Eli Stone: Cancelled ABC Series Returns with Final Episodes

Eli StoneLast November, ABC opted not to order any additional episodes of Eli Stone’s second season, effectively cancelling the drama. The series’ co-creator, Marc Guggenheim, held out hope that the network might still order a third round.

The chances of that happening were very remote and they were finally put to rest in May when ABC announced its new schedule and Eli Stone wasn’t on it. In April, the network announced plans to air the final four installments. They start running tonight.

Guggenheim recently told SCI FI Wire, “I have to say these four are among my favorite of the whole series run, quite frankly. I just feel like, ironically, we ended up getting cancelled right around the time we were really hitting on all cylinders.”

So, will the fans finally get some closure?

The series finale, titled “Flight Path,” is set to air on July 11th and will bring the series full circle. Guggenheim said, “For those people familiar with the pilot and fans of the show, we return to the Himalayas. That was in the very first episode. So there’s a sense of closure with that last episode. We returned to the scene of the crime, as it were.”

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The co-creator promises that the last episode will give an ending of sorts to the series. He noted, “We wrote it knowing that we were on the bubble, so we wrote it to work like it could be a mid-season finale or it could be a series finale. It has a real satisfying sense of closure.”

After all this time, Guggenheim is very happy that the final episodes of Eli Stone are finally being aired. He related, “I have to say the worst part about being canceled was the possibility that these episodes wouldn’t get aired. Because, first and foremost, a lot of very talented, hardworking people gave their all to write, produce and film these episodes.”

“Especially episode 13, ‘Flight Path,’ because that was produced when we knew we were canceled. We had written it beforehand, but it was actually filmed around the time we learned of our cancellation, and yet no one phoned anything in. You see the episode, and you see the level of ambition from the plane crash to the Himalayas to everything in between, and you go, ‘Wow! That was everyone trying to leave on the best note possible.’ I’m just really glad that everyone’s hard work is going to get a chance to shine.”

Though Guggenheim has moved on and is working on a new ABC series, FlashForward, he’s very grateful to Eli Stone’s loyal audience. To them, he wanted to say, “Just thank you for all your support. Thanks for watching. Thank you for posting. Thank you for creating Web sites. I’ve always said that I would rather have the number of viewers that we had — even though it wasn’t enough to keep us on the air — I would rather have the number of viewers that we had with all of them loving the show as they did, than three times the number of viewers — while that number might have kept us on the air — that didn’t care about the show as much as all the people who watched.”

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  1. says

    I have to agree with all of you. Are there not enough of us with average intelligence who appreciate a beautifully done program? Are we so outvoted by the 50-IQ’s that obsess over the mass of garbage on television?

    My wife and I looked forward with great anticipation to catching Eli each week. My applause to the producers, writers, actors and all others who made this show so charming. I’m afraid I’ve become a jinx. If I really like a program…..it’s doomed by the morons and the suits.

  2. says

    I think too many networks and their sponsors forget the “Cheers” and “Seinfeld” lesson. We viewers need a few seasons to develop a relationship with characters and plot lines.

  3. M says

    Finally got around to watching the final episode today. I just couldn’t come to grips with seeing the last episode, and that being the end, and so it sat on my dvr for several months. It was such an amazing show that transcended everything else on tv. I am a huge tv fan and watch all the cop shows, etc. but this really felt like it was something different, and actually touched my heart in a way that no show has ever been able to. I will sorely miss it.

    On a side note, http://www.cowonthewall.com/projects/elistone/, has all the theme music from the show available for streaming. The closing theme, Everyman’s Talisman, is just beautiful.

  4. Eric Martinez says

    “Eli Stone” was such a high quality show on so many levels. Excellently written and with a wonderful cast to boot, the show delivered great courtroom stories with many fun, entertaining moments. For those of us who thought that “Eli Stone” was that rare kind of show that you just knew was too intelligent, too entertaining and too heart warming to last, the network, unfortunately, proved us right.

