Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog the Bounty HunterNetwork: A&E
Episodes: 244 (half-hour)
Seasons: Eight

TV show dates: August 31, 2004 — June 23, 2012
Series status: Cancelled

Performers include: Dwayne “Dog” Chapman, Leland Chapman, Tim Chapman, Beth Smith, and Justin Bihag.

dog the bounty hunter past TV show

TV show description:
This real-life series details the job of bounty hunter Duane “Dog” Chapman at his Da Kline Bail Bonds facilities in Honolulu, Hawaii, and Denver, Colorado. Dog catches fugitives with the help of his business partner and wife, Beth Smith Chapman, sons Leland and Duane Lee, daughter “Baby” Lyssa Chapman, nephew Justin Bilhag, and associate Tim Chapman.

Dog knows firsthand the position of the criminals he seeks as he himself was once jailed for armed robbery and first-degree murder. The show tells the story of how Dog became a bounty hunter when he admitted to a judge that he was unable to pay child support.

The judge offered Dog a deal; if he could capture a fugitive, the judge would pay part of Dog’s child support in return. Dog now has 12 children to look after and while the series follows him and his company in their search for fugitive drug dealers and arsonists, it also profiles Dog’s journey as a father. To Dog, finding a clown for his son’s birthday party or picking up the right flowers for his wife on their anniversary are just as important (if not more important) than bringing a criminal to justice.

The show began after Dog’s appearance on Take This Job, a show that profiles people with unique and interesting careers.

Series Finale:     
Episode 244 — Mid-Course Correction
Dog’s target for today was once an upstanding member of his community. Now with no home, no job and the law on his trail, this middle-aged exile from middle-class society is using the cold end of an ice pipe to soothe his troubled soul. But Dog also has new trouble brewing inside his own family.
First aired: June 23, 2012.


What do you think? Will you miss Dog and his crew?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. says

    I believe that all of us struggle with something. Duane Chapman is the first to admit that and that gives him the ability to help those he chases to at least acknowledge their wrongdoings and that there may be a better path in life. By the grace of God go All of the rest of us. There is that slippery slope we know… We love Dog the Bounty Hunter Show but we truly respect their work and their love of God, family and friends and respect for the folks they chase. We love the show and want it to continue. It seems they are a family of strong personalities and they make mistakes too. Welcome to the BIG Club! KEEP THE SHOW WE LOVE ALL OF IT A&E KEEP THE SHOW!!! Their strong personalities and their love of family , their community and their work are what make the show so great!!!

  2. jada says

    I am gonna miss watching the show. I thnk Leland and Duane Lee should have their own show. Duane Lee Is so good looking!!! Think about it guys!

  3. Rob says

    Face it, all of the “Dog” crew are a discredit to the human race. It is a shame that they are still not in a Mexican jail.

  4. Dawn says

    I really think this is a big mistake like when Americas Most Wanted was cancelled. They do such good work and are a good influence to all the kids that look up to Dog and the crew. BIG MISTAKE.

  5. JENETTE says

    I had the pleasure of meeting Dog , Beth and Lyssa on Maui. they are really good people and are doing good work. I can’t believe that I can not watch them anymore. It is a shame to take a show as good as this one is off the air.They have helped so many people to get there lives back on track including their own family members. I will truly miss them.I hope to see them again back on the Islands.
    PS Please bring them back

  6. KAREN says

    Is there any way to bring Dog back………………..maybe NatGeo, Travel Channel? I will miss that family………………they are all so great at what they do and show compassion when compassion is due…………………..I know someone here had a petition…………I did sign it…………..why is A&E cancelling it for……………..and by the way, what happened to Billy the Exterminator?

    Come on A&E give us our Dog and Family back…………….PLEASE!

  7. Michael Vickers says

    I will miss dogs TV show. I thought it was the best put together TV show and and a great TV show to watch. Tell me they will be in a new TV show. What are the plans?

  8. Stephanie Christine says

    WOW! I can’t believe the show was canceled! Thanks to the Chappmans, they have inspired me to go back to school, go for the profession I wanted to do. With out a doubt I will miss watching Dog The Bounty Hunter. :(

  9. Leland Admirer says

    Isn’t the show ending because dog used the N word when his son dated an end, and always funny to see him pray, then half the time he catches a fugitive he cusses him out like a sailor, and button ur shirt to quit showing that fat belly and Beth get a breast reduction. Do you think those triple G torpedo ta ta’s look good? you must the way you dress like a hooker. NOW Leland is the only cool one, they should give him his own show, i’d watch that. hes so dreamy, so hot, yowzir hes a fantasy.

  10. Anonymous says

    man i hate that the show is not going to be on anymore love that show you guys will be missed alot

  11. Tamarah boyd says

    i am so angry the are ending the show i do not know what i am going to do it is one of my favorite shows this stinks i wish they would renew it i really do ….i have been watching it sense it came out i am just really lost for words god bless i will miss you all !!! :(

  12. Anonymous says

    I for am really upset that show is being cancelled. Thats such bologna! My prayers are with the family. I know this mus mean God has bigger things in store for them. Keep thw faith Chapmans!

  13. dale benoit says

    hello wow what to say well you guys are the best i love the show well iam 51 years old live in michigan how is all yous doing iam ok can i get a shirt sing by the whow groub if so thank keep up the good work dog

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