Downfall: ABC Pulling Game Show Early? Cancelled?

DownfallThough there are only six episodes, ABC has decided to pull freshman game show Downfall one week early.

Hosted by Chris Jericho, Downfall hasn’t been performing well in the ratings and continues to ire some viewers. Though viewers are reminded that the prizes being smashed are replicas, many still view the practice distasteful in a struggling economy and for environmental reasons. ABC is owned by Disney, a corporation that’s been touting a “go green” initiative.

The episode of Downfall that will air on July 20th has been deemed the “season finale.” The following week’s episode will be replaced by the first half of a two-hour edition of Wipeout, called “Wipeout Blind Date.” Beginning August 3rd, the timeslot will be filled by the returning Shaq Vs. reality series.

No word on when or if the remaining episode of Downfall will air. A second season is looking doubtful since the ratings for the show have been poor.

UPDATE: Though ABC ordered six episodes and had them all on their schedule for weeks, an ABC representative has confirmed that only five were actually produced. There is no sixth episode. Jericho tweeted that, because of the pace of the show and editing, they only ended up having enough contestants for five installments.

In addition, the host says that they plan to film additional episodes in the fall. However, ABC hasn’t announced that they’ve renewed the show or have ordered any episodes beyond the initial six. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

What do you think? Does the smashing of prize replicas bother you? Should the show return for season two? Do you think it will?

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  1. Nick Flammang says

    Please bring back downfall! it was a great show and I wish it could live to it’s full potential with some smart contestants. I watched it every week and thought the host was fine. If you think its wasteful remember all the scraps from the replicas are recycled after the show and if you don’t like watching things getting broken because your short on cash yourself STOP PAYING FOR CABLE, GET A JOB, AND RE-STIMULATE THE AMERICAN ECONOMY!!!

  2. jennifer says

    i really thought downfall was a good show i taped it every week so i could watch it i really liked that chris jericho was the host it was a good show and should not have been pulled and im mad it was and i agree with hardy if u didnt like it then turn the channel u dont need to watch it if u didnt like it i hope u put it back on soon

  3. Hardy says

    THEY BETTER BRING IT BACK OR I WILL B SO PISSED this was awsome show and for haters u hate the show then change the channel ok!

  4. denise says

    i hope it doesn’t get renewed. chris jericho is very un-memorable as a host – i kept pausing the show just so i could fast forward whenever he spoke. then there’s the fact that the whole concept of the show seemed geared towards kids and not intelligent adults. i was bored.

  5. Lydia Sauer says

    I strongly disagree I look forward to this
    show all week. I really was dissappointed
    this week. Chris Jericho is one of the main
    reasons I watch it. I thought he was great
    and a great host. He made the show.

  6. Rodney says

    I loved this show! Me and my son watched it for the first time last week and couldn’t wait to see it this week but I see that it will not be on. I like the show and the host and it is great entertainment. I think the ones that start talking about trees, landfills, etc just want something to complain about. You have those kind of people everywhere! Those people usually do not have a life so they have to find something to do with their time. Thus, they complain at anything and everything. They would probably argue that the sky is green and the grass is blue. I Love the show and several friends I have talked to did as well. Please bring it back.

  7. Mike says

    Not enough contestants to fill 6 episodes? That’s because the ones they had SUCKED and could never make it past the first few rounds before losing. If they would have bothered to find some intelligent players, they could have gotten far in the game and made it somewhat interesting. As for the falling “replicas”…they can call them whatever they want, but I saw plenty of such “replicas” that I could have used myself that looked like they were in perfectly good shape get smashed to pieces for no apparent good reason. It was wasteful and indulgent, and the show’s pace was terribly slow. Hope it won’t get renewed.

  8. Because says

    Downfall is one of those shows america doesnt seem to get. It would go huge in other countries but americans are too …whats the word….stuck up ??? lol maybe?? to really just relax and remember its just a tv show…

  9. Victor says

    I’ll admit that even being a Chris Jericho fan beforehand, when I watched the first episode, I didnt expect the show to continue. Not because iI thought it was horrible, but it didn’t seem like the type of show people would really tune in to see. But after watching week after week, it really grew on me. Chris Jericho did a great job as host, it was fun to play along, and I definitely see potential.

    I hope it gets renewed.

  10. tara says

    I really liked the show and the host,of course did not know he was a wrestler,started watching wrestling he is good a both, and a cutie,

    I think if he does not keep this show, he has to host something else he is awesome

  11. julie says

    I think the waste generated is shameful. How many trees are used to produce these replicas? People like me have compost gardens to keep my scraps out of landfills, then I see this??? Seriously, bad idea.

  12. Mikey says

    You know I suggest Jeff Dunham to replace Chris Jericho he’s super funny and the show could get a lot of ratings with him.

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