Eastwick: ABC TV Show Cancelled, No Season Two

Eastwick canceledIt looks like the magic is over for the three ladies of Eastwick. ABC network has decided against ordering any additional episodes of the supernatural series, effectively cancelling it.

Eastwick revolves around three women (Rebecca Romijn, Lindsay Price, and Jaime Ray Newman) who meet at a wishing fountain and become friends. Soonafter, mysterious Darryl Van Horne (Paul Gross) moves to town and unleashes powers within the ladies. The cast also includes Ashley Benson, Johann Urb, Jon Bernthal, Sara Rue, and Veronica Cartwright.

The show got off to a slow start on September 23rd with a 3.0 rating in the 18-49 demo and 8.5 million total viewers. The second installment fell to a 2.3 in the demo and 6.57 million viewers. The third week fell again to a 1.8 and 5.14 million.

Why was Eastwick cancelled?

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In the weeks that followed, the ratings didn’t get any better and more frequently got worse. Last week, Eastwick hit an all-time low of 1.5 in the demo and 4.4 million.

ABC has opted to pull the show from the schedule for two weeks. This Wednesday, it’s replaced by the Country Music Awards. Next week, it’s being bumped for an interview special called In the Spotlight with Robin Roberts: Janet Jackson. Though Eastwick is scheduled to return on Thanksgiving eve with a new episode, the supernatural drama won’t be around for long after that.

TV show supportABC has decided not to order any additional episodes of Eastwick, effectively cancelling the series after 13 episodes. It’s unknown if the last episode will wrap up the ongoing storylines. For now, ABC plans to air all six remaining installments but, if the ratings keep declining, the network could easily pull the series before that happens.

What do you think? Why did Eastwick fail? Do you think ABC will really air all of the 13 episodes?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Anavel says


  2. Lcameron says

    i love the show cant believe there will be no season 2, i have checked online many times to see when it will be back. i watched it on hallmark channel on sky and thought i may have missed it as the hallmark channel disapeared. but now i see its canelled. :( shocking!! the amount of crap on tv and they cancel Eastwick !!!!!!!!

    Was one of the best tv shows in a long time, magical, sexy, and well funny.


  3. Keira says

    Why isn’t there a season 2?
    It’s such a great serie! I really like it.
    I just don’t get it that so mutch people don’t like this serie…
    Please make a season 2!

  4. Mad I didnt know about Eastwick in 2009 says

    I just discovered this show, (in August 2011) I cant believe I never saw it when it was on TV. Never even heard of it before last week. I found it on Torrents and clicked thinking it was a new show.

    Maybe the low rating were due to no promotion. I would have watched it if I had known about it!

    Well I watched all of them, and I WANT MORE. This show is great, I love it.
    Oh I wish they’d hire all these people back and continue the show!!!!!!

    • Terra says

      I AGREE. I just watched the first season and thought it was awesome and then I googled when the next season was coming out only to be sadly disappointed. This is why I don’t watch shows until they have a season or two out (plus I hate commercials). Whats the point in watching it if its just going to end because of poor publicity. There have been SOo many shows that I really got into only to find out that there canceled …really makes me mad.

  5. Heather says

    I watched this show whenever it was on tv, and I loved it! I was always curious about when it was coming back, but now I’m sad to hear that it won’t. Kind of ruined my day, actually. I also would like to say I agree with the comment about it being better than Grey’s Anatomy. That show is just way to melodramatic and overdone. I couldn’t sit through five minutes of it. Way too cheesey.

  6. angela says

    I thought this show was doing really good. I for one watched it every time it came on… I think we should make a petition for ABC to put it back on the air… This is a really great show and I had to make sure I watched it without any interruptions and sat all the way through it. I was so mad when I didn’t see it come on anymore. PUT IT BACK ON PLEASE… I am sure once comes back on you will have a lot more viewers on it.. It does take some time you know I am sure other episodes didn’t get thousands of viewers from the start.

    • roseann says

      Dear Angela: You have no idea – the fans of Eastwick upon learning of its cancellation started a lot of petitions to the network, producers, and even the advertisers. We even sent letters to ABC! To no avail. To add insult to injury they replaced one of the most original shows to hit television with WHAT??? A stupid show called Ugly Betty! The whole episode left me so angry that to this day I still will not watch any shows on ABC!

      Do these idiot programmers and executives at ABC listen to their viewers — no they don’t. This show’s creativity, great acting, and really unusual story line was a joy to watch! The only problem is that even if ABC was smart enough to put the show back on – I doubt the actors would give them a second chance. What a shame!

      A former ABC watcher in Toronto

  7. Lou says

    I love that show! I want it back, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one!
    Do a second, third, fourth season!!! I could watch it everyday!

  8. swedish viewer says

    I just saw an episode of Eastwick on TV and I watched it on the internet and started watching at the rest of the episodes. I have only one thing to say, they rule !!!!!! I love Eastwick, the episodes are really, really good and I do not understand how they could cancel the show: S One thing that could be a reason why they did not get so many viewers is becauce there have not been any advertising about that the show existed. If they advertised the show better I think they would gett a lot more views becauce it is a great show!
    Come on, we want a seson 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sene metuangaro says

      mann i dnt understand y they make it in the first place wen they kno they gna cancelled da programm i really du like eastwick and hopefully it will relased again

  9. says

    WHAT THE HELL THE SHOW IS BETTER THAN GREY ANATOMY HOW CAN THEY CANCELL IT **** THEM NO OVENS BUT THAT IS THE TRUTH IF THE CAST OF EASTWICK IS READING THIS COMPLETE PLZ . Do not put the show in ABC i think the show’s name is that what ever it name is there are like i think 1 millone people see it and i am from a country that you dont even now i am the biggest fan ever i have your photos alllllll over my room. plz put season 2 plzzzzzzzz when i herd that there is no east wick i was so mad plz plz plz put it back. the story was great. oprea when she did her first episode like 20 people were watching and then she had like 100000000 people watching it all of my 3 schools i went adore the show. you guys can make 10000000 people watch the show like oprea did with her show i repeat plz put season 2 and if you cant make the 3rd season just do season 2 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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