Eastwick: Cancelled TV Show Returns to ABC (briefly)

EastwickThe bewitching ladies of Eastwick are coming back to the alphabet network but fans shouldn’t get their hopes up. The ABC TV show’s still cancelled.

Eastwick revolves around three women (Rebecca Romijn, Lindsay Price, and Jaime Ray Newman) who meet at a wishing fountain and become friends. Soon after, mysterious Darryl Van Horne (Paul Gross) moves to town and unleashes powers within them. The cast also includes Ashley Benson, Johann Urb, Jon Bernthal, Sara Rue, and Veronica Cartwright.

The series got off to a poor start in the ratings and the numbers got worse and worse. The network essentially decided to cancel the show by deciding not to order any episodes beyond the initial 13.

ABC aired 11 episodes of Eastwick between September and December 2009. They had originally planned to air all 13 but opted to cut the run short and move Ugly Betty into the timeslot instead.

As you may recall, episode 10 of Eastwick ended with several cliffhangers. For some reason, ABC then ran episode 12, the last one before the series was pulled. The cliffhangers weren’t even mentioned in episode 12 and this left most viewers very confused and upset.

We were able to track down the episodes and in February published extended synopses of the two missing episodes; “Red Bath and Beyond” and the series finale, “Pampered and Tampered.” Not as good as watching them on TV but better than nothing.

Now, six months after Eastwick left the network, ABC has decided to finally air episodes 11 and 13. They’ll air on Saturday July 10th, beginning at 9pm. Unfortunately, most people won’t remember what was going on and episode 12 won’t be rerun between them. What’s more, the series finale doesn’t wrap up the show’s storylines.

What do you think? Are you glad that the last two episodes of Eastwick are finally airing or is it just too late to care?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. steph says

    How unfair is this?? its totally unfair!! i mean its great that your showing the last two episodes but there is way more to the show and i dont want to see it come to a halt!! i love this show!! i mean there are some really stupid and i mean stupid tv shows out there but i dont know how people can still air them like eastwick is way better then some of the shows. You only need to advertise it a bit more!! gget a website for it put it in the newspaper move the time if you have to DO WHT EVER!! i live in australia and when i saw that they were putting it on here my eyes were glued to it straight away!! i havnt missed an episode yet!! i went on the computer and researched the episodes and it said it was cancelled i was devastated when i saw that!! i thought to myself this cant be happening i love this show!! but it is :( PLEASE GIVE IT A CHANCE for all the people that love this show and all the people that are signing pititions and trying to get your attention to air it again!! look i maybe just some 14 year old kid but i like it i really do!! please someone answer too this comment :( thanks

  2. Arlene says

    Glad ABC realized they may as well show these last 2 shows. Wish, wish they had played it smarter but so it goes.

  3. Anna says

    Please please please bring Eastwick back and release it as DVDs. I absolutely adore this show – it is so unique and refreshing. Not to mention Paul Gross more than living up to Jack Nicholson’s Darryl.

    Although I am in Australia and thus watching these episodes after they are aired on the US, I am glad the ABC decides to play the missing episodes.

    And since the series finale doesn’t wrap up cliffhangers perhaps they should make another episode or two that does.

    • says

      Since there was only the one season (and not even a full season–only 13 episodes) of Eastwick, I doubt that it will make it to DVD. It would be nice though. I would certainly buy it. Considering I have all 8 seasons of Charmed.

      Rhonda–as far as ‘The Gates’…I am willing to at least watch the first episode. But, my guess is that with all the crack ABC is smoking, it will most likely get cancelled too, and replaced with some stupid new ‘reality show’ called “How I Divorced You Dad” or something idiotic like that.

  4. NB says

    Rhonda..there is no one at ABC to complain to. Hundreds ( maybe thousands) did a campaign for Boston Legal and it fell on deaf ears. It is ,after all ,kinda hard to hear when your head is THAT far up your A**!

  5. Rhonda says

    Frick’en ABC. They take off Eastwick, but now have a stupid F^%# show on called “The Gates” about vampires, werewolves & witches.
    Give me an F’n break.
    July 10th Eastwick episodes 12 & 13 will be airing, but just as before – No marketing or advertising has been put into this event.
    While I see ALL KINDS of advertising for “The Gates”.
    ABC – get your head out of your ass already.
    Who can we REALLY complain at – to get heard?

  6. JK says

    I definitely will be watching on July 10th!! I only wish someone will profit off ABC’s horrible mistake & pick this show back up!! It’s one of my all time favorite shows!!

  7. Rae says

    I only just discovered Eastwick yesterday on Virgin on Demand (I am in the UK) and I loved it; it was like a grown up charmed with a better ongoing story arc. Daryl was just a lucious villain and the girls were really likeable.

