Eli Stone: Cancelled ABC Series Returns with Final Episodes

Eli StoneLast November, ABC opted not to order any additional episodes of Eli Stone’s second season, effectively cancelling the drama. The series’ co-creator, Marc Guggenheim, held out hope that the network might still order a third round.

The chances of that happening were very remote and they were finally put to rest in May when ABC announced its new schedule and Eli Stone wasn’t on it. In April, the network announced plans to air the final four installments. They start running tonight.

Guggenheim recently told SCI FI Wire, “I have to say these four are among my favorite of the whole series run, quite frankly. I just feel like, ironically, we ended up getting cancelled right around the time we were really hitting on all cylinders.”

So, will the fans finally get some closure?

The series finale, titled “Flight Path,” is set to air on July 11th and will bring the series full circle. Guggenheim said, “For those people familiar with the pilot and fans of the show, we return to the Himalayas. That was in the very first episode. So there’s a sense of closure with that last episode. We returned to the scene of the crime, as it were.”

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The co-creator promises that the last episode will give an ending of sorts to the series. He noted, “We wrote it knowing that we were on the bubble, so we wrote it to work like it could be a mid-season finale or it could be a series finale. It has a real satisfying sense of closure.”

After all this time, Guggenheim is very happy that the final episodes of Eli Stone are finally being aired. He related, “I have to say the worst part about being canceled was the possibility that these episodes wouldn’t get aired. Because, first and foremost, a lot of very talented, hardworking people gave their all to write, produce and film these episodes.”

“Especially episode 13, ‘Flight Path,’ because that was produced when we knew we were canceled. We had written it beforehand, but it was actually filmed around the time we learned of our cancellation, and yet no one phoned anything in. You see the episode, and you see the level of ambition from the plane crash to the Himalayas to everything in between, and you go, ‘Wow! That was everyone trying to leave on the best note possible.’ I’m just really glad that everyone’s hard work is going to get a chance to shine.”

Though Guggenheim has moved on and is working on a new ABC series, FlashForward, he’s very grateful to Eli Stone’s loyal audience. To them, he wanted to say, “Just thank you for all your support. Thanks for watching. Thank you for posting. Thank you for creating Web sites. I’ve always said that I would rather have the number of viewers that we had — even though it wasn’t enough to keep us on the air — I would rather have the number of viewers that we had with all of them loving the show as they did, than three times the number of viewers — while that number might have kept us on the air — that didn’t care about the show as much as all the people who watched.”

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  1. says

    There is little entertainment on the T.V. today that is both entertaining and has a good moral story. Today most of the entertainment is blow them up or shoot them and kill them or there are one detective series after another, where we see murders every episode and the stories follow the same lines with different caricatures. With the series Eli Stone it was good to see an all round entertainment show, which may I say is lacking today. I watched this season on my computer and enjoyed it immensely if there is a chance of bringing it back please, for we need good entertainment once again on T.V. and not just blow them up and shoot them down.

  2. Don S says

    After watching most of the episodes, my opinion is that it was a fun concept crippled by an obvious leftist agenda and some very odd transformation of the outward appearances of several of the major characters. The patent one-sided attack on teen celibacy and traditional Christian values in the early episodes together with mixed messages speaking authoritatively on biblical issues show the writers’ ignorance of Judeoa-Christian teachings and values. The final episode proved to be a litany of innuendos, from “don’t ask, don’t tell” to once again absolutely caricaturing Christian believers while enjoining the strength of atheistic morality. I love sci-fi and toying with generic faith concepts, but with the clear agenda of the writers, I’m glad Eli Stone was cancelled.

    • Eric R says

      I just finished watching the entire two seasons and I loved all of them. Sorry to learn there would not be anymore.

      To Don S: if you don’t like it, why did you watch it? I imagine there are a lot of shows you watch I wouldn’t like. I don’t want them cancelled.

      – An Athiest

  3. says


    There’s always a silver lining to every setback: my skydiving accident forced me to stay home and watch streaming movies on Netflix. I never saw Eli Stone during its regular programming. Not realizing that it’s been cancelled, I immediately became addicted after watching S1, Ep1–the Pilot. I watched all of the episodes in two days. I loved everything about it: the plot, the drama, the humor, the characters, the music. It’s probably the most unique TV show I’ve seen in a long time. But horror of all horrors: I didn’t know that the show has been canceled. Yep, I’ve been living under a rock until my skydiving accident.. or, let’s say, I’ve been living way up high in the stratosphere and didn’t know what was going on at ABC and Eli Stone. Now that my feet are planted back on terra firma, please give me back my Eli Stone. Please….., pretty please.

    • duh says

      I love the season 1 finale with the George Michael song. I wish I could get that song, but I could only find it sold in JAPAN. Now I’m suck with Michael Buble’s version and everyone else who’s remaking it. I heard George sing it first so it’s my favorite! I love that scene with everyone dancing and singing!

  4. Anonymous says

    I can’t Stand how they cancel all the shows I enjoy! Am I a freak? Do I only like the crap shows?

    Eli Stone,


    Life of Brian

    and on and on and on! what is with these crap shows running on and on> > > argh. I suppose Big Bang Theory and My name is Earl will be cancelled next!

  5. Chris says

    This show looks at the most intimate parts of ourselves. The social, political, and moral implications present something that we all want to contribute to. The plots drive us closer to thinking outside the box of social injustice, and hopefully brings us beyond televisions irrelevant, unworthy, sense of frivolous plots. I have never felt more touched by television and hope this show will continue independently beyond network bureaucracy. THANKFULLY—-shows such as this will have more opportunities as the networks are not keeping up with the new trend of watching television. Ratings cannot be monitored by the standard process of time slots…..we shall see who keeps up with times.

