Enlightened: To Be Cancelled or Renewed for Season Three?

Enlightened HBO TV show canceled or renewed?This Sunday night marks the second season finale of Enlightened, HBO’s low-rated drama. Other than Curb Your Enthusiasm, Enlightened is the cable channel’s only scripted series whose fate is still up in the air. Boardwalk Empire, Eastbound & Down, Game of Thrones, Girls, The Newsroom, Treme, True Blood, and Veep will all be back for new seasons .

TVLine recently talked to Enlightened co-star and creator Mike White about the show’s fate:

So I saved the toughest question till the end: Will we get a Season 3 of Enlightened? Do you have a sense of which way the network is leaning?
To be totally honest, I usually have a gut about these things, but this time around I really feel like it could go either way. I felt like we had little chance of coming back as of just a few weeks ago. But it seems like in the last couple of weeks, we’ve had more people voicing their affection for the show. And internally at HBO, the executives themselves are big fans. I’ve met with them, and I know the pros and cons. I just hope that they’ll decide soon. All day long I’m being asked this question by journalists, by actors who are on the show, by people in my life. Psychologically, I’m either free as a bird or I have eight or 10 episodes of television to write as quickly as possible. It’s a lot to deal with. We’ve kind of been on the precipice for a while.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the series? Are you hoping that it’s renewed?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Victoria Lee says

    Please renew Enlightenment. I love this show; I think the characters are so good, real and human. Please, HBO, renew Enlightenment!

  2. Rick Castruita says

    I love this Show! I stumbled upon this series when I was recuperating from an Illness. I watched it on-demand,so in case I liked it I could watch the entire series and not have to wait. I was hooked right from the beginning! I introduced this show to my sister,because her life is so similar to what Amy has to go through. My sis watched it and by Monday she called me to say to say ” I love this show!” My sis has 30 of her co-workers “hooked” on it as well. The story is so well written and true to life it has to continue! Mike White is a very good story teller and I think under appreciated. I think the show needs to be applauded for the grit and guts Mike & Laura have in telling the story all of us can relate to. HBO please re-new this Show! ( Now it is time for my “Californication” fix!)

    Rick C

  3. Enlightened says

    At the risk of sounding like a sap, I think this season of Enlightened has been fabulous.

    Although much of the show has a surreal feel, there have been moments of enormous poignancy and truth. Tyler’s relationship with the Molly Shannon character is heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. The interaction between Amy and her mother feels so meaningful and real, undoubtedly enhanced by the fact they are real life mother and daughter.

    Having said all that, this may be the perfect way to end the show. Everything is played out, Much as I love the characters, why not let them go. It’s over. Why must successful dramas be dragged out forever?

  4. says

    I hope there is a season 3 so sad to think no one is watching this brilliant show. Mike White is a wonderful writer and as usual Dern is great. The only reason I feel there might not be a 3rd season is there were only 8 episodes to last years 10. Tonight was the finale and the story was basically wraped up tonight, Hopefully I’m wrong.

  5. BILL says

    Please dont cancel this show, i found it this year and its become one of my favorite shows.
    Laura Dern is amazing in this..

  6. Susan Sweet says

    I love this show. It has pathos and depth that is rare to find in any media these days.
    Please powers that be at HBO renew Enlightened

  7. center1 says

    To be honest, season 1 wasn’t very good but season 2 was excellent. So give it one more shot and produce season 3, then see what happens.

  8. Anonymous says

    Love the show! Please renew it. I find a lot of people don’t know about it. I have 5 people now watching who had no idea it was even on.

