Downfall: New ABC Game Show; Cancel or Keep It?

DownfallABC recently unveiled a new primetime game show called Downfall. Will it meet the network’s expectations or will lack of viewers be the series’ downfall.

Downfall lets contestants try to answer trivia questions in the pursuit of expensive prizes and one million dollars. The game takes place atop a 10-story building in Los Angeles. Racing against the clock and a giant conveyor belt that holds their prizes, contestants must answer questions before the prizes go over the edge and crash to the street below.

Hosted by Chris Jericho, the new series debuted last Tuesday on ABC. Unfortunately, the ratings could hardly be considered a winning performance. The first episode of Downfall attracted a 1.9 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 5.674 million viewers. That put the show in third place in the demo and fourth place for total viewers. Adding insult to injury, it lost approximately 40% of lead-in Wipeout’s audience.

Though the networks have lower expectations for game shows and reality shows because they’re cheaper to produce, ABC execs cannot be pleased with this performance. Series also typically lose 10-20% of the premiere audience in week two and Downfall doesn’t have a lot to lose.

Six episodes have been produced already so it’s very likely that the network will let them all air. It’s unlikely however that they’ll be ordering any additional installments.

But, what do you think? Is Downfall worth watching? Should ABC make more episodes and give it more time to find an audience or, should they cut their losses and just cancel it already?

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  1. Linda Connell says

    Keep the show. Its very fun to watch! I think though that Chris should be wearing less clothes. I think everytime someone loses he should have to take off an an article of clothing LOL that would make everyone watch!!!!

  2. Linda Connell says

    Love the show. I really love Chris. Keep it on abc. You made me very angry canceling happy town. Theres not enough good programs on this channel. please keep this one on the air. Chris is so hotttt!!!

  3. Alice says

    Downfall is my favorite show EVER!!!!! i know SO MANY of the answers!!!!! please DO NOT take it off!!!!!!! btw its in rite after my other favorite show WIPEOUT!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says

    Whether they are using replicas or not, this show is an EXAMPLE of American over-consumerism and waste. Clearly not everyone realizes that the items aren’t real, especially kids. I personally don’t want my kids to see something like this and get the idea that it’s fine to destroy perfectly good merchandise or even take joy in watching the destruction of such things. It’s disappointing that this is considered entertainment. The show makes me sick to my stomach. I hope it does get cancelled, and that a similar show is never created.

  5. Casey says

    Seriously, did you guys not pay attention…they are REPLICAS!!! Meaning Not Real…read the comments before you post about “They’re wasting good stuff” like an idiot…they say it on the show as well…the items REPRESENT what they’re losing

    I personally liked the show

  6. Kim Alexander says

    I think the show is very exciting as far as game shows goes. It kind of keeps you on the edge of your seat. I was impressed with Chris Jericho as Game Show Host.

  7. Christine says

    HORRIBLE SHOW! Here I am trying to raise my kids to be environmentally conscious so they can breathe when they grow up, and they see this! My 6-yr.-old son, usually rough and tough, actually cried when he first watched a fully set dining room table fall and smash. It’s disturbing just seeing things that look perfectly useful so disrespected.

    • Alice says

      omg y whould u let ur six year old son see that in the first place!!!! i just turn 13 and i kno that none of it is real!!!!! yes if i wuz 6 id be a little disturbed and i can see your point about that!! but u souldnt have let him watch it so its ur fault not the show!!!! just sit down and explain to him that it wuznt real!!!!

  8. Dave says

    I think the show should be canceled. When millions of Americans don’t have enough to eat to show the wanton destruction of goods is OBSCENE. The producers should be ashamed of themselves!!

  9. Casey says

    I agree that the show should be canceled! It shows how wasteful Americans can be… even if the items are “replicas”. Money and materials are being put into creating these replicas. Plus, the show isn’t all that exciting. Just another trivia show…

  10. Jenn says

    I cannot believe that at a time when this country is in a recession this show is smashing perfectly good appliances and more! I’m outraged that this show is on the air! Give the things your ruining to needy families rather than smashing them!!!!

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