CBS Orders More Episodes for 11 Shows; Will the Others be Cancelled?

IMAGECBS is having such a good year that they’re increasing their episode orders for some of their most popular shows, according to EW. The orders total 13.5 more hours of programming. In terms of total airtime, that’s the equivalent to ordering a whole new series.

This could mean a few less reruns for viewers… or that the network will be able to dump struggling shows even sooner.

CSI: Miami, How I Met Your Mother, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Two and a Half Men have all been given orders for two additional episodes each.

The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: NY, The Good Wife, and The Mentalist have each been given one more installment.

What about the rest? Are they in danger of being cancelled? Unless their ratings improve, many of them are.

Accidentally on Purpose — The sitcom just recently received an order for five more episodes. It’s not a full season order but a positive sign considering the show’s mixed ratings history. It could survive to see a second year but don’t expect any more than 18 installments for this season.

Cold Case — Last season, it was a toss-up between this show and Without a Trace. Cold Case won out but CBS execs may be regretting their choice. Last year, Cold Case averaged a 2.68 rating in the demo and 11.8 million viewers. This season, it’s lost much of its audience in the demo (1.94) and fallen to nine million viewers. Unless things turn around, this show will surely be cancelled. Show support page.

Which most deserves to be continued?

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Gary Unmarried — CBS renewed this series last Spring though the ratings didn’t mandate it. In season one, it averaged a 2.2 in the 18-49 demo. This season, Gary’s been averaging the same which isn’t great. It could be cancelled or it could survive if CBS stick with the Wednesday night sitcom block.

Ghost Whisperer — The Friday night drama is way down in the ratings this season. Last season, it averaged a 2.53 in the demo and 10.5 million in total viewers. This year, it’s dropped to a 2.06 rating and 8.36 million. It’s on shaky ground for sure and could be cancelled after this season unless it’s saved to add more episodes to its syndication package. Show support page.

Medium — The Patricia Arquette show was saved last season when NBC cancelled it. The deal happened because the show is co-produced in-house by CBS Television Studios and was making money in syndication. Its Friday night numbers are about the same as Ghost Whisperer’s and isn’t safe from the chopping block either. Show support page.

The New Adventures of Old Christine — CBS renewed this sitcom last Spring but the ratings weren’t great; 2.1 in the 18-49 demo. This season, it’s been averaging a 2.0. It could be cancelled but is co-produced by CBS and is more likely to survive so that there will be enough episodes for syndication.

Numb3rs — This is another Friday night show that’s been struggling this season. CBS has just cut its episode order for the season and it looks like a shoe-in for cancellation. Show support page.

Three Rivers — This Sunday night drama has been struggling in the ratings from the start. It isn’t expected to survive past 13 episodes. Show support page.

What do you think? Are any of the endangered shows worth saving?

Note: Some of the 2008-09 demo ratings listed were initially incorrect and have since been updated.

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  1. Cara says

    The gifted young actors on the awesome and unique Three Rivers deserve a second season from CBS, given the importance of life saving topics, organ and tissue transplantation.

  2. Maureen says

    Three Rivers and its brilliant actors deserve a second season on CBS. This is an inspiring and refreshing medical drama that deals with the complexity of tissue and organ transplantation.

  3. Isabel Barros says

    I think that Three Rivers can not get better.
    But every week I am surprised.
    It just keeps getting better.
    I love this show.
    Stories that report are good, the cast is Fantastc, very talented.
    A special highlight for Alex O’Loughlin who played his character in a very realistic.
    I hope that Three Rivers will continue for many seasons.
    We deserve a lot of quality and this has everything to arrest the viewer to the screen.
    CBS was wrong to cancel Moonlight and we know each other can not make a mistake.
    I hope.

  4. Isabel Barros says

    Liked Thee Rivers since the first episode, but after seeing the last I love this show.
    A good story, the serv moving, the entire cast was fantastic, especially Mandy and Alex.
    They created a very great empathy on the screen was so real it made me cry.
    I am sure that each week will be better and better.
    I wish that CBS did not make the big mistake to cancel this wonderful series.
    Three Rivers touches the heart and sensitivity of people.

  5. Brittany says

    Three Rivers and its award winning actors all deserve a second season on CBS. This is a refreshing and wonderful medical drama. We all can learn something about how precious life is.

  6. says

    Love Big Bang Theory – they don’t need the canned laugh track – funny show and characters. Still enjoy Two and a Half Men with the funny thoughts approach. If we never ever saw another CSI anything, especially the creepy commercials with nasty clips unfit for 2 seconds then I would have some hope that CBS can reclaim their reputation as a tasteful and thoughtful station. As the bumper sticker says…fight prime time – read a book.

  7. Roy says

    They Should Hack Off The New Adventures Of Old Christine, Accidentaly On Purpose and Three Rivers and keep Numb3rs, Garry Unmarried and Medium. The Rest I Dont Care About

  8. ElleMc says

    Definitely, Three Rivers needs to continue. It is a unique twist on a medical show and has a wonderful cast. It gives good information on organ donations without being maudlin or preachy. It needs the time to develop, especially the characters back-stories. Once people tune in and give it a chance, its audience will build.

  9. Yvonne says

    Please keep Three Rivers. My husband and I both enjoy this show together and have really learned a great deal about organ donors.

  10. Angela says

    I’m not going to try to save Three Rivers. Been there, done that with Moonlight and it didn’t get anywhere. CBS should have stuck with Moonlight another season, since now vampires are in vogue and it would have increased viewership. Three Rivers is only good because Alex O’Loughlin is in it, but overall, its just another hospital drama. Been there, done that to death!

  11. Maureen says

    I loved the Nov. 8 episode, “Where We Lie” and have seen it 3 times since last night. This episode has a heart and compassion like no other show will ever have. There is heroism and heart-warming stories in every fantastic scene. All the actors were excellent and shone brightly, including the returning guest star Owiso Odera, who portrays the African heart patient Kuol. Keep up the incredible work, cast, crew, writers, creator, and directors!

  12. Vampire Addicted says

    I too am a Three Rivers follower but it is because I am a die hard Moonlighter. I really do not want to see Three Rivers get the axe but it is another medical show that is competing for ratings against football. Someone must die so someone can live and quite frankly there is to much going on in each episode. They hardly have time to wrap it up in the hour they have to air it. The characters and the cast that play them are superb and there is abit of drama unfolding in the hospital which will be good but will it be to late? Alfie was involved with Dr. Foster (the father) Alex might get something going with the blonde. I guess I have just been spoiled by Moonlight and the intesity of that show. Three Rivers is intense but in a different way. I hope Three Rivers survives for the sake of the actors and Alex but if it can’t I hope CBS will rethink their Moonlight decision, these actors can maybe move there. I wish Three Rivers all the best but I will forever be a MOONLIGHTER.

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