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Drive: Kevin Alejandro Remembers the Cancelled FOX Series

DriveRemember the short-lived FOX series, Drive? If so, you’re not alone. Southland’s Kevin Alejandro definitely does.

Drive, for those that didn’t see it, revolves around a group of diverse people who are racing to various locales across the country in search of a big cash prize. The cast includes familiar faces like Alejandro, Nathan Fillion, Kristin Lehman, Emma Stone, Rochelle Aytes, Taryn Manning, Melanie Lynskey, Mircea Monroe, Riley Smith, J.D. Pardo, Dylan Baker, Brian Bloom, Charles Martin Smith, Cindy Williams, Richard Brooks, Michael Hyatt, and Amy Acker.

The series lasted just four episodes before FOX pulled the plug and cancelled it. Episodes five and six were eventually released online and the series creators later gave a few hints about what would have happened if the show hadn’t abruptly ended.

CinemaBlend recently interviewed Alejandro and asked him about the short-lived but cult-favorite show.

CB: Drive is one of those shows that didn’t have an audience, but sure has a passionate following of people who remember it well. It barely got a chance to get started but, it seemed like a show that was different than anything I’ve seen before or since. What was it like being a part of such a strange concept?

KA: It was awesome! It was new and invigorating, and I got to drive around in cool cars, [and] get in crazy situations. You’re right, it was so different and I wish that show [had gotten] a chance to breathe a little more, because that would have been fun to play around with for a while. But I had a great experience with that. I met great people; Nathan [Fillion is] still one of my buddies; [we] still text or talk every now and then. It was a great experience. Man, I would love to do something with all of those guys again.

CB: Maybe they’ll bring it back for a movie. Probably not, but we can always hope.

KA: Probably not, yeah. Put that one to rest, but that was one of the heartbreakers for me, because I thought it was kinda cool, too.

What do you think? Do you remember Drive? Were you upset that the show was cancelled without an ending?


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jesse September 9, 2012 at 9:19 pm



Mangrove February 25, 2011 at 3:33 pm

I dont’ understand.. Why fox killed that good show? They must bring back that show on air.. In this year it will be actual..


Kevin September 20, 2010 at 2:00 am

I recently gave up watching TV, or at least having cable. But if FOX were to bring back Drive, I would get my cable in a heartbeat. It’s too bad that the truly creative movies get cancelled when stuff like the 80’s Beavis and Buthead crap runs a long time.

Well, maybe they will make a movie out of it. How about one that finishes the race from where the last episode left off.
Just remember you heard it hear first.


Lemia February 18, 2010 at 1:15 am

Upset???!!!! More like crushed!
I always tell people that I began watching Drive because I’m a big Nathan Fillion fan, but I kept watching because I loved it from episode 1 onward. I can honestly say that by the end of that episode, NF was not my only ‘favorite’ in the show (Kevin Alejandro, included). Tim Minear and Ben Queen should have been given a better opportunity to gain an audience. FOX truly screwed up on this one (sound familiar?). They aired two episodes in the night before the show’s time slot, a third episode then next night, and a fourth episode a week after that. That’s 8 days for an under-publicized show, to gain a following, during April, when nobody is watching TV because they are fed up with pre-sweeps re-runs. I love watching all six episodes (from iTunes), even though it angers and depresses me when I’m done, and there are no more episodes to watch. Given time, I think it had the legs to be one of the greatest shows of the decade (in the same class as LOST). Most people that I suggest it to, have never heard of it, but if I can get them to watch it (hard sell because they know up front there are only 6 episodes), agree that it’s an amazingly powerful, and innovative mix of story, characters, and action. In a perfect world, FOX would re-think that decision and move mountains to bring the show back, with the original cast. But I know that’ll never happen. FOX is not that smart.


Ryan February 12, 2010 at 4:23 pm

“Drive” was lots of fun! Part of that was I bought my HDTV just before it premiered! LOL. Looked fantastic. Fillion was awesome and the whole show was just a blast. I know there were at least 8 people in my college lit class who would talk about the previous night’s episode the next day. That lasted a month. lol. Too bad to see it go. Just the other day when I saw Kristin Lehman on Human Target I realized I don’t even think I saw the final two episode of Drive. Oh well, Fillion is on Castle now, and Kevin went to Shark (where he made a better replacement then his predecessor). That got cancelled too. BOO


WolvenSpectre February 12, 2010 at 10:24 am

I loved that show and when it was cancelled by Fox during the “Season of the Long Knives” when shows were being given no breaks, especially if they were produced by third parties, and the shows while not getting good live ratings were supposedly killing on VCRs, Tivos, and PVRs, they were still arguing about following those recorded ratings let alone considering them as ratings.

I always found it strange that online fan groups were exploding and some kept bringing their servers down, yet supposedly no one watched.

If Drive came out today, many fans would be pushing it to go in independent syndication because they would know that most networks would not give it the respect it deserved, especially Fox, who now has to sign agreements with some talent that they will make good if they cancel the show early because people started to refuse to work for Fox when they would have better chances at full runs on another network or with a syndication contract.

If I had the money I would love to take over the IP, revamp and relaunch with a new group. Hell if I had the money to burn I would launch it online as one of the first either joint network/online release or an exclusive online release. I’d have to take time to build the audience and use alternate channels to get into the home like podcasters are, but its going to be done soon, and it would be a hell of an experience to try.


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