    • says

      I could not have said it better. Great comment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I just wrote the network directly (as if they’d listen) asking them to bring the show back. Why is it that good, high morale shows always get canceled first? I can’t believe that sophomoric shows like “The Jersey Shore” get the highest ratings and go on forever.

      • duh says

        and the stupid Kardashians making $18 million dollars to get married. Making money, selling produced “reality” and stupid people just drink that up! How dumb are people? I would never be caught watching an Kardashian ANYTHING! I only know who they are because the media shoves them down our throats! Hey, dumb media people! Steer the lemmings towards quality television with intelligence and humor, why don’t cha?

  6. adam young says

    For the first time i watched Eli Stone , i just feel nothing. But after i watched the next episodes , i’m in love with it. So i hope that Eli Stone will have a new season. The third season of Eli Stone. I think that the other fans are hoping the same as i am. Lastly , i’m really , really hope that there gonna be the new episodes of my favourite Eli Stone coz i’m a big fan of Johny Lee Miller.

    Wish that the 3rd of Eli Stone sgain…

  7. says

    I’ve just started watching ELI STONE in the UK, so I’m right at the start. I like Jonny Lee Miller as an actor and was curious to know what the series was all about. I’ve seen a number of US tv shows where a lot of the actors are not American and yet have learnt American accents. I don’t know how Americans see this but usually with the other way around, British accents are not done well by non-native Brits. Anyway I liked the first episode of ELI STONE and will continue watching. Obviously I’ll only be able to see three seasons, but this will take a couple of years, probably. But I don’t understand this business of ‘cancelling a show’. What constitutes a show’s run? UK shows run at different lengths. Some run for one season, some for two, and some just keep going. But if they stop, then that’s it. No tears, it just didn’t get off the ground, or there wasn’t any more that could be written about. So surely if a show finishes, whether or not early, it’s not a cancellation is it? It’s the natural course of events. Keeping a show going for a long time, it seems to me, blocks other creative ideas. I’d rather have short runs of different shows, than one that gets tired in the end.

    • Elena says

      For me, it is not just that they decided to cancel this show….it is what it’s about. It is a show that makes you wonder about the infinitive possibilities that are there within ourselves for us and for the good of the people around us that we usually do not take the time to explore. It is to have a show that presents the best of people and not the other way around. The majority of the TV’s shows are full with violent, extreme nudity, etc. and where it is not reinforced the necessity of bringing out the best of people instead of the worst. I know it is up to oneself to decide the best choice but when the TV is filled with rage, hate, envy and a lack of group consciousness, it makes it harder for people to do good. For example: go to the movies and see a war movie where everyone hates and kill each other…for their own personal believes!…..how do you feel just when you get out of the movie?…now go and see a movie with a higher purpose…something like “What dreams may come” with Robin Williams…and see how you feel as soon as you get out! I understand that everything has a beginning and an ending, but let’s try to make these new beginnings with higher purposes for all!

      • says

        Although I agree with the points you make, life is life, and sometimes these tv shows reflect the attitudes of the time. At the same time, it could be argued that they direct attitudes as well. But if we look back into history and recoil with horror at what people accepted as normal then, it isn’t how they saw it. Some resigned themselves to their fate, or had no power to change it, and others fought against it – which is why I believe in organisations like Trades Unions. So a good mix of tv shows covering all viewpoints, gives an overview of life and allows us to decide the good and the bad. It seems to me that for tv shows to continue, season after season, is stifling talent that produce ideas like “Eli Stone”. There will always be some bad apples in the bunch, that we would question how they justified making. But I’d rather have the choice of switching off the tv, when I dislike what I’m watching. The one trend that I don’t like, is the pre-programme announcement warning you about any unpleasantness – I’ll decide that, I don’t need someone else warning me.
        Probably like you, I don’t just watch a programme as simple entertainment. I receive the messages it gives, and gain an overall understanding of people and their characteristics. This is not just confined to the characters, but the scenery, general action, etc. So I feel that I always gain something from each show. The golden period for UK tv was in the 1960s and 70s, when lots of new ideas were being presented in some excellent programmes. Many pulled no punches and showed the darker side of living. In fact UK tv shows often end on a sour note, because life is not always a golden spoon.
        So I shall watch “Eli Stone” with interest and hopefully continued enjoyment, but I shall also hope that other ideas come to fruition in a tv show. We have a fair mix of American and UK shows on British tv, but rarely from other countries, which is a pity. So I bolster my viewing with many dvds of foreign language films from all over the world. What seems outrageous in some cultures is average in another, still.

        • says

          Great comment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings about Eli Stone. I feel the same way you do.

          I just started watching Eli Stone three days ago (streaming on Netflix) due to a skydiving accident that forced me to stay home for a while. I was hooked immediately and couldn’t stop watching it. I don’t watch much TV so I missed its regular programming.

          Wait a minute!! There were three seasons? I only saw two. Got to check back with Netflix.

          Thanks again.


          Wait a minute

      • Andrew says

        ‘infinitive possibilities’ – love this expression, haven’t stopped laughing yet. 😀

        Eli Stone had some great sequences, but it frequently got lost, and some of the principal characters were pretty two-dimensional and dull. The failure of the show came as no surprise. I still craved more of the fun singing and dancing sequences (Glee fills that need nicely), but the rest of the show was largely insignificant – the law stories, fighting the corner of the little guy or a particularly strange case has been done before (LA Law, Boston Legal, Ally McBeal, etc.) ad nauseum, and the religious overtones were tiresome at best (if I wanted self-important fools telling me how to live my life, I’d have gone to church).

  8. gracia says

    Too bad ABC couldnt acknowledge the tallented people working the story of Eli Stone. Really hope that there’ll be another season for Eli Stone.

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