Eastwick: Cancelled TV Show Returns to ABC (briefly)

EastwickThe bewitching ladies of Eastwick are coming back to the alphabet network but fans shouldn’t get their hopes up. The ABC TV show’s still cancelled.

Eastwick revolves around three women (Rebecca Romijn, Lindsay Price, and Jaime Ray Newman) who meet at a wishing fountain and become friends. Soon after, mysterious Darryl Van Horne (Paul Gross) moves to town and unleashes powers within them. The cast also includes Ashley Benson, Johann Urb, Jon Bernthal, Sara Rue, and Veronica Cartwright.

The series got off to a poor start in the ratings and the numbers got worse and worse. The network essentially decided to cancel the show by deciding not to order any episodes beyond the initial 13.

ABC aired 11 episodes of Eastwick between September and December 2009. They had originally planned to air all 13 but opted to cut the run short and move Ugly Betty into the timeslot instead.

As you may recall, episode 10 of Eastwick ended with several cliffhangers. For some reason, ABC then ran episode 12, the last one before the series was pulled. The cliffhangers weren’t even mentioned in episode 12 and this left most viewers very confused and upset.

We were able to track down the episodes and in February published extended synopses of the two missing episodes; “Red Bath and Beyond” and the series finale, “Pampered and Tampered.” Not as good as watching them on TV but better than nothing.

Now, six months after Eastwick left the network, ABC has decided to finally air episodes 11 and 13. They’ll air on Saturday July 10th, beginning at 9pm. Unfortunately, most people won’t remember what was going on and episode 12 won’t be rerun between them. What’s more, the series finale doesn’t wrap up the show’s storylines.

What do you think? Are you glad that the last two episodes of Eastwick are finally airing or is it just too late to care?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Yvonne says

    this is ridiculous. my coworker and i could not wait to come to work the next day and talk about eastwick. i just cant understand it. to me if you have over 1,000,000 people watching a show, that is plenty but apparently not. the show was really good and we really enjoyed it. whoever the writers were did a really good job. i was a fan of charmed and i knew that i would love eastwick. figures is would be cancelled.

  2. Ash says

    BRING BACK EASTWICK,PLEASE!!!!!! This is BULL****!!!!!! I only end up watching stuff like, Law and Order and CSI shows because, im sick of the reality CRAP and vampire CRAP, Eastwick was GREAT!! Oh yea,by the way, GLEE AND UGLY BETTY ARE STUPID!!

  3. Kelly says

    I loved Eastwick! The chemistry between the cast was Great! Maybe better advertising or another night and time slot would have made a difference. However, I did not get to see the last episodes. Too bad, the good shows always get cancelled. I also liked October Road. I don’t know what network it was on,but anyway. BRING BACK EASTWICK!!!! Great cast and great story line!

  4. Joe the Pumpkin King says

    This message is NOT to ABC. I doubt seriously that anyone working at ABC would ever be on this site. Television in general is no longer any good. We are bombarded with so many idiotic shows such as reality shows and shows that are designed to be annoying, nasty and meaningless. The brains behind the Networks are struggling desperately to feed crumbs to the peasants. Everytime something that is really good such as “Eastwick” comes out, it will run for a short while and be cancelled by those powerful, powerful people sitting in their offices that are simply looking for something that will either get them big ratings or some other form of flattery for their efforts. I grew up watching ABC and have finally came to the conclusion that any hopes that we the people have, will be squashed by some fancy titled little person who chooses to stop in midstream and leave us hanging. I don’t believe it will ever do any good to make suggestions or even let them know that we don’t want those crappy filler shows. If, we need a dose of stupidy or realism, all we have to do is step out of our homes and take a look around. Eastwick was the best show on television and now it’s gone. Not to mention all the weeks that we waited for the next episode just to have it pre-emptied for a damn ballgame or some other stupid show. If, you are reading this message and you wonder if there is anything you can do about this crappy situation. The answer is simply this: Turn to another station, avoid watching ABC and have your friends and relatives do the same. Boycotting is often a good stress reducer. Maybe, just maybe if enough good people can boycott ABC, they may begin to feel empty like the fans who loved Eastwick and were hung out to dry. America has enough problems with things like the war, the economy and periods of bad weather and disasters. Now we can add the senseless actions of ABC to the infamous list. Daryl and the beautiful ladies of Eastwick will always be the best of the best.

  5. iwanteastwick says

    they should give it a chance, the series was genious, once the series caught on it would be BIG, and i cant believe they replaced with Ugly Betty!!!!

  6. Norma says

    Another blunder ABC, cancelling Eastwick. You need to rethink what you audience wants and give new programs a chance before dumping them or maybe you should be getting rid of the guy making the decision to cancel of them. Not only are you getting rid of good programs but you are also losing your viewers as they are moving on to other networks.

  7. fiona shaw says

    I cant freaking believe this i’ve just got hooked on the show ,now you’re telling me its cancelled? what for another stupid american idle wannabe crappie show?
    if i had the money id air it myself ,i am NOT a happy bunny
    can someone please stop reading stats and listen to what people want
    myself ,my husband ,all my kids ,including an 18 year old guy all LOVED it and were not even americans?? im gonna start me a ‘bring back eastwick ‘ campaign
    from fiona shaw

  8. lindsay says

    I loved this programme jst watched it on warner tv on demand was hoping that there would be another series, feel it hasnt really tied things up tho, what is it with broadcasters only putting on 1 series of shows, they should defo consider doing another series in my opinion.

  9. NB says

    Turns out that ABC has now changed it’s mind and is pulling the last two episodes in favor of something else. They are staying true to form….

  10. Linda says

    I too am pleased they are at least showing the 2 episodes. We need more diversity than mindless reality shows, cop dramas and medical shows. Most of the time we turn TV off and read instead of watching television at all because everything is the same. It is refreshing when something different is on. PLEASE be more creative in your programming!

  11. Denny Ball says

    I can’t believe they took this show off and left on shows like all the reality shows that have people just trying to get the 15 minutes of fame…

  12. Aj says

    I still don’t understand why America isn’t watching the good shows. All the shows that they want to watch are cop shows and reality shows and vampire shows. Were is the depth, theses are the sam shows as they were 30 years ago. Why is it that all of the original, very well thought out show get cut. They should make a channel for all the cancelled shows for the people who still want to watch them, and they should continue shooting them on the specified channel. Were is America’s creativity, want for something differnent then what we’ve been getting? I don’t necessarily blame the studios, WE should put the better views to the better shows; however, if a show’s viewers start to decrease then the studio should start asking its’ viewers, “why?”, and, ” How can we fix this?”. Also, if the show still get a couple million views, what is the problem?

  13. SweetSheep says

    I wish they would give it another shot… The shows are ok but the writing was too staccato. It doesn’t flow, the characters found out they were witches too late and instead of resolving problems they just added more and more angels to the mystery only to come to these crazy predictable solutions. The right script could really help.

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