Eli Stone

Eli StoneNetwork: ABC
Episodes: 26 (hour)
Seasons: Two

TV show dates: January 31, 2008 — July 11, 2009
Series status: Cancelled/ended

Performers include: Jonny Lee Miller, Victor Garber, Natasha Henstridge, Loretta Devine, Matt Letscher, Sam Jaeger, James Saito, Julie Gonzalo, Jason Winston George, and Tom Amandes.

eli stone past TV show

TV show description:
Eli Stone (Jonny Lee Miller) seems to have it all. He’s a successful attorney in San Francisco and the fiance to beautiful Taylor Wethersby (Natasha Henstridge); the daughter of the senior partner of his firm, Jordan Wethersby (Victor Garber).

Eli works hard to help the firm’s wealthy corporate clients become even richer, benefiting both himself and his future father-in-law. But one evening, Eli’s future becomes hazy when rockstar George Michael appears in his living room, singing his trademark song “Faith.”

This hallucination is the first of many and Eli turns to his physician and brother Nathan (Matt Letscher) and acupuncturist Dr. Chen (James Saito) for answers. Nathan delivers the news that Eli is suffering from a brain aneurysm and his visions may be connected. But Dr. Chen believes that Eli’s hallucinations may have more of a spiritual meaning, that he may be a prophet of God. Eli begins to revaluate is life and comes to the realization that he needs to make changes.

He starts by taking on cases of the very victims of the corporate clients that his law firm once represented. But these changes come with consequences and Eli must struggle to hold onto both his job and his fiancĂ©. Also trying to endure and understand Eli’s strange behavior is his sassy assistant, Patti Dellacroix (Loretta Devine), and young associate, Maggie Dekker (Julie Gonzalo).

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. patty says

    I love both Eli Stone and Life on Mars. I am saddened that both of these have been taken off the air. I hate reality show and feel they are the downfall of society. Please bring these two great shows back

  2. Lila says

    I loved this show. In fact, I couldn’t wait to see it every week, especially the song & dance numbers. Victor Garber was a big surprise in his song & dance routines.

    Please don’t cancel this show.

  3. grace guinnane says

    eli stone is a feel good show. Its so important to keep shows about making good choices and doing good things and keeping God and what god would do in our heads at all times everyone is so afraid to accept the fact that we need god and we need one another. we all are exposed to goodness and the opportunity to do good every day. I love the messages and the way i felt after watching the show parts of the show were a bit crazy but it was fun. We all need and gotta have faith!

  4. Jerry says

    OMG NO! A Show is rating well with highly educated and slightly older demographic! CANCEL IT NOW! We must perpetuate mediocrity and idiocracy.

  5. mary abramson says

    Eli Stone was one of the BEST! Please continue the series! It’s rates greatness with NYPD Blue, LOST, Boston Legal, as great acting in dramas! Eli offers hope and moral justice! It was such a refreshing series. Please continue with the Eli Stone series. All that is left elsewhere are reruns of Law&Order, and CSI dramas.

  6. Sue says

    Please do not cancel this show. It’s funny, it’s harmless, it has a message. And guess what? it does all these things without guns, car chases, explosions, fist fights and people sucking each others faces off! Now THAT’S entertainment. It’s real tv, far more real than ‘reality tv’ which I suspect is played up for the cameras. You are doing yourselves and the world a great disservice by axing this show. People are sick of the trash that usually makes it, WE WANT GOOD TV! WE WANT ELI STONE!!!! AND DON’T FORGET WE PAY YOUR WAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Darrell says

    Do not cancel. This is a unique show with a brilliant outlook on paying it forward. Why not be one that actually does that…is keeping the show itself one of those things that will reap benefits later. Perhaps a quick look in Eli’s prized journal will tell the truth. Please keep the show.

  8. Ric says

    I didnt start watching Eli Stone until late last year and found the show “inspirational” to say the least. It had all the elements of a successful series. Please bring the show back to ABC… DO NOT CANCEL!!! This show is outstanding!!!

  9. james meyer says

    why are you canceling eli stone and also life on mars i love both of these show abc family just caceled kyle xy after 3 seasons and because of the righterse it took a whole year to get kyle xy back just to find out that there canceling kyle xy i realy hate you networks alot you put alot of good shows on the air that dont last very long to put alot of crappy shows in it’s place that dont last one year and there canceled so please i beg you quit doing these stupid acts and listen to yourloving fans and bring back ELI STONE AND LIFE ON MARS ALSO KYLE XY and quit being so damn stupid

    thanx you james meyer

  10. Dev says

    I have enjoyed this series immensely, It gives out powerful and poignant messages within each episode, aswell as being very funny in places. It has everything a show could want and you can relate well to it. Why anyone would want to cancel this show is beyond me, I live in the UK and i know it has a massive fan base here that is still growing. So please if there is a network out there worth its salt take this series and run with it the best shows always get canned and the rubbish shows with no substance always get new series!! wake up!! ELI STONE must survive.

  11. Tracey says

    This is a funny show my daughter and I enjoy watching together, please reconsider and leave it on the air. Thanks!

  12. Kim says

    PLEASE dont cancel ELI or Life on MArs, those are the best shows on TV. Reality shows are crap. So tired of it!

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