Enlisted: Cancel or Keep the New FOX Sitcom?

Enlisted on FOX: cancel or renew?Earlier this evening, FOX renewed The Following, New Girl, and The Mindy Project — as well as newbie comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Meanwhile, fellow freshman Dads is sure to be cancelled. But what about the network’s other new sitcom — Enlisted? Will it be cancelled or renewed?

Enlisted follows three brothers who find themselves all stationed at the same US Army base in Florida as part of a troupe of misfits. The sitcom’s cast includes Stults, Chris Lowell, Parker Young, Keith David, and Angelique Cabral.

The sitcom debuted in January, following Raising Hope, and drew a 0.7 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 2.41 million viewers. It was hardly a positive start — even for a Friday night show. The second episode dropped lower.

Then, FOX decided to switch Raising Hope’s and Enlisted’s timeslots, giving the latter a stronger lead-in with Bones. As a result, the sitcom’s audience grew by more than 60%, to a 1.1 in the demo with 3.23 million.

The ratings fell quite a bit the next week and then, understandably, the numbers dropped even lower opposite the Olympics coverage on NBC.

Even at its best, Enlisted hasn’t performed very well. Things certainly don’t look good but there’s still time for the sitcom to prove itself. How well the show performs in the upcoming weeks will likely determine its fate.

Unfortunately, starting next week, low-rated Rake will be Enlisted’s new lead-in and that’s not going to help matters.

But, what do you think? Do you like Enlisted? Do you think it should be cancelled or renewed for a second season?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Ron Ablang says

    Without doing any further research, I actually thought this was a reality show. A sitcom… I doubt it would be better.

  2. Angie says

    Love this show, please don’t cancel it!! It is so funny and if networks would just give this show and more shows a chance they might make it, but they are so eager to cancel them to quickly. This one is a keeper!!

  3. KT says

    Love this show, hope FOX gives it a second season. It is one of the only shows on FOX that I watch. Like others have said, I love that it has respect, humor and heart.

  4. Big Z says

    I love the show and applaud FOX for having the vision to put a military show on!!! I have not served in the military but was fortunate to live in San Diego amongst many people and families who do. I love how the show covers different topics…like the one episode homecoming …. when a loved one is deployed it effects each family member. I saw first hand how moms and dads were left to be single parents while their partners were deployed. What was so special was to see how the community (other families with deployed loved ones) came together to help one another. It was a great example to the whole community.
    I love Enlisted and agree it does have respect, humor and heart. I hope the show has many more seasons!! Thank you FOX for supporting the military!

  5. Chuck says

    One of the only shows I watch, new or otherwise. It makes me laugh, tugs at my heartstrings and makes me root for the characters. I am not, nor have I been in the military, but the storylines transcend the setting. Too bad TV isn’t about characters, story or connecting with the audience anymore. Soon it will be 24 hr reality tv. Idiotic dreck aimed at people with low IQ and expendable income. It’s all about the $$$$$$.

    • Barbara says

      Good points you all made. Sometimes I have to wonder just WHO it is that’s doing the programming. It has to be only about $$$. Too bad because its lowering I.Q.’s all everywhere!!

    • Barbara says

      Chuck – could not agree more with you. You & several others have made great points about the state of so-called comedies and reality shows.

  6. Jennifer says

    I agree with other comments here, this show needs to stay. I love it! It’s a good show that doesn’t have crude humor and it has characters that I can care about. That’s a far sight more than a lot of the other comedy shows on television right now.

    Great post, Jesse! Enlisted does have respect, humor and heart. That’s what sets it apart from everything else and why it needs to stay. Fox does need to give it a chance since they seemed to have doomed it from the start by putting it on the wrong night in the wrong time slot.

    • Barbara says

      Good response Jennifer – I feel the same way and about a couple of other shows as well. We need more shows like this instead of these basic types we have now – we need to get back to a more wholesome type of show where people do show respect to others. Kids learn by example

  7. Jim says

    This is truly the best show on TV right now. I think Fox needs to move it to a night that more people are watching television. I think if they did that more people will get to experience this show and stick with it.

  8. Barbara says

    I like the show….. Hope it gets a chance for 2nd Season – MUCH better than some of the other so called ‘comedy’ shows currently on other channels (Dads, The Millers…)

  9. Jesse says

    This show has respect, humor, and heart.

    Unfortunately, people just assume it’s offensive and don’t even give it a chance. This show has such a big heart and really highlights the family bond that servicemen and women have for each other in our armed forces.

    Yes, the show has silly moments but you fall in love with the characters and their positive can do attitude about being in the army (despite not being the typical prototype soldier and having others not believe in them).

    I have family in the military and seeing the camaraderie, joy, and loyalty these characters have for each other makes me smile. If fictional military characters can display these traits then I’m comforted knowing that my family in the military are surrounded by wonderful human beings.

    I’ve told those family members in the military about this show and they end up loving it and telling their colleagues about it!

    Yes, the ratings aren’t high but what does FOX expect when you put a new show on the Friday death slot, at 9:30 no less!
    Fox needs to give this show another chance by renewing it, changing its time slot, and pairing it with Brooklyn 99.

    This show is great and I’m hoping for a season 2!

  10. Anonymous says

    I love this show! If people gave it a chance I think they’d find it worthy of getting picked up for a second season. The show kind of reminds me of Chuck and go think it could gain popularity of they kept helping it out with strong lead-ins (which is obviously difficult on a Friday night on FOX.)

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