Enlisted: Cancelled Show’s Episodes to Air

Enlisted canceled TV showThe men and women at Fort McGee may have been “permanently discharged” (i.e. cancelled) but it sounds like we haven’t seen the last of Enlisted.

Enlisted follows three brothers who find themselves all stationed at the same US Army base in Florida as part of a troup of misfits. The sitcom’s cast includes Stults, Chris Lowell, Parker Young, Keith David, and Angelique Cabral.

The FOX sitcom was cancelled due to low ratings last week. The network put the show on hiatus after the ninth episode had aired, back in late March. What about the four remaining episodes?

Series creator Kevin Biegel says that they will air but doesn’t have a specific date. He tweeted, “Oh and yes – the final four episodes will air on Fox, we’ve been told sometime soon so we’ll let you know #enlisted” He also noted that they would end up as part of any on-demand packages (Hulu, Netflix, etc.) that picks up the show’s other episodes.

What do you think? Did you like Enlisted? Will you be watching the final four episodes when they’re released?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Eron Weaver says

    Great show. Never got a chance with the poor time slot. Excellent cast. Could have been a bomb, but was so well done with perfect comedic timing. Too bad more viewers did not get the chance to check it out. Should have been a hit.

  2. Anonymous says

    This was a great show. One of the few shows on television that everyone in the family enjoyed watching. We will miss it.

  3. cookie kramer says

    I really liked this show because it reminded me of another military show from in the 60’s “Combat!”. Even though “Enlisted” was a comedy and not a drama, the writing was superb with sub plots that all included a moral lesson. Each soldier character had a personal issue and the interaction of the squad members and officers all helped each other in some way. I congratulate everyone who was part of this show and want them to know that many of us did enjoy it in so many ways, the comedy, the sadness, the problems, the joy and of course the characters themselves showing their emotional support of friends. through laughter. Great acting, great writing, great directing, what more could people want???? I am saddened that the show was cancelled.

  4. Jennifer says

    Well said, William. I really liked Enlisted as well. It was a show I looked forward to every week and it gave me a half hour of good entertainment. Yes, I agree it did it all without blood, sex and gore. That truly is something most shows and networks seem to not be able to live without. It seems like every time I sit down to watch a new show these days it’s a contest to see which show can be the bloodiest, most violent and most gratuitous. Now, I’m not a prude by any means but when blood, sex and violence is used solely for shock value and it is pretty much all the show has going for it, what’s the point? After seeing so much of it for so long, it tends to lose its effectiveness. Somehow, though, networks, show creators, runners and writers can’t seem to understand this and keep resorting to the cheap tricks and tactics–and, sadly, some viewers keep responding to them. When a show does come along that tries to stand on its own merits with good writing and good characters it doesn’t stand a chance. I guess if Pete and Jill would have sneaked off to the broom closet for an afternoon romp every single episode (maybe three or four times, if we’re lucky) and Pete would have rallied his band of “misfit” soldiers to attack and brutally slaughter another group of “misfit” soldiers every episode Enlisted would have been a better fit for television.

    And don’t feel bad, William. Those of us on this site who are angry about this cancellation aren’t the only ones. Even staff writers for Entertainment Magazine are angry with Fox over the way they handled this show and its cancellation. Fox has really made a lot of viewers angry the past couple of weeks. Way to go, Fox! :)

  5. William Robinson says

    I really like this show. Like Neighbors, it is witty and funny. They managed to do this without blood, core, and sex. Something that seems to be really hard to do today for some reason. Also, I don’t know why networks feel that a good well written comedy, or a drama for that matter, but doesn’t have all those secret ingredients as I just mentioned, can’t be a hit with the viewing audience. I keep scratching my head over this. But the CEOs make more money than I do, so I guess they know best (sarcasm) !

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