Eastwick: ABC Pulls Last Two Episodes, Again!

EastwickThe network giveth and, unfortunately for Eastwick fans, the network taketh away.

After weeks of poor ratings, ABC decided not to order any more episodes of Rebecca Romijn, Lindsay Price, Jaime Ray Newman, Paul Gross, and company. That essentially cancelled the show. Then, in December, ABC pulled Eastwick off the air after only 11 (installments 1-10 and 12) of the show’s 13 episodes had aired.

Last month, the network announced that they’d be burning off the 11th and 13th installments on Saturday, July 10th. Though the show’s been off the air for six months, devoted fans were happy to know they’d finally be able to watch the last of them.

The network has now changed their schedule. They’ve pulled the final episodes of Eastwick and replaced them with reruns of Scoundrels and The Gates, their struggling Sunday dramas. There’s no word if the Eastwick ladies will be rescheduled for a later date or if they might show up online.

We were able to track the episodes down months ago. Though we can’t legally post the video, you can read our detailed synopses of “Red Bath and Beyond” and the series finale, “Pampered and Tampered.” Unfortunately, they don’t wrap up the show storylines.

What do you think? Will ABC finally air the last episodes at some point? Do you still care?

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  1. jeanie says

    Yes I loved that show. something different the reality , crime, drama, lawyers, doctors and cops. Blah blah blah. The creativity was nice and refreshing.

  2. Marty B says

    Wow, if this many upset people took the time to research, find out the show was cancelled, and express their disgust at its termination, perhaps the network should reevaluate the all important numbers. It appears the show had quite a following! I agree that it had unique and clever programming; a refreshing change from the repetitive stuff remaining on the air. Maybe another network won’t have someone asleep at the switch and will give this show a chance.

  3. Lora B says

    I’m not sure where your rating numbers came from but every single person I know watched Eastwick. It was wonderful. It has a little bit of everything; comedy, sex, violence…; Much better than most of the other reality trash that’s been on. Hopefully another network will realize this show’s potential and pick it up. Very bad move to cancel this show.

  4. Jessica H. says

    I’m so disappointed to find out that Eastwick has been cancelled!!! ABC does not know what they are doing. While I did have to DVR the show, I watched it every week religiously. I LOVED this show and I don’t understand how they could cancel it but not any of the other dumb shows that they air.

  5. Gail D. says

    Totally agree with above…ABC SUCKS! Eastwick was one of the very few innovative shows in a LONG time…I’m so disappointed.

  6. angela says

    I understand that the networks are in the business to make money but a person cannot get into television any longer. The second a half way decent show comes on, it gets the boot while leaving viewers wondering what has happend. One suggestion would to put some of these failing shows that only air in the summer longer viewing time in the fall. I don’t think the execs take into consideration that people have less time to watch tv during the summer months because they are always on the go.

  7. kyle ledbetter says

    YES I CARE!!!! this was my FAVORITE show on tv and now it is being taken off?!!! i dont understand why it was a GREAT and AMAZING show!!! i think they should make another season and try it one more time and show the last two episodes that didn’t air!!!!!!

  8. Jenny G says

    I too am so disappointed. I so looked forward to the show each week. Great cast of characters and the witchcraft made the show unique. Boo!!! Why do they do that – leave us hanging. Can’t imagine why they wouldn’t go ahead with the last two episodes that were already filmed. What could that have hurt??

  9. Jamie Jones says

    I was just checking the fall line-up and see that Eastwick has been canceled! I seriously loved this show! It was a nice escape from reality and I really enjoyed the different characters. I thought of it as a “Desperate Housewives” on ‘Witch’teria Lane. It was a good series to watch, curled up on the couch with a glass of wine! BOO HISS that it’s over!

  10. Judi says

    This was a great show!!!!!!!!!!!!! My friends and I loved it and the last episode was such a cliff hanger!!! Now that it is cancelled………………….!!! SCREAMMMMM!!!!! I then saw it in my scheduled recordings w/my DVR and when I told my friends they were excited and then I looked again and it was gone… ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The network keeps on K-rap, but gets rid of the good stuff. I am going to have to buy the series when it comes available for a reasonable price.

  11. Char says

    ABC is ran by morons….which most major networks are. They have no idea that ratings do not mean anything anymore. People DVR their favorite shows so they can watch and skip commercials….or they watch episodes online. I get really frustrated with the major networks because they continuously cancel really great shows and leave garbage on TV. How many cop and lawyer dramas do we really need? I watch mostly cable networks now because they rarely ever cancel anything. Eastwick was a good show and it was upsetting that they cancelled it and ran episodes of the most dreadful show on TV in it’s place, Ugly Betty. By not giving fans the last 2 episodes of the show….or better yet, giving the show another chance, just shows that these networks are completely outdated. If they were to just look online, they would realize that people do watch them. Big duh.

  12. shelley says

    Why is it that when a great show with a different interesting script comes along….ABC ALWAYS cancels the show……grrrrrrrrr, you people are annoying!!!!

  13. Elizabeth says

    Just watched the last of eastwick and what aload of poo. I live in england so do not watch ABC, long story. Can not believe they would take it off the tele.
    I was just getting to enjoy it, especially now that charmed is never coming back and they have ended it. It is like watching a film and stopping half way through. They have not even ended it in away that is justifiable grrrrrrrrrrrr. Very very annoyed!!!!!!!!

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