Drive: FOX Series Runs Out of Gas

Nathan Fillion of Drive on FOXAfter a slow start, FOX has pulled the ongoing adventure series Drive from its schedule. Will we get to see the rest of the series and the race finish?

Drive is a dramatic series that shows a diverse group of competitive drivers taking part in an illegal road race. Some compete by choice while others are being forced to participate. The winner will supposedly receive a $32 million prize from an unknown sponsor. The series was created by Tim Minear and starred Nathan Fillion, Kristin Lehman, Mircea Monroe, Riley Smith, Emma Stone, Rochelle Aytes, Taryn Manning, Melanie Lynskey, Kevin Alejandro, and J.D. Pardo.

debuted on April 15th with a double episode premiere. The ratings were a disappointment right out of the gate with an average of only six million viewers. Serving as a lead-in for FOX’s 24 on Monday night, Drive only attracted 5.6 million. The most recent episode attracted a million less, was in fifth place in its timeslot and dragged FOX down to fourth place for the night.

As a result, FOX has pulled the series effective immediately. Repeats of the ever-popular House will air in the Monday night slot for the foreseeable future.

FOX will likely air the rest of the Drive episodes on its MySpace page or on Friday evenings. How many episodes are left? At least two. FOX had planned to air six episodes this season but had ordered 13 back in late October 2006. Its unknown how many episodes have been completed but the series was still in production this week.

Either way, the race storyline was not intended to conclude at the end of the season and viewers will likely be left hanging. Who won? Certainly not the faithful millions who faithfully watched. Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Margel says

    I really got into this show. I watch like 6 shows religously every week and did not want to add any new ones to my list because of my time issues. However, Drive sucked me in!!! I was loving it and they took it away. I honestly did not know that they scrapped it untill today. I just kept checking to see if it was on but I kept finding House instead. I love House but reruns are pointless for almost all shows. Please, if there is any sane person at FOX let this show play out. So what if you cant make it last 7 seasons, cut it back to two or something. How long could this race last anyway?? I just have to know how it ends.

  2. Jay Lepire says

    Fox is stupid. We know this. Why doesn’t another network pick up Drive? Could that be possible?

  3. misty says

    they cancel the good shows, its like they really dont want anybody to watch tv now a days. i will admit i did miss the very first episode but i watched the next one and was hooked. then i hear it got canned? what is that? the only show i watch now on fox is american idol..and once in awhile i will watch the news but american idol is ending soon so i wont be watching fox any longer till the new season of american idol comes back. so by cancelling drive fox lost one more loyal fan for awhile. give it a chance..longer than what it was on and BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  4. Teri says

    I totally agree with the comment about Nanny 911, Trading Spouses etc… those are really lame shows, just when I thought we were going to get off the reality kick and back into TV everything good gets pulled! I loved Justice, The Black Donnellys, Killer Instinct, heck I’m afraid to start watching any new shows that are being advertised for June because they probably will get cut for crap like ” Are you smarter than a 5th grader”?

  5. Charles says

    I liked Drive it was one of the best tv series yet on fox, it kept me comming back for more, I hope Drive will air again sometime soon and hope more viewers will keep on watching.

  6. rob says

    tis is crap i really wanted to see the rest of the show how could they cut off a show that could draw you in like that. its bullsh*t. 4.5 million people watched it so it had to have some profound impact on the people. another let down from fox once again.

  7. Jess says

    Looks like all our hopes and dreams for the future of TV have been completely smashed… the big channels are cancelling good, scripted dramas in favor of cheaply made reality TV. I suppose I should have seen this coming- the ‘Meet Your New Mommy’ tagline near about did it- but I didn’t expect for a genuinely interesting show such as Drive could have been taken off the air after a mere four episodes. I heartily support any and all efforts to bring the show back.

    However, let’s be rational here. No online petition is going to bring our beloved show back on primetime. No one cares about who signs online petitions, because they’re easy enough to ignore by simply pressing the ‘delete’ key. If we really want Drive back, we need to get our voice heard. Organize a protest group to call the Fox channel headquarters thousands of times a day, all stating reasons to give Drive another chance. Even better, see if you can get the CEO’s private phone number, and leave him messages. If you get enough people to cooperate, eventually they’ll be so annoyed Fox should at least reconsider their decision.

  8. Mad about cancelations says

    Fox has really dissapointed me this time, I liked DRIVE and they cancelled it, justlike standoff, justice, and the wedding bells, they are ancelled yet AReyou smater then a fifth graders still on? what is FOX smoking?

  9. Riley says

    FIREFLY all over again….way to go FOX! What is wrong with you jerks? Any clue? How can we be expected to start watching anything on this network? All that happens is they cancel it. I won’t watch FOX again. I have to pay for it on my Direct TV anyway, so bye bye!

  10. j. emerson says

    The only reason i got on the internet tonight was to see why drive was not coming on and hoped that FOX moved it to another night. But to my suprise it has been cancelled. I am very dissapointed in FOX for cancelling this show because I thought it was great and me and my wife was really starting to get into it. Drive and Prison Break are the only two shows that I use my DRV for and now I have to wait for Prison Break to come back on. FOX is starting to suck.

  11. --- says

    Thanks for being selfish. Yes, it’s only just a few million viewers, almost nobody. Why isn’t it as popular as House right away? Profit, that’s all they care about, viewers mwean nothing to them, just ratings and money.

  12. Dave says

    this is the reason i dont watch tv programs ,,,, the same bullS*** all the time ,, everytime there is a show that catches my attention you bunch of idiots cancel it or move the nights,, i used to watch the x files religously until you changed the nights 3 or 4 diferent times in less than a 6 month period,.
    if your affraid its going to be a flop THEN DONT PUT IT OUT ! get the realty CRAP off of the tv and put something thats entertaining on !
    FU and F your stupid bull sh**
    and F the TV .

  13. Vanessa says

    I was really cought up in the show! I could not wait to find out what happened, and after the first couple of episods I went and told everyone I knew how great the show was. I am sure the ratings would have went up on such an awsome show!!!

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