  5. Gary Saito says

    What happened to Eli Stone??????????????????? Finally something besides cop and ER shows. You gotta be crazy to take it off the air. Eli Stone was a breath of fresh air.

  6. Patferr says

    I really liked this show as well. It was a really good break from life to watch this show every episode that just seemed to really touch the right nerve in me. It’s too bad that shows like this have to be cancelled, and I dont see why stations like TNT or USA would pick it up. These are the shows that people would love to see and go there to see them. Instead, we have NBC putting “The Tonight Show” on with Jay Leno 5 nights a week starting an hour earlier than it was before. WHO CARES? Put a real show on. If Jay was so great, then why put Conan on there? Geesh. This is just stupid as hell

  7. Patrick says

    I personally liked Eli Stone and have enjoyed watching the first season and now I hear it’s cancelled. It is sad that a show that isn’t drenched in violence and sex cannot make it in today’s world. It’s the American people who vote with their TV viewing that makes these shows go away. People are getting synical and predictable and our morals are going down the tubes. We see every aspect of life going down the tubes, so it’s a shame a good show like this has to be cancelled. I cannot believe that they couldn’t have sold the show on to TNT or USA Network. MONK is going away, and this show could definitely fit into that slot. Oh well, it’s a shame. Great show

  8. Patricia says

    Well, if it isn’t dripping with sex and violence, the stations couldn’t care less. Can’t have any decent shows on the air.

    I think Eli Stone was one of the best shows ever put on TV. I too couldn’t wait until the next episode. I don’t know what happened but I only saw 2 episodes and I thought there were going to be at least 4. How disappointing!

    Eli Stone was the only TV show that I watched on a regular basis on prime time TV. ABC, NBC and CBS only put on a bunch of crap in my book and the shows aren’t worth watching.

  9. mr doodlze says

    Eli Stone was one of the only shows on TV that made me eager for the next episode. I had my special Eli Stone time so I can devote to each episode ( sounds crazy, I know). Again I am so disappointed at ABC. Yes it’s all about money, but seriously what other show have such a beautiful message of hope? What other show makes you fall in love with every single character? Eli stone was simply amazing! And that’s how I’ll remember it always.

  10. MCook says

    Just checked the ABC website. It is coming back!! It is a mid-season show…but it is coming back. Yay for Eli!

  11. Camila Sosa says

    I just can’t believe they did away with it! My whole family loved this show! I kept waiting to see it return and when I saw the four shows on Saturdays I knew something was up. How dare they. This show had such a great meaning behind it and really inspired me every time I watched it. I am so going to miss it! I don’t know why shows are canceled! At least they ended it for us and didn’t just leave us hanging…that would have been worse! Totally sucks! If it wasn’t because I watch LOST on ABC I would so stop watching ABC!

  12. Nicole says

    I can’t believe this! Out of the 5 shows I watched and LOVED this last year, you know how many are coming back or have come back this year? 1!!!!!!!!!! Eli Stone was the most amazing show I have EVER watched! When I saw it on the first Saturday I was so happy… I told my husband, “See! It came back!” I thought maybe they took a week off or something when it didn’t come on last Saturday….. I am truly heartbroken that this show is not coming back. It was one of the few shows out there that had a good meaning behind it. It didn’t focus on vampires, wars, or other stupid things like that….. I mean they are ok, but you need a different kind of show out there sometimes! To the actors and people who worked on this show, I believe you did an amazing job and will miss watching your work every week! Thank you for producing a wonderful work of art!

  13. Nancy Vaccaro says

    I loved this show and especially the cast. It has been such an enjoyable show and some how the audience did not get a chance to catch on. I always appreciated the wit, intelligence and messages embedded in every episode. The last four episodes were excellent but I am so sad and disappointed that its over. If there is ever a chance to bring back this series, please do and advertise well.

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