    It’s such a shame it’s cancelled :(

    • Amall says

      Hi Rae

      Like you I watched this on Virgin on Demand (TV Choice), and I loved it too. Only came across it by chance didnt know it even existed, I told all my friends to watch it and they loved it too. We all watched it in two sittings. It is a shame its been cancelled, and I wish they had given it a chance, there were no promotions for it at all. Daryl is gorgeous!!!
      Liverpool, UK

  8. G says

    We WILL watch the last two episodes of Eastwick. Of course, I’m totally surprised they are going to show them. As fans of several ABC shows we have felt like toy guinea pigs being tossed around by the network as they arbitrarily pre-empted episodes of Brothers and Sisters, Eastwick and now Happy Town, shows that we would plan to see to only be disappointed at the last minute.

    We wish they would bring Eastwick and Happy Town back!

  9. Trish says

    Dumbed-down Americans watch drivel like “The Bachelor” and “The Biggest Loser” while truly unique shows like “Eastwick,” “Eli Stone,” and “Pushing Daisies” slip through the cracks of an audience too mesmerized by canned reality to recognize true creativity when they see it. Whoever said that networks don’t deserve truly creative and original series was right. In almost every case, they seem to sabotage the new shows by moving them to differing slots, showing reruns for weeks, or just plain cancelling after three episodes. TV truly has become the boob tube. The networks are shooting off their own feet.

  10. tadd says

    I loved this show and was quite upset when it was canceled. I have kept many of the episodes on my dvr and rewatch them at times. I am happy that the last two unaired episodes are airing. But what I really want to know is when is Eastwick comming to DVD. I for one will buy the DVD the day it comes out. Such a pitty this was one of my favorite shows from the past few years. ABC lost a viewer And I certantly am quite leary to start anything new, unless it does 10 plus million the first night its doomed. I dont watch reality of any kind (proud to say) and they and the CSINCIS crap get all the big numbers that these cannels need and wany. Just release Eastwick on DVD.

  11. aj says

    Again… another great show cancelled. They should make a channel just for cancelled shows for the people who still do watch them. Gosh, WHHHYYYY was eastwick cancelled. What is America watching!!!????

    • says

      America is watching those stupid reality shows. Hey, America…if you want to watch some REAL ‘reality shows’, try just looking out your front door. Real ‘reality’ is the world in which we live right now–not on television where people get paid to ‘swap wives’, ‘lose weight’, ‘ hire a nanny from England’ to raise their bratty kids. The real ‘reality’ is NOT ‘reality shows’…it is REAL LIFE!

      We need decent shows on tv…not a bunch of fake reality bulls***.

  12. Nicole says

    Just saw this series as a new option on our satalite channel and loved it (watched all the episodes in one week). Its is refereshing as the characters arn’t 16 going on 24 and is fun to watch. What a shame it has been cancelled, I really enjoyed escaping the real world for a little while. What will i fill the void with now?? Plus …Paul Gross – more please!!!

  13. Suzanne says

    Great for it to come back. It’s racy and fun with more mature characters – I liked that show. I’d be willing to go through a rerun of the whole season (and uncancelling it (can you do that?))! It would be nice at least to start with episode 10 to the end so we can refresh our memory on the setting a bit. Thanks.

  14. debsafan says

    I’m glad they are going to show the last of the shows of Eastwick, I wish SyFy channel would pick up the show and give it the respect it deserves. The networks don’t deserve good shows, something that’s different from everything else. I wonder how long The Gates will last. Not long if ABC is true to form. I don’t know if I want to give another ABC show a shot are not. Look at what happen to Kyle XY.

    • aj says

      Totally agree Kyle xy was great and Eastwick going to SyFy is the best idea. You have great taste. I like the Gates I’ll keep watching, but I swear if I see another vampire show come out. OMG where is the originality??!!! Eastwick is differnt and so was Kyle xy, Legend of the seeker, Are you smarter than a 5th grader, Cupid, Valentine, The game, Eli stone, everybody hate Chris, Life, Pushing Daisies, Privileged, Terminator, Dollhouse, The Listener, and Traveler. wHYYY!!! All favorites, GONE.

  15. Selene says

    I’m glad that the 2 missing episodes are FINALLY going to be shown, but it sucks the way it was done. I don’t know why ABC messed things up for Eastwick’s only season by butchering the episodes up the way they did. Showing episode 10 them skipping on to 12! What was that? This was all done to move Ugly Betty up? I love Ugly Betty, but I just didn’t like way they handled things regarding Eastwick. I don’t know what is wrong with ABC canceling shows left and right. I miss Eastwik, wish it had at least finished it’s season completely. Darren Criss was great in it as Josh. Go StarkidPotter!

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