Eli Stone: Petition to Save the Cancelled ABC TV Show

Eli StoneAttorney Eli Stone has had some strange visions but you have to wonder if he saw this coming — his ABC TV show’s been cancelled!

Though Eli Stone attracts several million viewers and positive reviews each week, it’s just not enough for the network. How about trying a different timeslot or even a different channel in the Disney/ABC family? Currently over 6.3 million viewers tune in to watch this show each week. Why turn them away?

If you don’t want the show to end, there are a few things you can do… Tell your friends and family to watch the show, either on TV or online. Sign the petition below. Write to the network. Politely tell them how you feel about the show and that you’ve signed the petition. Then, pass the word along. You can also check out the Save Eli Stone site. The show’s been cancelled and that’s no hallucination!

To: ABC Studios and Berlanti Television

We, the undersigned, truly enjoy watching the ABC TV show Eli Stone. We believe that it is a wonderfully entertaining series that should continue to be made and aired.

If the show is not attracting enough viewers, we ask that you try another timeslot or consider moving it to another channel in the ABC/Disney family. At the very least, we ask that you make sure that the series has a proper conclusion to the show’s ongoing storylines.

We represent a small percentage of the ABC viewers who tune in each week. We’ve been loyal to this program and network and ask that you show the same loyalty to us.

Thank you for your consideration.

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  • Keya ACountry: United States2014-09-06 00:36:04
    I LOOOOVE Eli Stone and I would LOOOOOVE it if it could be continued. ABC often has some great shoes and they ALWAYS get canceled. Bring this one back PLEEEEEASE!!!
  • Brian h RothCountry: Israel2014-01-08 17:06:16
    A great story line, something of faith in it and a real family show that I can let my kids watch from next to me.
  • Brian h RothCountry: Israel2014-01-08 17:06:16
    A great story line, something of faith in it and a real family show that I can let my kids watch from next to me.
  • Chris BlevinsCountry: United States of America2013-06-03 04:01:37
    You have got to bring back Eli Stone! I found it on Hulu and I fell in live with the show. I wish I would have watched it on tv before its cancellation. This was one of the greatest shows that I have ever watched and now that's its gone I feel a since of loss. I can't think of a show that I have ever been emotionally attached to so much. I really miss it already. Please bring it back. Thanks.
  • Denizhan pakCountry: United States2013-03-17 10:22:06
    Eli, best legal show ever
  • FulvioCountry: italy2013-01-07 19:32:22
    I want 3 season!!
  • LuigiCountry: Italy2013-01-03 20:44:13
    I love eli stone!Save It!
  • Jodie RioCountry: UK2012-09-26 16:13:44
    Just want to know what happens.
  • Jacqueline MitchellCountry: United States2012-09-18 09:24:50
    Please bring Eli Stone back. I just wathed both seasons and it is a wonderful show. It so sad that you cancel shows like this and you have all these dumb reality shows. Which believer America is tired of. Bring Eli Stone back.
  • AnnaCountry: Scotland2012-08-25 14:37:36
    Bring back Eli Stone!!!!!
  • AnthonyCountry: USA2012-07-08 09:34:42
    I can only say that my wife and I eagerly looked forward to each new show. There were many wonderfull messages in each of the episodes. I know that they often stepped on the toes of some but it also provoced thought. Bring it back!
  • MiroslavCountry: Serbia2012-07-04 04:35:01
    I'm really sad to see that one of the most contraversy show being canceled due to a reason of "not being popular" and yet we see more and more rediculous shows every day with 10 times less viewers than eli stone ever had. So once again, please, bring back the eli stone on air and production, because it has more potential than any of the shows there is currently on. I know it's kinda late for this kind of letter but trust me (me alone, just like the eli had to made through all alone at the beginning) you won't regret it. P.S. Sorry for my bad English but hey i'm from Serbia so, you know... :)
  • Tina YuckerCountry: USA2012-06-14 11:12:12
    I cannot understand why such an amazing show was cancelled. After waiting for ABC to come to their senses and finally renew Eli, I have come to the conclusion that ABC only keeps shows with no moral compass, lots of violence/sex, and that make fun of Religion & goodness. SHAME ON YOU ABC!
  • sunny patelCountry: USA2012-05-24 15:53:45
    I just finished watching season one and two on Hulu. I'm just amazed at how this show was not continued. The dialogue and plot lines were far superior to many shows I've watched and believe me I've watched a lot. Suits is the closest thing that comes to this show though it still can't match it in my opinion. Just allow the final season 3 to be filmed. I believe the end goal was to make it just a three season series. You're so close!
  • Janice HamptonCountry: USA2012-05-22 11:35:56
    Please give the show "The Finder" a chance. It needs time to find an audience. The show is great. I love it.
  • StacieCountry: USA2012-05-10 08:22:37
    The Finder needs a chance to find its audience. The Fox network has not given The Finder enough time for word-of-mouth to spread about this truly fantastic show. The Finder is one of the most wonderfully written, charming and truly unique shows out there. We respectfully request that the Fox network please give this exceptional show the chance it deserves. SAVE The Finder on Fox!!
  • AaronCountry: US2012-04-25 20:09:39
    Please bring back Eli Stone. Just finished watching seasons1 & 2 on NF. Best show I've seen in years. Please bring back the show if possible.
  • Alicia SandovalCountry: United States2012-03-24 09:13:01
    Started watching the show on Next Flix ,all episodes only 26 of them,Please need more episodes.My wish will be 1 per day,like every day court Monday to Friday.Do not look at soap operas but this show I love.
  • Tom wadeCountry: USA2012-03-21 22:21:54
    As Always a quality show gets cancelled so a reality show or a crap show can run forever.
  • nick hazletoCountry: USA2012-03-21 08:05:25
    Please continue making this show. I only began watching it on Hulu, but had I seen it when it was on air, I would have faught for it to continue.
  • Brian KoziarskiCountry: USA2012-03-03 12:58:55
    I have now just found this show and I am in love with it. I own both seasons now and am begging for a third!! This show, for me, is the BEST new show I have seen in many years.
  • Kristin FitzgeraldCountry: United States2012-02-23 13:41:34
    LOVE this show!!! Please bring it back!!!
  • Rebeka LeangCountry: United States2012-02-20 16:02:37
    My boyfriend and i really enjoyed this show, can't believe it they stopped it bring it back
  • James LveaCountry: United States 2012-02-20 16:01:13
    Come on it was just getting good
  • Matthew LeangCountry: United States 2012-02-20 16:00:23
    Keep It Going!!!
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