Eli Stone: Cancelled ABC Series Returns with Final Episodes

Eli StoneLast November, ABC opted not to order any additional episodes of Eli Stone’s second season, effectively cancelling the drama. The series’ co-creator, Marc Guggenheim, held out hope that the network might still order a third round.

The chances of that happening were very remote and they were finally put to rest in May when ABC announced its new schedule and Eli Stone wasn’t on it. In April, the network announced plans to air the final four installments. They start running tonight.

Guggenheim recently told SCI FI Wire, “I have to say these four are among my favorite of the whole series run, quite frankly. I just feel like, ironically, we ended up getting cancelled right around the time we were really hitting on all cylinders.”

So, will the fans finally get some closure?

The series finale, titled “Flight Path,” is set to air on July 11th and will bring the series full circle. Guggenheim said, “For those people familiar with the pilot and fans of the show, we return to the Himalayas. That was in the very first episode. So there’s a sense of closure with that last episode. We returned to the scene of the crime, as it were.”

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The co-creator promises that the last episode will give an ending of sorts to the series. He noted, “We wrote it knowing that we were on the bubble, so we wrote it to work like it could be a mid-season finale or it could be a series finale. It has a real satisfying sense of closure.”

After all this time, Guggenheim is very happy that the final episodes of Eli Stone are finally being aired. He related, “I have to say the worst part about being canceled was the possibility that these episodes wouldn’t get aired. Because, first and foremost, a lot of very talented, hardworking people gave their all to write, produce and film these episodes.”

“Especially episode 13, ‘Flight Path,’ because that was produced when we knew we were canceled. We had written it beforehand, but it was actually filmed around the time we learned of our cancellation, and yet no one phoned anything in. You see the episode, and you see the level of ambition from the plane crash to the Himalayas to everything in between, and you go, ‘Wow! That was everyone trying to leave on the best note possible.’ I’m just really glad that everyone’s hard work is going to get a chance to shine.”

Though Guggenheim has moved on and is working on a new ABC series, FlashForward, he’s very grateful to Eli Stone’s loyal audience. To them, he wanted to say, “Just thank you for all your support. Thanks for watching. Thank you for posting. Thank you for creating Web sites. I’ve always said that I would rather have the number of viewers that we had — even though it wasn’t enough to keep us on the air — I would rather have the number of viewers that we had with all of them loving the show as they did, than three times the number of viewers — while that number might have kept us on the air — that didn’t care about the show as much as all the people who watched.”

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  1. Elena says

    I am from Venezuela…..I loved Eli Stone!…every week I wouldmake sure to be home for my favorite show. SHAME ON YOU ABC!….You have taken the best out your network…

  2. Cinderella DeJong says

    I think this channel has lost it’s mind! Canceling the best shows
    who everybody seems to love. The money spend on this show is
    earned back EASILY with the DVD’s they sell.

    They keep canceling shows because they have one or two viewers
    too little and it’s starting to be very annoying!
    People stay home for these shows and make it their weekly joy!
    ABC sucks us in and then spits us out…. seriously, it starts to annoy
    me VERY much.

  3. stacey says

    Dear ABC…You have cancelled one of the very best television programs I have seen in years. I found the story line to be exactly what America needs, an inspiring, compassionate, and intellectually savvy family television program. “Shame on you” for not recognizing the incredibly talented actors and writers involved in its cast, writers, and production. I am stunned and hugely disappointed.

  4. Binibini says

    I just love Eli Stone..One of the best show in the TV. I was so upset when I found out that it was cancelled. I hope they’ll bring it back one of these days.

  5. molly parker says

    I watched Eli Stone religiously it was the best thing on the cast was all exceptional and from the night George Micheals was on there and his accupuncture friend was above board acting

  6. mfne says

    this show appeals to any one with feelings, and a reasonable IQ, reconsider your judgement. this show has the potential to last for years……

  7. Nanci Chastain says

    Eli Stone cancelled?? Screw ABC . . . Their programming sucks again. I’m done with them. I prefer to watch NatGeo and the Science Channel now, If they bring back Eli Stone I might reconsider my position. Until then, bye bye ABC

  8. ltl_honey says

    REALLY?!? Super Nanny keeps a spot on their week line up, but Eli Stone gets cut??? PLEASE – SOME network, pick it up! I loved the stories, the actors (wouldn’t change any of them). So sad!!

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