Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: Seymour Says Network Against New Reunions

Jane SeymourStill-gorgeous Jane Seymour is starring in a new original movie for the Hallmark Channel. Dear Prudence debuts on August 23rd and the 57-year-old Seymour plays a Martha Stewart-type celebrity named Prudence. Like Murder She Wrote’s Jessica Fletcher, Prudence stumbles into a murder mystery and ends up solving it using her keen skills of observation. If the movie performs well, you can expect to see more of them. Could this mean that we could also see a new Dr. Quinn movie? Unfortunately, no.

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman debuted in 1993 and ran for six seasons on CBS. The series was cancelled in 1998 due to production costs, aging viewers, and sagging ratings. To mollify loyal viewers, a made-for-TV-movie was produced and aired in May 1999. Unfortunately, many fans were dissatisfied with the storyline, the absence of several castmembers, and series creator Beth Sullivan’s lack of involvement. It was not well received by critics and attracted 12 million viewers.

A couple years later, another reunion movie called The Heart Within was produced. Sullivan had full creative control this time around but budget limitations limited the appearances of minor characters. The second effort attracted 11 million viewers.

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Several castmembers have also said that they’d like to reprise their characters from the show. The 150 series episodes continue to be popular in syndication and the DVD sets have sold well so there’s been interest in producing new Dr. Quinn adventures. Unfortunately, that’s not likely to happen.

Seymour told reporters that CBS owns the rights to the show and that President and CEO “Leslie (Moonves) does not want to make any more Dr. Quinn’s.” She reminded them that the studio doesn’t own everything however, saying, “CBS owns [the show]. But I do still have all the clothes.”

Though the door is seemingly closed on the western adventure series, Seymour hopes to find other ways to work with her former Quinn castmates. If she makes other Prudence movies, Seymour wants to find ways to include them. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Patty says

    Bring back Dr. Quinn. It would be nice to see the show continue even though the cast members are older now. Of all the shows I can pick from to watch on DishTV this one is the one I like the most and it’s old compared to the new shows. Most of what is shown on tv are things I don’t like to watch. The rehashing of violence, gore and filth is nothing more than beating a dead horse. Millions are sick of this and want programming like Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman back on tv! We’ve even started watching High Chapparal again as well and it’s high point was decades ago! There is nothing better to watch on tv anymore!

  2. amber says

    It is sad to see that the networks will not consider Dr. Quinn series to re air. It has wholesome values and valuable lessons. These days you can’t find good t.v. you can watch with your family. It’s all about violence and gross content. Even the made for families movies are filled with sexual content hidden in the story line. It’s filfth!
    Please reconsider airing Dr. Quinn. It’s the important we keep American Values and Dr. Quinn is that.

  3. Dr Quinn Fan says

    I am a big fan of Dr Quinn and was shocked that it had to end the way it did. Dr Quinn has been an inspiration, family oriented and family valued program for the whole family: young and old.
    I fail to understand how a program like Little House on the Prairie can run for 9 seasons whilst Dr Quinn was cut short in just 6 seasons. The story of Dr Quinn had just began with the Cooper family going their own way and Dr Mike and Sully settling into their own lives when the show ended.
    This program had fans all over who took the time to sit down and share quality time together and making a difference in their lives with the values shown on Dr Quinn.
    It is very sad to see such a good program cancelled because the people concerned thought it was time to end as they did.
    Having said this , it is still not late to have Dr Mike and Sully come back together in their old age.
    Would the directors and writers think about it. It would give all the characters a good chance to come back again and give all the fans hope for Dr Quinn.

  4. grande fan says

    non sérieux docteur quinn c’est géant quoi?je vois pas pk il l’ont arreter!j’adore jane seymour en plus!

  5. Michelle says

    Five words!!!! Please Bring Dr. Quinn Back!!!!!!!!!!!! What gives them the right to deny the public what they want to view. We know what we want to watch and that is quality shows like Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

  6. jean says

    It Was a time for relaxing for us before turning in for the night,I really miss this show and want it back again…Dr.Quinn is a good actor

  7. Stacy Maxham says

    I agree with everyone about this, this show has meant so much to me I recently bought all of the shows and movies but that does not help me wanting this show back on the air, I want new episodes. There has never been another show that has gotten me hooked so much. I swear if you were to put this show back on the air I would watch it religiously. I miss this show so much, it was educational, romantic,adventurous and just all the way around great. some one please hear us and please do something about this. I am in love with this show, I cant believe that the ratings went down. I will watch these episodes over and over again. I want to see Dr.Mike and Sully back together again they had so much chemistry between each other on this show it was magical and amazing just watching the sparks fly between them. I want new episodes or at least another movie please. I want to know who i can write to to get this to happen.

  8. Jane says

    Mr Moonves won’t bring back a great show like Dr. Quinn, but he will support that idiot David Letterman.

  9. kamran says

    I do not know
    Why we lost everything, we love.
    Somebody out of here enjoy of selling Dr Quinn DVDS but day do not like make us happy.
    In this bloody world, DR Quinn Show is something for good peoples.
    This is our final chance to see this show again because main actors can work only for next five year.
    I hope we can see our favorites show again.

  10. Chelly says

    America really needs Dr. Quinn back on the air. At this time we dont have any shows that present good family values, and love and adventure. I simply loved the time period as well. Please CBS give us what we want. DR. QUINN MEDICINE WOMAN.
    If you do not want to, then release the rights to someone else who does and will.
    I currently do not have a show that I watch on tv.
    Please bring Dr. Mike and Sully back!!!!!!!
    Thank you,

  11. Daniel Zipadelli says

    About a year ago, I emailed a letter to every high powered producer, and thinker at CBS, and while many agreed with my position to bring back the show, no one had any guts to do anything about it. I don’t understand why Leslie Moonves doesn’t want to start another movie. I know ratings have something to do with it, but a movie hasn’t been made since 2001. Things change since then. Dvd sales are through the rough, and yet, nothing. Why can’t someone buy him out? Or sue him for the rights? I wish someone would have the balls to either stand up to him, or convince him that millions of people want to see this.

  12. Aleta Pahl says

    Dr. Quinn still remains my favorite show of all time… you cannot find that kind of romance today on any network show that I know of. The chemistry between Sully and Michaela was magic and I miss looking forward every week to these episodes. I think Mr Moonves made a Terrible mistake cancelling a show of this quality, integrity, and sense of adventure and romance. He is still making a mistake by not allowing another Dr Quinn movie to be made. It is very sad to me to see how millions of viewers like myself could be denied such a treat to see another movie, by the decision of one man. I frankly don’t think this is fair. We should all vote on this and we should petition CBS to rethink their decision. There is not one show I watch on CBS now. I think we need a little shake up at CBS… and get back the romance and adventure of Dr Quinn Medicine Woman.

    • Wynne says

      One of the best series ever. I miss Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman very much. I watched it from its debut to the very end. And, like millions, was stunned at the sudden cancellation. I would love to see it brought back, as well. The cancellation of this show has to have been one of the BIGGEST mistakes CBS has ever made. To this day, I still don’t understand Les Moonves’ motivations.

      I totally agree with many of you that have added comments.

      Bring back Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman! :)

  13. Carlotta says

    I am looking for my father Joe Brown- Native American. I was told he had worked on your show “Dr. Quinn”
    I hope someone knows if he did or didn’t work with you all.

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