Dogs in the City: Cancelled or Returning for Season Two?

Dogs in the City canceledLast summer, CBS aired Dogs in the City, a show that follows New York City comic and “dog guru” Justin Silver as he helps his clients solve problems with their canines.

Dogs in the City wasn’t a big ratings success for CBS. The six episode season ended up averaging a meager 1.0 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 5.29 million total viewers. Still, the series seemed to have a vocal and loyal fanbase.

Will Dogs in the City return for season two? The TV show was noticeably absent from CBS’ announcement about their upcoming summer schedule. That will include Big Brother, Under the Dome, Unforgettable, and The American Baking Competition.

The show has been confirmed as cancelled by TFC and it’s been removed from CBS’ press site. I contacted the show’s former representatives but none of them replied. In my experience, that’s confirmation that a show has been cancelled. So, end of story, right?

Maybe not. Via his Twitter account, Silver wrote that his show would be back on TV very soon. When asked, he wouldn’t elaborate so perhaps he’s just being hopeful or has plans to bring the series elsewhere.

Either way, it’s clear that Dogs in the City won’t be returning to CBS this summer.

What do you think? Did you like Dogs in the City? Are you sorry to hear that the show has been cancelled? Would you watch the show on another channel?

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  1. K. Murphy says

    I want the show back! I loved it. Justin is kind, caring, & dog owners whose hearts are in the right place, but just don’t speak “canine”, need him. And dogs who might otherwise wind up in a shelter because of a completely “fixable” issue, need him. It doesn’t matter to me what network airs it (ahem! Animal Planet), I will watch!!

  2. Deborah Armstrong says

    I Loved this show. It was FUN to just sit and watch a show with no real DRAMA. I would watch it AGAIN…..

  3. Nan says

    Dogs in the City was a breath of fresh air on a network filled with tasteless programs. In many ways it could have been on PBS. Jason made you think, he showed compassion and used humor to teach owners/viewers ways to interact with dogs.

  4. Anonymous says

    I really hope this show gets picked up by another network! I agree this show is more important then another round of “Big Brother”.

  5. Cindi says

    Love the show, will watch it wherever it will be broadcasted. Too bad CBS keeps on their lineup trashy shows like Big Brother…

  6. diane robinson says

    Enjoyed the show. would watch it again if it came back. why don’t they put it on animal planet. seems like an ideal fit .

  7. lee says

    I really enjoyed this show !! I loved it !! Justin was different from the typical ‘dog trainer’ types you see on TV…..he showed heart and soul, he worked wonders with the dogs, while exhibiting amazing patience with some of the nitwit dog owners…….It is a great show like this one, that can actually SAVE A DOG’S LIFE ! It educates people about dog behavior, about dogs living in small dwellings, “what makes a dog tick” basically……It was different in format too, and brought awareness about shelter dogs and the need to adopt these angels, and how to do it. Justin made himself accessible to anyone who needed assistance.

    It’s a shame this show might not return, only to be replaced by the idiot “survivor” and moronic “ninja games” type shows. I guess the networks, in general, prefer to cater to the “land of the tiny brained folk” ……sad to say.

  8. Jason Ramirez says

    Wow such a great show again getting tossed aside…cbs has no clue what people really like. They are so disconnected with the public. No wonder why fox and abc rule the airwaves and cbs is left behind like a junked old car.

  9. Bulldogman says

    Generally I would agree with the comment that we don’t need any more reality shows, but “dogs in the City” was entertaining. I hope it gets picked up by some network that is on our cable system

  10. Smurphie says

    I liked it & yes I’d watch on another network. I either like a show or not. Who cares what network airs it? Product loyalty? Yes. Network loyalty? Definitely not. Although a network where ads could be optional, would have my loyalty in a heartbeat.

  11. programfan says

    We loved the show. Maybe because they combined such a cute & sweet dude, cute pups and New York City. How could it not have been popular? I don’t get it. I’m hopeful.

  12. Devon says

    I LOVED this show and am very sorry it’s gone. I would definitely watch it on another channel. I hope it finds a “forever home”!!!

  13. diana says

    hope this show does come back, it was really good, some people just don`t like it cause they don`t own a dog themselfs……. but really u should put it back on tv for alot of other people who liked it

  14. says

    Well like I said before, it’s great show but CBS was not the network for it, if anyone a channel like Animal Planet would had been a better choice, your audience and advertisers would make more from that show on a channel that specializes in animals.

    I really do hope it returns on some channel.

  15. primetime blabber says

    thank goodness….the show was the stupidest idea ever, I don’t get why CBS even greenlighted the show….a big failure from the beginning. Bring on more scripted shows, no more idiotic reality shows.

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