @ the hand of sick discusting jealousy which is very obvious on the show. I just want…bottom line….to shout out a koudos to that natural beautiful little bombshell “baby Lyssa” as I see a very beautiful strong young woman who will not let anything get her down…you go girl!!! You just let her own karma deal with her because you are too good to possibly get hurt by her karma if you too quick to retaliate with her ugly attitude toward you. You will remain forever beautiful just by being beautiful on the inside as well….like you already are. At least now you also know what you do not want to grow up to be like….you’re awesome Lyssa.

  3. dave fields says

    i would love to say is god bless dog and his crew it was an amazing tv reality tv show i use 2 watch every single episode he had i just wish that dog and the crew could get put back on air it just was 1 of the best real-life reality tv show i ever watch i just wanted 2 say god bless dog and his crew and maybe 1 day some how we can see him back on air. well dog and you crew wish u guys luck in your life and god bless you guys. dog i would love 2 meet you someday before you pass away itll mean a world 2 me and help me change my life more but anyways hope you guys the very best of luck 2 all of the Chapman family and may god be with you guys godbless. dave fields from pc FL

  4. Jackie Bowman says

    I miss Dog, Beth and the rest of the family. It was a great show and I always looked forward to watching it. Bring them back.

  5. says

    Duane Dog Chapman was a refreshing concept, qualifying justice with compassion with a family oriented theme. I am surprised to learn of the cancellation when A&E, and other “reality” series produces absolutely ludicrous reality series such as Duck Dynasty?? The question begs to be asked, what’s happened to our sense of perspective? Agreed, the series had some flaws, as all do, but the message the series implies is fairness. I hope that one day, Dog will be back, but sadly I truly doubt it. For the 244 episodes that touched the heart of the American Public, thanks to A&E for giving us eight good years of the Chapman saga.



  7. Tanya Ellis says

    You guys are the best and really all need to work together as a family. I live in the U.K. and watch it every Sunday. It wouldnt be the same if you didnt all work together. Its excellent the way you keep finding all the perps. Love watching it.

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