Eastwick: Series Creator Not Angry over ABC Show Cancellation

EastwickA couple days ago, Eastwick series creator and executive producer Maggie Friedman said that she was “furious” over ABC’s cancellation of the series. She’s apparently had some time to think about her choice of words and regrets the statement.

Friedman wrote, “The other day, when we were discussing the cancellation of Eastwick, I misspoke in the worst possible way. The word ‘furious’ was poorly chosen by me. You had said to me that ‘the fans are understandably furious’ and so I agreed that I was too, but the truth is, I’m not.”

TV show supportShe continued, “I see that word now in print attributed to me and it’s very painful, because it seems to imply I am angry with ABC and nothing could be further from the truth. They treated me really well. I am not the least bit furious, with anyone. That’s simply not the kind of person I am. Yes, I’m sad about the show being cancelled, because it was creatively fulfilling and tons of fun to make and an amazing group of people, but I’m not angry.”

What do you think? Are you “furious” with ABC or just “sad” that Eastwick didn’t reach a bigger audience and was cancelled?

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  1. oprlvr says

    I personally am not at all surprised they yanked it prematurely, before a season finale — that’s network for you. Grab your audience with a teaser, then slam the door and leave. A cop-out. The network doesn’t care that show fans at least want to see the reasonable closure. Its all about “ratings” and money. A still flawed system. And what are RATINGS based upon? Normal TV viewing. Apparently these networks haven’t yet grasped DVR yet. ‘What’s that? DVR? What that’s about” DUH.
    Appx. 80% of households have them! Most people I know live by DVR because of work schedules. Does the network understand this, yet COUNT this technology as a method of their RATINGS? Most likely not. In fact, I read some things online which proves this fact. And yet the shows end up suffering because of a faulty system.

    Eastwick has gone :(((
    Like all of you, I am quite sad also, as I loved the 1987 hit movie. How sad the network claimed a ‘low-rate’d audience, when most likely was not. But, will we ever know the truth.

  2. says

    come on are you kidding, this show is great. l can watch it with my kids. lets get with it people, keep it going . maybe put the cancel shows on other stations . cause abc is always canceling show.

  3. Speejink says

    I really miss the show. It was very fun and entertaining! What TV should be :) It was a breath of fresh air.

    I hope they are able to find a slot for it in the future.

  4. Chrisitna says

    I’m very disappointed this was on of the shows I looked forward to. Every Wednesday my husband and I would make a night of Eastwick can’t you change to CBS or something I love these girls. I grew up on the movie and love the fact that there was finally a series. This is the worst possible move by cancelling the show. Cancel Ugly Betty I can’t even get into that. It seems like every time I get into a show it gets cancelled.

  5. Juana says

    I just thought the show was very refreshing!!! Most shows now are soooo nasty and this show was a clean sexy. The actresses were amazing and played really cute characters…It was witty…. I LOVED IT …. it was one of the only shows that I took the time to watch via DVR (cuz I have a 5- year old and don’t get much TV me-time!). I AM VERY SAD THIS SHOW WAS CANCELLED!!!!!

  6. lisa says

    this is a fair they take all the good TV shows off and keep the rubbish TV shows on why don’t they do that for if i find out who took my TV show off i will hurt them down

  7. Carolyn says

    I am so sorry this show didnt get a following – I really enjoyed it & looked forward to it every week. And it had a good lead in with Cougar Town.

  8. Lynn says

    I’m FURIOUS this writer recanted her words! Appartently she is AFRAID of ABC! Go to cable and write EASTWICK…it is sex in the city…only FUN, FUN, FUN!!!! Tired of realty shows, don’t watch regular tv, except for my local news! Apparently ABC, can’t be sexy, or progressive….PLEASE write the sponsors and tell them how you feel! Most of us DVR the show since we watch Middle and Modern Family, with the kids, and put our kids to bed during Cougartown, so the network NEVER got an actual count of viewers! Contact the sponsers!

  9. Linda says

    I AM furious about the cancellation of EASTWICK.I thought it was cleverly done with amazing actors. I think they could have given it a little more time. Perhaps moved to a differnt time slot. Pleaseeee bring it back. It was refreshing and I looked forward every week to watch how these ladies handled every day challenges. It made one think about the possibilites. But hey- we still have those mindless reality shows to watch. And lets not forget about the dozens of crime dramas and physics who can solve a case in one hour. This show was at least a work in progress.

  10. Josie says

    I am pissed off that this show was cancelled. Eastwick is actually the ONLY show on my non-cable TV that I looked forward to watching all week besides ‘That 70s show”. It wasn’t the Witch part of the show I liked but being able to relate to their lifestyles, work, and life in general. I need something to watch that I can relate to and that makes me LAUGH as I am a single female, on unemployment, and depressed as hell in general. Please bring it back. Right now in this economy, we all need something to laugh at, something that is interesting & curious, and people to relate to in some way. Me~~being a single woman, divorced twice, and 60–although people think I am 42 or so and younger guys are always asking me out—Ha! Well, tis the truth & I am still young at heart & actions, kinda like those girls on the show.

  11. Melissa says

    I just copied & sent this comment to ABC (contact ABC google search), and I encourage everyone who has invested and cares about a cancelled show do the same! ~I LOVED THIS SHOW!!! So sad to see another of the shows for a mixed audience, well produced, shot, directed, and acted, go away due to ??? I would really appreciate it if these networks tok into account how many hours we put into these shows, and the interest and bonds we have with the story and characters. Please, could they at LEAST wrap them up so our curiosity can be eased. In the last year or so I have lost HOURS AND HOURS to shows like this one, Lipstick Jungle, Samantha Who, Privileged, and more. Sorry our audience isn’t important enough to even finish the story.

  12. says

    I M devaststed…….. I too , looked forward to this show , even rewatched them when feeling down……….have not been committed to a show , since Greys Anatomy , and Desparate housewives…..and never watched an episode twice to feel GOOD……… I think you guys are REALLY missing it on this one……. I did nt even know about the show untill someone told me………did not see it promoted , so I watched the first 3 on hulu , and was sooooo hooked…….. please bring it back , at least for 7 seasons or so , ……. come on give it a chance !!!!!!!!! think of the merchandiseing possibilities $$$$$$$$$ …….. yep us true fans will eat it up !!!!!!!

  13. Nina says

    Seriously?!?!?!? Eastwick was cancelled and replaced by Ugly Betty? What a disappointment! I thought Eastwick was a great show, very entertaining….. I guess I wont be watching this channel anymore…….

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