Emeril Live: Bam! Food Network Cancels Long-Running Show

Emeril LagasseOnce a top-rated show, the Food Network has cancelled Emeril Live, the popular cooking show hosted by Emeril Lagasse. What’s the future look like for the energetic chef?

Lagasse was well known in the culinary world but became a household name when he began hosting The Essence of Emeril for Food Network in 1994. His enthusiasm, jovial style of cooking, and many catchphrases — “Bam!” “Kick it up a knotch!” — have become a part of popular culture.

Emeril Live followed in 1997 and the series won the CableACE Award for “Best Informational Show” that same year. The two shows helped to put the network on the map and Live became extremely popular.

Live’s popularity has waned over time though and, in June, the series was moved from its usual primetime slot to 7pm. Contract negotiations between Lagasse and E.W. Scripps (Food’s parent corporation) to continue the series broke down Monday, leading to the show’s demise.

Some insiders see Live’s cancellation as an indication that Food Network is heading into a different direction. A few months ago, the cable channel dropped chef Mario Batali and his Molto Mario series.

Lagasse will tape his final Live episode at NYC’s Chelsea Market on December 11th. Repeats of the show will continue to air for the foreseeable future. According to Food spokeswoman Carrie Welch, Essence of Emeril will continue in production and the energetic chef will appear on upcoming specials. She told Associated Press, “We love him, we support him and look forward to a long partnership with him.”

Of the cancellation, Lagasse reflected, “I am deeply appreciative to all the unbelievable staff — many who have been with the show since the beginning — and all the loyal viewers, and the many talented guests who have appeared on the show through the years. I look forward to continuing my association with the Food Network with The Essence of Emeril, and I have lots of new ideas cooking.” Stay tuned! TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Alka Seltzer says

    Well I am not going to miss him bend over a dish, kicking it up, Bamm, aka adding pepper via of a pepper mill, flash to the audience, their mouths open, ahhhhhh, what? They never seen a pepper mill? About being obnoxious… you betcha chefs are by default, never met this guy, don’t want to, got a chef in the family, two restaurant in the family, the “chef” is French trained, for that is worth, looks down on customers, all other restaurants. You don’t want to go out and eat with this guy, think Frasier Crane and his brother, here’s to impossible standards, that only he can obtain. I groan and moan if I have to eat with him, or at his place. Here is a clue to how they cook, dump Extra Virgin Olive Oil on every, heavy fatty cream, fatty butter…. hmmmm. Oh, yeah, what you lack in cooking skills make up via of buying $26 dollar a pound ham, serve it are one of those square plates, with a little bit of green crap sprinkled on, while bend over like the Hunchback of Notre-Dame, he was French, too.

  2. jim says

    Ya know I watch a lot of Emerils shows… he has 2 one with Whole foods and one with, now canceled Emeril Live… well not sure where you get off saying he was rude… I don’t see it, but that’s neither here nor there… It was a good show to help people spice up there cooking.. and yes whats the point of food network… other cooking shows are a bit dull…. kind of like watching Martha Stewart shows…. Oh there’s excitement.

  3. John Morgan says

    It’s your nickel as they say so I guess you can drop the show if you choose. However, for me and my family it was a very entertaining and informative show and we have discussed the fact that we watch the Food Network much less now than in the past. Hope somebody is watching some of your new “stuff”. Personally, I liked the former shows much better.

    Good luck. I will look for Emeril and Mario and others on other networks.

  4. edwin bou says

    I saw it coming:
    No one out there at the Cooking Network advised Lagasse that he was getting rather obnoxious than comical…to the point of “scolding” and ridiculing the tv audience as for example, “they didn’t even know what the stove ***** where for”, repeating the same dull jokes (I don’t know where you get your tomatoes..etc), and implying sometimes sexual and chauvinist remarks with regards of certain food products. (i.e. I don’t want to go there)….that is why he lost popularity (audience)and eventually the show collapsed…let’s face it , Emerill went overboard on his “comic remarks” and repetition of same jokes… . and besides,..doesn’t he know how much weight he has gaines ?…

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