Drive: FOX Series Runs Out of Gas

Nathan Fillion of Drive on FOXAfter a slow start, FOX has pulled the ongoing adventure series Drive from its schedule. Will we get to see the rest of the series and the race finish?

Drive is a dramatic series that shows a diverse group of competitive drivers taking part in an illegal road race. Some compete by choice while others are being forced to participate. The winner will supposedly receive a $32 million prize from an unknown sponsor. The series was created by Tim Minear and starred Nathan Fillion, Kristin Lehman, Mircea Monroe, Riley Smith, Emma Stone, Rochelle Aytes, Taryn Manning, Melanie Lynskey, Kevin Alejandro, and J.D. Pardo.

debuted on April 15th with a double episode premiere. The ratings were a disappointment right out of the gate with an average of only six million viewers. Serving as a lead-in for FOX’s 24 on Monday night, Drive only attracted 5.6 million. The most recent episode attracted a million less, was in fifth place in its timeslot and dragged FOX down to fourth place for the night.

As a result, FOX has pulled the series effective immediately. Repeats of the ever-popular House will air in the Monday night slot for the foreseeable future.

FOX will likely air the rest of the Drive episodes on its MySpace page or on Friday evenings. How many episodes are left? At least two. FOX had planned to air six episodes this season but had ordered 13 back in late October 2006. Its unknown how many episodes have been completed but the series was still in production this week.

Either way, the race storyline was not intended to conclude at the end of the season and viewers will likely be left hanging. Who won? Certainly not the faithful millions who faithfully watched. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Tammy Thompson says

    The networks are no longer giving the viewer a choice as to which program they wish to watch. Maybe if Fox had given the show a chance it would have been up there with new shows this year, such as Heroes!! Their network stood behind them and gave them the lift they needed. Fox gives up too easily!! You have to invest some to make a lot. Fox take this as a warning. The shows you have on air now are wearing thin and will not last much longer. I mean does anyone really watch the Simpsons anymore. They needed a movie to hit the big screen to get them out of their rut!! Will it work? Who knows! Bart has to grow up one day. Find some new shows and give them at least a season. Jack is not going to be around forever either!! Besides 24 the only show you have that is worth watching now is American Idol. And that is coming to an end soon this season. Wake up Fox!! Let Drive at least finish the season when reruns are being shown.

  2. Nicole says

    This show was like crack or meth for me. I was hooked after the first 5 minutes. I hope they bring it back and give it a chance.

    I don’t how many of you remember “Party of Five”. It was one of Fox TV’s first television shows. It was cancelled very early on because of low viewership. After a letter writing campaign, Fox brought it back and gave the show a decent chance to build in popularity. It was on for many years after that.

    There is hope! We just need to let them know how much we enjoy the show!

  3. Jennifer says

    I really liked drive I just went on-line to see if it was coming on tonight because last week I set my recorder and house was on. How can a show be cancelled so early in the season I was really disappointed it was the only show I watch on Mondays please bring it back

  4. Paul says


    My name is Paul. I really love Drive. It’s the coolest show ive seen in a long time. I can not for the LIFE of me understand why the show is canceled !!! I swear i will personally smack the guy in the face who decided to cancel it ! Whats wrong with you ? You cancel a good show to put what on ? Some dumb family show or animated piece of crap ?

    NO NO NO ! Bring the bloody show back dammit, it’s AWESOME ! And there are alot op ppl who like it. ITS ABOUT CARS !!! And its got a really awesome story, it’s BLOODY BRILLIANT with some of the BEST actors ever ! I bloody can’t understand this. Do i have to come to FOX and take a dump on the CEOs head ?

    People we REALLY need to liven the bloody petition up ! Cmon ! DO WE WANT THIS SHOW BACK ! YES ! SO lets BRING IT BACK !

    YEAH !!!! Let sign every petition we can get our hands on ! We need to let people know were serious and we want the show back ! It just too good to accpet that episode 4 is the end ! The dumb companies stop WAY TOO MANY shows these days because the’ve got some warped idea of whats happening in the world. The kill good actors’ careers and they kill our dreams. I reall want to see Episode 5 ! As well as how this ends !

    PLEASE BRING THE SHOW BACK !!! YOU must not allow this show to be canceled, it’s too important to people and too good to just let it die !

    I am from South-Africa. And i am begging you to please do not let it die ! Even so far away in the world, there are people passionate about this show. Dont let it die, please bring it back !!!

    PLEASE FOX ! I beg of you.


  5. V. says

    At this point begging for the show to be continued seems pointless, yet here I am. I say please to “the powers that be” continue to air the remaining episodes of Drive. So many excellent shows on this network have been axed without warning that we usually do not even bother to watch what is offered. But Drive caught our attention, then after one episode we were happily hooked. Who would have thought that after such a elaborate advertising campaign and flashy debut that Drive would be axed so quickly? What a disgrace to us the viewer, to then the Powers that be who program the network and also to the “numbers people” those unaimed Nielsons who help to make all the idiot fare
    possible. Does America really want to watch cheap unscripted reality shows featuring conflict and general emotional problems ? Don’t we have Jerry Springer for that? Why would anyone want to watch a well written,acted interestingly filmed drama when so many cheap reality shows are available. Stupid me.

  6. Susan says

    Drive….a great show. Perhaps if the ratings were low, you should have advertised it more. I just happened to come across it. Bring it back!!! It’s fabulous!!!

  7. Amanda says

    Drive was the best show on! I’m a huge fan of Grey’s Anatomy but I’d watch Drive over it! They need to bring it back!!!!

  8. Mark says

    Thanks for nothing, Fox. You had a great program with Drive. It was getting real interesting. I was looking forward to see what was going to happen. Now that’s one less show to watch on Fox.

  9. hannah koeller says

    this is a great show. who cares if it didnt have the best ratings at first. let people tell their friends. 7th heaven didnt have a ton of viewers either, they were just loyal, and it stayed on for eleven years. please dont take this amasing show away. i cant stand to lose another great show.

  10. Pamela Turner says

    What kinda crap is this!!!!! I am taken back to my “Sherif Buck” nightmare. I loved the show DRIVE. I want to see the rest of it! How can millions of viewers not be enough??? Who wants to watch an arrogant ******* doctor over DRIVE??????? Bring it back!!!!!

  11. Direnae says

    FOX, I have one word for you peabrains, “FIREFLY.”
    FANS, have faith, you may see a box set of the series out by Christmas if they had enough gas in the tank and film in the can.

  12. Victor Ramos says

    Last week I saw Drive for the 1st time and I really liked it. Today I’m looking for it and all I see is a rerun of House. Now I find out it’s cancelled. Well that sucks. And because 4.5 million viewers is not enough?? How is House supposed to help. It’s a rerun and even new it never grabbed my attention. How about getting rid of all the crappy “Reality TV shows”.

  13. Kathy G says

    sigh! I really was excited to see this show! I agree with an earlier person that it’s sad when 4.5 million people left on a cliffhanger last week isn’t enough to keep a show around. Think of the MILLIONS of people! >.<

    Or at least me, and give me my DRIVE back!

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