Eastwick: ABC Pulls Last Two Episodes, Again!

EastwickThe network giveth and, unfortunately for Eastwick fans, the network taketh away.

After weeks of poor ratings, ABC decided not to order any more episodes of Rebecca Romijn, Lindsay Price, Jaime Ray Newman, Paul Gross, and company. That essentially cancelled the show. Then, in December, ABC pulled Eastwick off the air after only 11 (installments 1-10 and 12) of the show’s 13 episodes had aired.

Last month, the network announced that they’d be burning off the 11th and 13th installments on Saturday, July 10th. Though the show’s been off the air for six months, devoted fans were happy to know they’d finally be able to watch the last of them.

The network has now changed their schedule. They’ve pulled the final episodes of Eastwick and replaced them with reruns of Scoundrels and The Gates, their struggling Sunday dramas. There’s no word if the Eastwick ladies will be rescheduled for a later date or if they might show up online.

We were able to track the episodes down months ago. Though we can’t legally post the video, you can read our detailed synopses of “Red Bath and Beyond” and the series finale, “Pampered and Tampered.” Unfortunately, they don’t wrap up the show storylines.

What do you think? Will ABC finally air the last episodes at some point? Do you still care?

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  1. Laura says

    I am so mad and disappointed along with everyone else! I loved Eastwick! Happy Town wasn’t great but I wanted to see how it ended. The Forgotten WAS my fave new show of the season! I thought it was very smart and ABC pulled it too. This is so rediculous! Plus they want to rerun shows I don’t watch and if I did watch them, why whould I want to watch a rerun. Even if the ratings are bad, a new episode is better than a rerun, especially in the summer when nothing is on at all. I’m with most of you. When Desperate Housewives is over I’m done with ABC prime time shows. I do however enjoy Home Makeover. The only reason I don’t support those of you that thinks ABC should just go away is because I do watch The View, AMC and GH in daytime (my mother gave me that habit). But they completely suck at primetime! ABC-take noted from NBC and CBS about what to do at night!

  2. AriPao2010 says

    I completely agree with Isaura about “The Gates”, sometimes it takes a while for people to really get into a show….I don’t understand why they would do this to the fans…IT’S JUST WRONG!!!

  3. says

    simple! just don’t watch any ABC shows again! let’s all gang up and do just that!
    Eastwick could’ve had a ‘Charmed’ life! If storyline is weak, FREAKIN CHANGE WRITERS! if director’s no good, FREAKIN CHANGE THE DIRECTOR! Use the one from Charmed! … And very extremely unprofessional of them to just end a tv series without proper closure! As ISAURA says ‘…Why can’t they film a whole season, show the whole damn thing, give it a friggin ending and if no one cares for a second season then cancel it! BUT AT LEAST GIVE THOSE OF US WHO CARE A CHANCE!…’
    Once again, Eastwick could’ve had a ‘Charmed’ life! I’m really really upset & disappointed it ended the way it did. So much possibilities, so much stroyline can be ‘envoked’ from so many different angles, make it darker, make it more serious. For God’s sake, there’s never been a witchcraft tv show that’s really really full-on and serious.

  4. tina says

    omg i feel the same really liked this show im sooooooooooo dissappointed i was waiting and waiting and now i find this wow that sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. says

    This totally sucks that they have pulled one of my favorite shows!!!! I did not even get to see the last episodes they were supposed to show since it was not advertized. I am extremely disappointed in this TV network. They really need to get to know their fanbase better…I don’t think they are getting accurate information on the opinion of these shows!

  6. Danielle says

    I was a faithful Eastwick fan and am so sad to hear for sure that it was cancelled. The only ABC shows I watch is Desperate Housewives. I think ABC needs to at least air the last few episodes for the viewers. Okay, so maybe 8.5 million people isn’t very much in the ratings world, but it’s a whole hell of alot of people who are disappointed with ABC for pulling such an awesome show! :(

  7. Jennifer G says

    I do care as well. I’m tired of “smart” shows getting canceled for reality fodder. If the network doesn’t have anything better (and re-runs & reality shows are NOT better) to run with, then let a storyline show just run its course. And wouldn’t it be nice if they’d alert the writers and give them a chance to re-work the show at a midway point to attract more viewers or too wrap up the loose ends… but I guess that’s just a dream.

  8. Sharon says

    Yes I care! I want to see the final episodes! I loved this show!!! This show also filled a void for all of us who loved the hit show ” Charmed”! ABC pulled the episodes again to show reruns of new shows that they will probably cancel anyway?! No wonder nobody watches ABC! I have refused to even glance at any of their new shows! They don’t give any of them a chance before some idiot in charge(Never mind what the viewers want!) decides to cancel them! Lost is gone! When Castle and Desperate Housewife’s go,I’m gone too! Someone needs to remind ABC that without an audience ,there is no network! It seems to me it would cost ABC more money to make new shows that it will only cancel than to air a show it actually has an audience for! What do I know though? I’m just a viewer!

  9. dawn says

    yes I care. I liked that show.I thought that they were just waiting for something? I like the feeling of fall and holloween and rebecca is so pretty and shaped like normal women.whats wrong with them?

  10. Laurie says

    I feel the same as everyone else just show all the episodes if show dosent do well dont renew show but dont leave people hanging it seems ABC is notorious for this let the viewers see all the episodes im so sick of reality tv !

  11. Gen says

    Thanks to this website, at least I know what happened. Was going to record the Eastwick episodes, but they were gone from the listing. My husband and I really enjoyed this show. Sometimes it’s just nice to watch something that is fun. Unfortunately, it’s all about money with the networks, and they obviously don’t care enough about the people who invest their time to watch these shows to even give us some kind of closure. We all can try complaining to ABC, but don’t know that it would do any good.

  12. sue says

    Pulled the last 2 episodes of Eastwick to air Scoundrels and Gates which they have aired more than once?? I am so fed up with ABC. I watched Rookie Blue- terrible! I am not watching Scoundrels and Gates that I tivoed while I was away. From what I read they are not doing well and will probably be gone soon. I don’t want to get hooked and have a show cancelled agina like they have done at last a 1/2 dozen times to me.

  13. AriPao2010 says

    I completely agree!! Viewers won’t know if it’s safe to watch a show on abc or not!! I didn’t even know that happy town was cancelled…If they are going to cancel shows they should at least let the viewers know, and not just yank them out with no warning!!!

  14. Maja says

    I’ve just seen the missing episodes, and they can’t just end a show like that – trust me! I really don’t know how and why they keep cancelling shows, they’d also did it with FlashForward.It’s unbelievable, and not a good way to keep their viewers – soon everyone nows that when a new show starts at the ABC, you can’t be shore to get an ending – ABC will cancel it before. Omg, I just can’t believe it..

  15. Isaura says

    Great, now I’m worried about The Gates too. I mean seriously, I am afraid of liking any shows these days for fear they will be canceled after the second episode. Happy Town was a cool mystery show, Eastwick was a lot of fun. Why can’t they film a whole season, show the whole damn thing, give it a friggin ending and if no one cares for a second season then cancel it! BUT AT LEAST GIVE THOSE OF US WHO CARE A CHANCE! I really think they have to start a new way of rating shows because these Nielsen “families” DO NOT represent what I like to watch.

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