  9. Peggy Cavanagh says

    We sure hope you’ll renew Enlightened! My husband and I love the show!! We’re hooked : )

  10. bart weavers says

    I sure hope Enlightened comes back for season three. I just recently got into the show for the first time. I watched all of season one, and the first six episodes of season two, over about a three day period. About halfway through I started loving the show. Dern is great in the lead role, and some of the supporting cast are a riot. Dern is so pleasantly irritating as Amy Jellico. The show is at turns, funny, chalkboard uncomfortable and
    comforting much like Lucy or Carol Burnett. The show is just getting a rhythm, give
    them at least one more season to build an audience and if it clicks, they could get an
    eight or ten year run! Dern is highly underrated, even though she has had some high
    profile roles in feature films, Enlightened is a really good show for her, and she could
    lead this into one of the alltime classic shows. They only did ten episodes the first year
    only eight the second, it was overlooked a little bit with all the other big shows on HBO
    high profile shows like True Blood, Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire. I truly
    like most of the HBO original series. They do the best scripted programs in episodic
    television. Enlightened is a better show than Veep, dare I say it Treme, and maybe
    even Newsroom, and I dig Newsroom. HBO Is very lucky to get Dern to do a series
    like this. The guy who plays her nerdy sidekick Mike White is also good. “Dougie”
    is such a stooge! Dern’s onscreen (and real life) mother is great! Dern’s ex hubby is
    a douche, and likewise for the reporter. That character actor who plays the head of
    the corporation has only just been introduced to the show! he has the makings of a
    super villian! he was great in Oliver Stone’s W about Bush 43 playing Bush senior. I
    felt Bored to death was also a great show, Danson stole the show! But I saw why they
    had to cancel it, Danson was great, Galfinikas was great, but the lead actor was not
    as good as the supporting cast. But Dern is just so great, adored by both men and women.
    She is just likeable and a super actress. Short of a Soprano’s reunion Enlightened is
    about as good as it gets. I really want to repeat, I Love most HBO original programming
    the episodic programs on HBO may be the overall highest quality in the history of
    television. Only doing 8-12 episodes per season on HBO really helps get the production
    values up. The HBO shows make standard network shows look like dog poop. Very
    few shows in episodic tv have ever caught my regular interest. Only occasionally a
    Cheers or Law and order or I love lucy comes along. Almost every HBO show is a huge
    winner, in terms of quality. They let Curb Your Enthusiasm go for years with low
    ratings because of Larry Davids past track record, low production cost ( I presume)`
    and the fact that hip people know how cool the show is. Enlightened is also cool,
    With only 17 episodes under its belt, people are just getting to know the show, don’t
    cancel the show, get White a couple more additional writers to keep it going. I hated
    when John Of Cincinnati was canceled after one season, that show could have turned
    into something really special. That show with Ed Oneil had the makings of a classic.
    Don’t make another mistake HBO< let Enlightened run at least one more season, its
    not like you don't have the money to take a slight risk. With only 18 episodes you get
    bupkus for reruns for ever. If that show can make it to fifty or sixty episodes, you have
    a classic on your hands! You shoulda committed to 12 episodes per season. I watch a
    lot of HBO, Showtime only has one show that compares the David Duchovney vehicle
    and maybe one or two other decent Shows, I don't dig nurse Jackie but I hear its well
    done. I ended cancelling my Showtime, because Duchovney's show was all I watched. I
    don't like Trueblood, but I watch it, but if you keep cancelling cool shows, I can see a
    day a year or two off, where I say heck with it, and cancel my HBO and just get netflix
    to save money. There is life without HBO I wish I could just could pay for the ten cable
    stations I want instead of the 200 I don't want. Renew Enlightened give it one more season. Ive invested a lot of time in that show, and if you cancel it now, its totally unresolved, and I'll feel like I wasted my time. When you cancelled Luck after one
    season, I understood, the show moved to slow. But you should have revamped it. But
    man what a cast! MY GOD Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Farina, Nick Nolte, Michael Gambon, that show must have cost a bloody fortune! And it was hard to follow slow
    moving, and the expense of the racetrack setting, but no one buys a horse accident as
    the reason it was cancelled, it was cancelled because you had a huge payroll for stars
    and low ratings, and you could see the show wasn't working, Enlightened must cost a
    tenth of what Luck cost. Let the show run, it was very gutsy, how in season two almost
    an entire episode centered on the husband in rehab, with hardly a scene with Dern, obviously he is gonna be in the cast for the duration if you give him a whole episode
    probably a mistake Dern carries the show with Mike White, Dougie, the mom, some of
    the other female actors and the evil head of the corporation. First the Sopranos and now
    this! Aye carumba! lucy What I am going to do with you

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