Eastwick: No Closure for Cancelled ABC Show; Who’s at Fault?

Eastwick canceledThere’s some more bad news for fans of ABC’s Eastwick. Not only has the series been cancelled but the last episode is going to leave several storylines unresolved.

Eastwick follows a trio of ladies (Rebecca Romijn, Lindsay Price, and Jaime Ray Newman) from a New England town who discover that they have supernatural powers, thanks to a handsome newcomer, Darryl Van Horne (Paul Gross). The rest of the show’s cast includes Ashley Benson, Johann Urb, Jon Bernthal, Sara Rue, and Veronica Cartwright.

The series struggled from the very beginning of its run, mustering just a 3.0 rating in the demo and 8.5 million viewers for its premiere. The second week fell to a 2.3 rating and 6.57 million. Things got even worse after that. Last week’s episode hit a series low of a 1.5 and 4.4 million viewers.

Based on these numbers, it comes as little surprise that ABC decided to cancel the struggling drama after 13 episodes. On the bright side, it looks like all of the installments will air. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like fans will be getting any closure for the many ongoing storylines.

In an interview with EW, executive producer Maggie Friedman said that she was furious over the cancellation. She said, “We have such an amazing group of writers and actors — best people I’ve ever worked with. None of us can believe this is really happening.”

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Of the possibility of closure, Friedman said, “We’re smack in the middle of several insanely juicy stories. And so we do not get a chance to wrap things up in a bow. Which is killing me.”

She concluded, “The magic was getting crazy, the storylines were getting really exciting and sexy and dangerous… I [just] wish we could’ve given the fans — and ourselves — real closure.”

While it’s unfortunate that ABC has cancelled a series that millions of people enjoy, it’s no secret that the show has been on the chopping block for some time.

The network gave full season orders to its most of its freshman shows a month ago and Eastwick was left out. Coupled with the terrible ratings, just about everyone who follows the industry knew that Eastwick was on borrowed time. Why was Friedman so surprised by the cancellation?

TV show supportOther shows who’ve been on shaky ground have found a way to give some closure while leaving some loose threads, just in case the show was renewed. Shouldn’t that have been the case with Eastwick?

What do you think? Who’s to blame for Eastwick’s lack of closure? ABC, the writers, or just plain old black magic?

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  1. Linley Passmore says

    What the bob? Abc are u kidding me eastwick was a good show i was spreading the word for months and my friends were gonna start watching it but u cancelled the dang show. My dad never watch’s tv with me this was one show he would watch with me thanks alot for destroying a great 30 mins to a Hour for me thanks alot I am so dissapointed i really liked the show and the actors. You should give it another try I bet if u advirtised for at least a month about the show coming back people would totally watch it. thank you for ur time.
    Linley Passmore.
    PS please ignore the spelling issues

  2. Annoyed says

    PLEASE bring back Eastwick!!! I loved this show!!! I looked forward to this all week long. Wednesday nights was my favorite night. I can’t believe it was cancelled. I am with CU on this one. You guys never advertised so how was it suppose to get good ratings, though I think 4.4 million is pretty damn good. Thanks for letting your viewers know it was cancelled. The only way I found that one out was I google it. I am soooo sick of reality shows as well! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring this one back!!!

  3. CU says

    wat do u mean “Cancelled”, i was already addicted 2 this show only 2 find out it’s cancelled, ABC u can’t do this 4.4 million viewers are sure a lot of people, do u expect d whole world 2 b watching it, thank God 4 internet if not i won’t have known this wonderful series ever existed cuz u guys never advertised it on TV cuz i never even saw it with my own eyes so u guys (ABC) have no right 2 cancel this series, Please put the show back on air 4 us and we promise u won’t b let down

  4. Holly-Mae says

    I’ve just watched the final episode and i cannot believe that it’s just going to be left like that, with all those unresolved storylines! It is very very frustrating I cannot believe it!

  5. CC says

    ya you get 4.4 million viewers to a movie at a theatre in one weekend and it’s a box office HIT, but you get 4.4 million viewers a week and it’s a reason to cancel it? Makes no sense and I’m in Marketing. Everyone I knew watched that show, men and women, the women liked the witches and the men associated with the devil. I mean come on why are you guys shooting yourself in the foot. I mean Ugly Betty? How much more can go on on that show? It’s too predictable and even my girls have stopped watching it!

  6. Nikky says

    Yeah I really wish they would of kept it going, I know my whole family watched the show, and I LOVED it! I’m for real, I do not watch ABC anymore because of them canceling Eastwick, I mean that had to of been the best show they ever put out… I was wondering for the longest time if they was just ending a season and getting ready for a new one, then to come and find out I’ll never see it again!!!!!!!!!! I’m with everybody else in wanting the show to come back. Like a lot of you said, 4 million viewers is more than enough people.

  7. jo says

    Loved the show. Set it up on series link so that I would never miss an episode….thought something was up with the ‘planner’ as it didn’t record this weeks episodes. Logged on to this web-site and found out that it won’t ever be aired again!!! What’s going on…..? Just as you get engrossed in something it’s taken away! 4 million viewers!!! That’s one heck of a lot of people left high and dry!!…..BRING IT BACK

  8. Yvonne says

    Just read that the show has been canceled. So far I thought they are just on a winterbreak like many shows. This really stinks!!!!!!
    I never watched it on TV cause my hubby did not like it but I always followed online the day after. I am getting really tired of watching shows and then they get canceled and you never know what happens. Real stupid and it stinks…

  9. Betty says

    I can’t believe that ABC cancelled such a good show!!! The problem with viewers dropping was that you never knew if it was going to be on Wednesday or not. Every time I would wait anxiously for the Wed slot to watch the show, something else would be on instead. ABC needs to give it a chance to see if it wasn’t just bad scheduling that made the viewers drop. I never knew if it was on or not!!! Bring it back ABC……you won’t be disappointed!!!

  10. michelle says


  11. Anonymous says

    I’m so completely disappointed, I just found out Eastwick has been cancelled. That blows!!! What a fun show for women, even my husband enjoyed watching it. Eastwick was something different for a change, and had such a great cast and storline. I’m so upset that we didn’t even get to finish the season.

  12. Jenna Melbourne says

    God forbid there is something that moms want to watch after putting the kids to bed that isnt a crime drama, or a hospital show or one of those overkilled reality shows. Something that is just fun and easy to watch to help us unwind. But then they cancel anything that isnt violent or has bad langauge or stupid. SOOOOOO over all those reality shows.

  13. Connie Johnson says

    Don’t worry people at the rate ABC’s going, cancelling all of their good shows, maybe another network will buy them out like NBC, CBS or HBO and then we can have all of your favorite shows back…

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