Elementary: Cancelled Quickly or a Big Hit?

Elementary TV series on CBSThere’s no shortage of Sherlock Holmes stories but CBS is hoping they have a ratings hit with Elementary. Will it be cancelled quickly, a moderate success or a big hit?

Elementary is a modern take on the Arthur Conan Doyle characters, setting them in modern day New York City. Following a time in London and a stint in rehab, eccentric detective Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) escapes to Manhattan. His wealthy father forces him to live under the watchful eye of Doctor Joan Watson (Lucy Liu). Restless, Holmes resumes his work as a police consultant, working with Captain Tobias “Toby” Gregson (Aidan Quinn).

The new TV series airs on Thursday nights at 10pm, opposite Rock Center with Brian Williams on NBC and Scandal on ABC.

Does this TV show sound interesting? Before you share your opinions below, check out these previews:

What do you think? Do you think Elementary will be cancelled quickly, a moderate success or a big hit? Will you watch it live, DVR, or skip it altogether?

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  1. linda bransom says

    Please save my favorite TV show. Complicated characters all and great story lines. I love the NY setting. No they didn’t fall in bed as soon as they met. Great that usually makes a dull soap opera. Remember X-files? Sometimes language is just like the books. Love love it.

  2. says

    I finally took a chance and watched this show to see if it was even close to being as bad as the two Robert Downey, Jr. movies. This show is completely different. I don’t mind the change of setting from London to New York, and I don’t mind the modern time change. What they haven’t changed is the original idea of Sherlock Holmes. This is the important part. Johnney Lee Miller is a perfect Sherlock, as was Jeremy Brett. Remember, the male Watson was a doctor too, and he also rode herd on the original Sherlock to keep him from using drugs, when he was bored. I would like to see the story continue without a romance between the two of them. There is plenty to draw from in the original stories regarding the relationship and Watson’s regard for Holmes.
    Congratulations, a network show that I actually look forward to watching.

  3. Tom Salagaj says

    Great show! One of the more intrigues of the storyline is the transition of Watson from a disgraced former surgeon to a life companion and then to a more interested crime solver herself. She’s been looking for something else to do with her life and if this show continues, she will eventually measure up to Holmes intensity. Had these two characters been written in as immediate lovers, the show would have tanked early. But over the long haul, this storyline has the potential to develop into a solid crime based show with a large fan base. Hopefully, the “suits” can stay patient until this happens.

  4. Joan says

    “Eelementary” is a TERRIFIC show!!! Liked that it had a new “take” on the characters and love Aidan Quinn, as well. Agree with a previous comment that the actor;s words were sometimes difficult to understand…must speak louder and slower!!!

    Storyline kept my interest and like the city venue. Most definitely will watch again. NOTE: Thought it was on tonight (Saturday) and came home early to watch it. Now find out it’s on Thursday…Bummer!… I’ll be there on October 18th!!!

  5. Argent says

    I made myself get over Sherlock Holmes being in NYC instead of London. I even got used to Watson being a woman (Lucy Liu helped with that). But what I can’t get past is why an outstanding surgeon would take on a job as a “live-in” sobriety coach. A coach is not a “Life Coach”, Therapist, Sponsor, Companion, or Personal Assistant, and even if they were why would Joan Watson agree to such? You have an extremely attractive woman living in your house 24/7, seems like it would be the recipe for more problems. Besides she’s a surgeon….is she really the best qualified person for this type of job? Anyway I just couldnt get past all that. Try again.

  6. says

    I respectfully beg to differ with one of the previous “anonymous” posters … I thought the show was great! I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes books and several movies and TV shows.

    To start with, I appreciate the “new take” on Sherlock. The original Sherlock stories have been done-to-death. You know the stories and how they all end … different Sherlocks but the same story.

    This show offers not only a different Sherlock but a different Watson (very different). Jonny Lee Miller is a fantastic actor and I feel his talents are for the most part untapped. I think that his performance last night was nothing short of amazing. I like his back story and how they introduced his new Watson (Lucy Liu). She is also an exceptional actress, and I think she has already shown that she is no slouch in her dealings with Sherlock. I think they already show an amazing chemistry … it is palpable. Each recognize in each other some compelling qualities, and vulnerabilities … and something of themselves.

    I think the writing was impeccable and spot-on … it was attention grabbing from the get-go. As good as the writing was, I believe the acting was even better. The pilot truly leaves you wanting more of this duo. This show has the potential of being a huge hit. It is a big disservice to the show to compare it to other productions of Sherlock Holmes … it just isn’t business as usual with this Sherlock and Watson. It is a unique take with unique characters. If you watch this with and open mind and without comparing it you will appreciate just how good this show is.

  7. Paula says

    I watched this new show with interest, but quickly became frustrated with Elementary, due to the fact that it was way too hard to understand what was being said by the characters. They speak way too softly! I doubt that I’ll watch it again.

  8. Anonymous says

    This show was awful! To all other lovers of Sherlock Holmes don’t bother. There’s no chemistry at all between Holmes and Ms. Watson. Gender bending didn’t annoy me it was that they did it SO BADLY!! I mean not only do they lack a friendship chemistry, they don’t even have any romantic chemistry which although I’d be opposed to it would at least make sense! There’s absolutely nothing new to this show nor is there any playful nods to the old (other than bees). The Holmes isn’t interesting and the fact that he uses google-foo does not make him modern. Boring, boring, boring. They could decide if they wanted Jerk!Holmes or Socially Ignorant!Holmes and they did neither well. If I wanted to watch a crime show set in New York I’d watch CSI-NY. There was nothing to care about. Poorly put together, no substance. Yeesh.

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