Eastwick: ABC Pulls Last Episodes; Will They Ever Air?

canceled EastwickFans of Ugly Betty just got some (possibly) good news. ABC is moving the dramedy to Wednesday nights at 10pm. Unfortunately, that’s spells bad news for fans of cancelled Eastwick.

Eastwick has had a tough time of it and has never quite found a wide audience. The show and its cast — including Rebecca Romijn, Lindsay Price, Jaime Ray Newman, Paul Gross, Ashley Benson, Johann Urb, Jon Bernthal, Sara Rue, and Veronica Cartwright — have become popular with a devout group of viewers but it’s just not big enough to keep the show on the air.

The show was effectively cancelled last month when ABC opted to not order any additional episodes beyond the initial 13 installments.

Eastwick executive producer, Maggie Friedman, said that this would mean that many show storylines would go unresolved. On the positive side though, it seemed like ABC was committed to airing all of the episodes.

Will ABC air the final episodes of Eastwick?

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Unfortunately, it now appears that ABC has decided to pull the show off the air before the run is completed. Ugly Betty will take over the Eastwick timeslot on January 6th, bumping the last two episodes of the supernatural series from the schedule.

TV show supportFor now, it seems that the network has no plans to air the final installments of Eastwick. If ABC history is any indication, fans may have to wait until the summer months to see them — ala Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone. If not, then they’ll be able to find them on DVD, if there is one.

What do you think? Do you think ABC will get around to airing the last two episodes or will Eastwick fans be left hanging?

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  1. cheyenne says

    eastwick was a great show i loved it. I was very upest wen i found out it had been cancelled everyone liked this show so why is i off air now?

  2. Lane says

    I loved Charmed while it was on TV and was excited when I first saw that Eastwick was going to be made into a TV series!! I just had this everytime I get hook on a Wonderful Fantastic show that keeps my interest the network goes and cancels it!! So disappointed. I hoping and praying now that they will release the series on DVD with all of the shows, including the missing last two !! I LOVED LOVED Eastwick and I really wish they would bring it back! Ugly Betty is the show the network should have cancelled!!!! I hate that show and will be glad when it’s done!!

  3. Maria Rud says

    I’m sooo dissapointed!!
    I sooo loved eastwick, every time I start to see another new serie, they wont send more, just like cougar town, shame on you ABC!!! This is crap !!
    Just let Ugly Betty go, and go for Eastwick, really, this is really sad! -.-

  4. Craig says

    Hi all,

    I’m from the UK and stumbled across eastwick last week, I watched all 13 episodes in 2 days as I fell in love with this show. Yes you heard me right I said all 13 episodes as they are available here. The only thing I would say is although they are brilliant, the final 2 episodes leave you with so many unanswered questions so beware to be disappointed even further that this truly fantastic show was pulled before it even got off its feet.

  5. says

    I saw in twitter that ABC was to air the last 2 epis. The date of July 10 2010 was given. Today I look for it on my schedule and don’t see it. I had ended my ABC Boycott on hearing this, but now the boycott is back on! ABC please do something for the fans of this show. Goodbuy again ABC.

  6. Ellie says

    We need to bring that show back, I loved it and still do. It ended too abruptly, not fair.
    What do we need to do to get Eastwick back?

  7. says

    i have just spent the last 2 days watching all 13 shows on the demand. fell in love with the show came on here to find out when its coming back to found out its not.

    how crap is that…

  8. Maria Cortez says

    I enjoyed this show and kept searching for the next Eastwick episode every week and wow ABC, you did it again! You suck!

  9. vigdis says

    why is ABC always cancelling there show and start a new one and then cancelled the new onw iand i really like this show it’s like a another version of charmed I LOVE CHARMED Charmed forever and i hope they will show all the episode i watch the last episode and it was really thrilling and now i’ll never see the rest of it caus they Cancelled.
    i like ugly betty to the thing i like the most is Vanesssa Williams but they are cancelling that show anyway

  10. says

    please someone tell me where I can view the last 2 episodes!????? not on huklu or those links Tom provided anymore.. thx!
    R ZOE

  11. says

    and they NEVER advertised previews for the upcoming episodes of Estwick!!!!!! it was alll about V! and Flashforward!!!!! the only thing I like about Ugly Betty is Vanesssa Williams.. thes whole rest of it sux!!!!!!!! V! V! V! that’s all they advertised for,. if i saw that stupid alien woman;s face again I swear I was gonna break my TV. EASWICK was soooooo good and original…. besides desp housewives… there wasn’t abother show like it…. it’s all about these stupic sci-fi thrillers!!!!!!!! shme on you ABC bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or at least release alll the episodes on DVD ASAP!!!!

  12. Lisa says

    I really enjoyed eastwick….I was a fan of Charmed a few years back and when I saw the preview of this I thought I would give it a shot and loved it. Could you at least finish off the season and post when you will be doing it even if it is not until the summer so I don’t miss it. I too never liked Ugly Betty and I guess wished it never got the followers that it did.

    • Trish Newell says

      Thats crap. I have and always will hate ugly betty. I loved Eastwick and just couldn’t wait til the next week for it to come back on. No ending no nothing. Wow ABC sucks. I won’t watch ABC ever again. I haven’t since they pulled the plug and now I am even more angry. I had hope that this year they would at least show it again, but alas after reading this it’s not going to happen. Good-bye ABC you suck.

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