Dracula: Cancel or Keep the NBC TV Series?

Dracula TV show: cancel or keep?Grimm has done very well for NBC on Friday nights and is one of their highest-rated dramas. How has Dracula been performing? Is it safe or likely to be cancelled?

Based on the classic Bram Stoker story, Dracula takes place in London. The title character (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) poses as an American entrepreneur while he seeks revenge on those who cursed him. He doesn’t count on falling in love with a woman (Jessica De Gouw) who looks like his deceased wife. Others in the cast include Thomas Kretschmann, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Victoria Smurfit, Katie McGrath, and Nonso Anozie.

The series debuted on October 25th to a 1.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 5.26 million viewers. This was a very respectable performance for a Friday airing.

Unfortunately, the ratings took a big dive in week two and then again in week three, falling to a 0.9 rating with 2.96 million.

Should Dracula be cancelled?

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After seven episodes, Dracula is now averaging a 1.1 in the demo and 3.46 million viewers. Unless the next few episodes see a good-size gain, the averages will keep dropping.

With ratings like these, it would seem unlikely that NBC would want to order a second season. However, the network has partnered with Sky Living on the series, decreasing their costs. Dracula started airing in the UK on Sky Living last Halloween.

It’s also worth noting that NBC renewed Hannibal last spring and that show drew even worse numbers on Thursdays.

So, essentially, Dracula’s fate could go either way. We’ll have to wait and see whether it will be cancelled or renewed for a second season.

But, what do you think? Do you like Dracula? Do you think it should be renewed or cancelled?

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  1. Anonymous says

    I absolutely love this series. I think it’s a very modern twist on the classic story, and the love interest thread is of course very intriguing. I would be very, extremely upset if NBC didn’t at least give the plotline one more season to mature. Often, the real character development seen in TV shows happens during the second season, and I would feel robbed of the chance to see in what direction this show is really going if the network didn’t renew the series. The show has real potential, and it would be a shame to throw away an opportunity to create something truly wonderful. Sometimes it’s worth the risk.

  2. rick lovings says

    Alright, real talk… my marriage is riding on this show at least coming back for a second season. I’ve known my wife for 18 years since Jan. 25th (crazy right), and she absolutely loves the hole vampire biz. But something about this series and its agenda raises the bar for the vampire vernacular. Its not all about blood (but the action scenes are awesome), its not all about sex (but those scenes get pretty hot), and it gives something more to the vampire world than just fitting in with their food. These vampires are organized and innovative. I actually wanna see why Van Helsing has decided to betray Dracula.

  3. JO M says

    I absolutely hope NBC will continue the series Dracula. I loved what they did with the story and Dracula’s complex character. Jonathon Rhys Meyers is of course excellent as he is in all of his films. The sets, the sophistication of ward robe and every detail of this drama was so excellent. I am an older woman.. who appreciates quality but my daughter and my 22 year old grand daughter also eagerly waited for its air time on Friday nights and definitely DVR’d it terrified they might miss an episode. If sponsors are looking for a well viewed program then this was one they would want since 3 different age brackets adored it. I believe it would have had more viewers then Grimm if it had been given the same 9pm time slot. Grimm by the way totally was lousy with no quality to it at all. Try Dracula at the 10 spot and see the results. lt is no more violent then the awful Grimm violence and gore.

  4. Charlotte Doyle says

    I am addicted to this brilliantly written horror-drama Dracula. I wait all week for Friday nights to watch the show to see what’s going to happen next.
    NBC please give us season 2 and thank you for giving us a choice away from the reality shows.

  5. lena says

    It’s amazing to me all the crap shows that are kept, especially the zillions of ‘reality’ tv shows, most of which are obviously scripted… And then there are quality shows like Dracula, which, you can tell have had a lot of thought and effort put into them yet somehow don’t get noticed. I think that’s because it hasn’t gotten a lot of promo. I started watching this show by accident, didn’t even know what it was and got totally into it. Found the show on pay per view and watched every episode twice. Hope season 2 will be even better. Cancelling it now would be stupid. The show needs better promo and definitely a second chance. The finale was amazing!

  6. Michael Cost says

    I love everything about this show. The moment I heard Jonathan Rhys Meyers was playing Dracula I knew it would be wonderful. And it is. Eye candy with great writing, acting and filming. It’s too good for a network. It deserves to be a cable show where art like this is appreciated. I never saw a commercial or print add for the show. Shame on NBC.

  7. Melissa says

    Do not cancel this show!!! I love the story, the characters, and especially the acting. It’s one of the only shows I look forward to watching!

  8. Annie says

    Wow! Love the series. Coolest show for NBC who should give this show a chance. All my friends love it. Not everyone likes reality. A little classy fiction is good.

  9. joann says

    I love this show, it’s the only one I watch. I will be pissed! if NBC dosen’t renew. I am glued to each and every episode. Love it!

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