Eureka: What Did You Think of the Last Episode?

series finale of EurekaLast night, Syfy aired the series finale of Eureka. Last summer, the cable channel renewed the TV show for a limited sixth season but then ended up cancelling Eureka instead. In order to give the cast and crew a chance to end the series properly, Syfy execs ordered one additional episode — “Just Another Day.”

In the last installment of Eureka, the government is shutting down the town of Eureka. The various characters start dealing with this revelation and try to find a way to say goodbye and move on. Meanwhile, memory-less Holly Marten starts discovering the wonders of the small town, much like Zoe and Jack Carter did years ago.

Jo and Zane hold back from telling each other how much they care and Carter seems pleased that he won’t have to save the residents week-after-week. Zoe returns to say goodbye and Fargo goes through the roof when Department of Defense movers show up a month and a half early. Fargo uses a strong force amplifier to lock himself to the ground and won’t move unless the DOD changes their plans.

To save the town from some unstable wormholes, Carter volunteers to take Fargo’s strong force amplifier into a wormhole. As he travels, he sees visions of his past, present and potential future. He makes a hard landing on the lawn beside the Archimedes statue, and Henry rushes to his side. It worked.

He learns that Trevor Grant, the founder of Eureka, has returned. With knowledge of the future, Grant (under the alias of Doctor Trent Rockwell) invested heavily in the stock market and is using his fortune to create a new Eureka.

Zane downloads some data regarding Grace and Old Henry. Following an anonymous tip from Beverly Barlowe (she turned in Senator Wen), Grace is later released from government custody. Henry becomes the new Director of Global Dynamics after Fargo steps down. Holly has regained her memories — including those of her relationship with Fargo — and has offered him a job on a top-secret project.

Jo proposes to Zane and he wholeheartedly accepts. Allison is thrilled that Carter wants to stay in the new Eureka and tells him that she’s pregnant. As Jack takes Zoe to the airport, they pass younger versions of themselves entering Eureka. The circle and the series are both complete.

What do you think? Were you pleased with the last episode of Eureka? Was it all that you hoped it would be? Were there any disappointments for you?

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  1. Anonymous says

    That leaves Warehouse 13 as the last decent siffy show. Alphas didn’t live up to its potential last season and I expect this to be the last season for both, since neither of them claims to be based in reality.

  2. Dee says

    I think the last show was great, I loved the way they tied all of the years Carter was in Eureka, I’m really going to miss it. I think was hugh mistake was made when the cancelled the show. I know with all the new programing my family watches a lot less SyFy than we did before, now one more reason not to watch.

  3. jen oh says

    I am and will remain a huge fan of Eureka. The final episode did leave me with plenty of questions though. The series started out with a time/space anomaly that caused Zoe to see her father and herself passing themselves in a car and that was exactly how the series ended. I am now left questioning whether or not they were sucked back in time to the point they arrived in Eureka and/or whether or not the years they spent in the town had actually happened or not (kind of like the Newhart series finale but all syfy-ish) I feel as though they at least owe us a made for tv movie to straighten out any confusion……and to feed my Eureka addiction, of course. :-)
    I cannot wait until next weeks Warehouse 13. Holly accepted a job that required absolute secrecy but she was allowed to pick her own team. Will we be seeing a Holly/Fargo combo in the ultimate government cover-up, otherwise known as Warehouse 13? Ohhh…I hope so!!

    • CJ says

      Regarding that time/space anomaly of the beginning and the end of the show, I wondered if it might have been a natural correction of 1947 adventure – with the original timeline of the show (pre-1947) and the alternate timeline (post-1947) caused by the bridge device converging into the dominant timeline. Whether that would have something to do with Jack’s traversal through the wormhole to save the town is anyone’s guess.

  4. Angelique says

    It was utterly disappointing. I’ve loved the series from episode one, and the only redeeming quality was the Carter and Zoe drive-by. Certainly, the lack of plot, intrigue, and emotion do not reflect poorly on the writers or cast. No, the blame is shouldered, appropriately by the folks at the network and their on again, off again 13 +6, -6, +1 ridiculous episode math. I say booo, jeers, and are you insane to cancel all the good shows on Sci-fi?!? Farewell Eureka.

  5. Stephanos says

    All in all a very predictable and disappointing series finale. Unfortunately, Eureka is just another science fiction casualty in what is becoming a very long list. However, what really saddens me is the average American viewer’s inability to enjoy programming which requires imagination, abstract thinking, and vision. Bridezillas, eight seasons and still going strong; Eureka, five seasons and cancelled. Could someone please tell me what is wrong with that picture?

  6. Eureka Fan says

    I’m going to miss the wackiness of Eureka. It was a great summertime show. It grew on me over the years, and although some of the shows were better than others, the acting was always superb.

    Goodbye to an old friend.

  7. Kat says

    This was a wonderful finale, especially considering they had barely any time at all to condense/rewrite the plot of the entire next season into just one episode. Trent Grant was the perfect deus ex machina to tie things up quickly and cleverly — my gosh, the clever little references in this show, not the least of which was a final scene that was a callback to something left unfinished from the pilot episode! Everyone got their happy ending and I would expect no less from this great show. Despite the fact that it was abruptly cancelled after countless assurances that they were going to be renewed, they somehow managed to wrap everything up in a sweet little bow. They did the best they could for the fans and that’s all we can really ask.

  8. Anonymous says

    It was crap. For a series that made the impossible possible, this was boring. And I love sentimentality, but it was very, very meh.

  9. Grandizer says

    I was disappointed. The special feeling of the episode was not there. As it got closer and closer tot he end of the allotted time, you just knew it was going to cheese up and end more on a whimper then a bang.
    The return of some people just to be in the final episode was a letdown, it took away from the time that could have been used for a longer more involved show.

    Also, the last few episodes are where the camera catches the fabulous looking beauty and body of Allison??? There were camera angles in this last episode and the lingerie episode that were sorely needed a long time ago.

    A great episode? Not according to me, and not when compared to the body of work in the past.
    An ok, episode? Yes.

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