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Drive: FOX Chairman Talks About Final Episodes

Peter Liguori of FOXMany fans of the prematurely-cancelled FOX series Drive planned to watch the two remaining episodes on July 4th. The network subsequently rescheduled them for Friday, July 13th and then pulled them entirely. FOX has since released episodes five and six online but many were frustrated by the move.

At the recent Television Critics Association press tour, FOX Entertainment Chairman Peter Liguori tried to explain the network’s actions and offered, “It will always be a complicated issue with serialized shows. I do hope, given the amount of broadband there is out there, that actually airing those two [episodes] online will be satisfying for the loyalists of the show.”

Liguori went on to speak about the responsibility that networks have to viewers of serial shows, “I think in general, if we’re going to dive into serialized shows, I think what is important for the industry is somehow you bring some closure to those shows. It may not always be on broadcast with a lot of marketing, but again, when these shows wind up having a narrow group of loyalists, we try to satisfy them.”

Unfortunately for Drive fans, Liguori’s interest in “closure” didn’t include telling viewers who would have won the big road race. Maybe we’ll be luckier the next time FOX cancels a show? Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page


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