Emily Owens, MD: Cancelled, No Season Two

emily owens md canceledThe Mob Doctor has essentially been cancelled and now The CW has officially cancelled Emily Owens, MD. The network has revealed that they won’t be adding to the initial 13 episode order and won’t be asking for a second season either.

On the positive side, all 13 episodes of Emily Owens will air. Hopefully this means that faithful viewers will get some kind of closure to the drama’s ongoing storylines.

The news doesn’t come as a surprise. Emily Owens got off to a poor start and the ratings haven’t improved. This season’s Arrow has proven that the tiny network can still produce new hit shows — at least by their ratings standards anyway.

Emily Owens, MD revolves around a young physician who discovers that her new workplace isn’t all that different from her days at high school. The series stars Mamie Gummer, Justin Hartley, Aja Naomi King, Kelly McCreary, Harry Lennix, Necar Zadegan, and Michael Rady.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the show? Are you sorry to hear that it’s been cancelled? Why do you think it failed to attract a bigger audience?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Hilary says

    I love all the hour long drama shows on the cw, for the past 16 years since day 1 of Dawson’s Creek. Emily Owens was a great show and I’m sad to see it go but I’ll live fine without it. You get some closure in the series finale. I’m excited to see where Cult goes. And to the people saying they are sick of vampire/monster stuff- turn off your tv and go outside then. I know a lot of people that religiously watch The Vampire Diaries, and Supernatural, to name a couple shows. My husband even considers Supernatural to be one of his favorites that he never misses! I was sad to see The Secret Circle go last year too, but they’re just making room for another show to have it’s shot at glory. These shows are very addicting and I won’t cry over Emily Owens being cancelled because it wasn’t my favorite and they could possibly replace it with something better.

  2. says

    I officially am going to stop watching CW all together. Emily Owens is the first decent show that channel has seen in awhile and it most definitely is a poor judgement call cancelling it. As much as I love vampire diaries I can live without it.

  3. Michelle says

    To be honest, this is the first time leaving a comment on any website and I am sooooooooo sad that this show is not having a second season. Why does the CW do that? I do like my share of vampire/fiction shows but honestly, I think Emily Owens is an exciting and realistic show. I love the actress who plays Emily and I think her character can relate to a lot of women. The last episode was amazing, and I am positive that if there was a Second season and seasons after that, people would start getting in to it! Come onnnnnn! That’s the one show that I looked forward to watching :(

  4. Georgiana Allen says

    I think its disgusting CW cancelled Emily Owens MD. A really good show, a decent show. We are tired of vampires, murders, evil, Most of all your shows are horrible! Ratings arent everything with all the shows on TV how do you expect tocalways have great ratings? Why dont you do something good in this world and keep offering this clean decent show. Shame on you!!!!!!

  5. says


  6. Lois says

    I am heartbroken this show has been canceled. It was warm, funny, wholesome and not a stupid reality show. I live with reality I want entertainment and this show certainly provided that.

  7. Fan says

    As someone who has watched both shows from the beginning, I have to say that I am extremely dissappointed in the CW, them cancelling this show convinces me that their judgement is horrible.

    So far Arrow is getting worse and worse as the episodes progress whereas emily owens makes me count the days.

    I wont be watching either now that they have cancelled Emily Owens, and it pisses me off that all the loyal fans like me have to suffer while they make money off of selling the season on DVD.

  8. Carolyn says

    I really sad to hear that this show has been canceled I really look forward to seeing it every week. They don’t promote it as much as Arrow I think its ashame this show have so much potential like a corkey Greys Anatomy sort of vibe if it only had a chance. What’s going to happen to Micha’s mother? How about Dr.B (can’t spell the no nonsense Dr’s name) and her husband will they reconnect or will she fall back in ghe arms of her lover??? Tara what is she going to do??? (Grow up and be the doctor she’s destined to be or in daddy’s shadow???? Emily who will she choose and why???? Will she get that make over she so needs and I want her to have??? I guess I’ll never know…. what a shame (smh)

  9. LISA says

    I can’t believe that they would cancel this show. They hardly ever promoted this and my daughter and I stumbled on it by mistake. We love to watch it weekly and can’t wait for the next episode. Hopefully they will find another slot or station to have it on.

  10. Gramps says

    I found this several weeks ago (maybe the first show) and it quickly became my favorite on TV. The gal who lays Emily is absolutely wonderful. We can only hope that she quickly gets snapped up for another series—or better yet, that this show is renewed

  11. Nancy says

    Such a shame that a wholesome, cute, funny show had to be cancelled. It was never promoted properly…and should have been promoted on major TV stations so people knew about it. Guess we now can go back to all the crime, brutal murders, reality shows that fill the airwaves. Nothing sweet ever lasts – just shows with low moral values and crime.

  12. Deez N. says

    It failed to attract a larger audience because: It was on a bad night, it was up against Dancing with the Stars and coverage of Hurricane Sandy, PLUS it was never promoted! So sad, CW never gave it a chance

  13. Ashley says

    Nnnnnnnnoooooooooo! Why do all the good shows get cancelled. Why is it the stupid reality shows get renewed but not the shows that are a good influence on this waning society

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