Everwood: Cancelled or Renewed?

Everwood castLike many of the shows on the UPN and the WB, the recently-announced network merger has left Everwood fans hanging. With only half as much airtime to fill, execs at the new CW network have some tough choices to make. Shows like Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls and Smallville seem like a shoe-in for return but a show like Everwood has a less than certain fate.

The first CW schedule won’t be released for quite awhile but the future doesn’t look promising for the drama series for a couple reasons. Everwood hasn’t shown great numbers and has been off the air for months. The latter is in part due to the fact that reruns of the show typically don’t do well in the ratings. In addition, Everwood creator Greg Berlanti recently signed a three-year production deal with competing studio Disney. Though he’ll be busy with other projects, Berlanti reportedly expressed hope that the show will see a fifth season.

Fortunately for viewers, Executive Producer Rina Mimoun isn’t taking chances. It’s been said that she’s preparing two alternate scripts for this season’s final show — a season finale and a series finale — so that show fans won’t be left hanging if the show doesn’t return.

The Treat Williams drama is scheduled to return to the WB airwaves on March 27, 2006 with the remaining new episodes of the 2005-06 season. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. mandy says

    please don’t take Everwood off the air i love that show i think all of the cast member’s are great i like Ephram and Amy i was hoping they would get back together as well as his dad and Nina i would like to see how far this cast would go to make love happen taking this off air hurts, people can really relate to this show
    hope you reconsider forever fan, Mandy

  2. Sammy says

    ok first of all this whole mess with the everwood episodes are just plan harsh.. everwood would have been the only show you see on there that is more truthful than any show. its a show that alot of people can relate to and sometimes helps.. something really needs to be done and i really really really wish that it all turns out please and thank you

  3. MJ says

    My daughter and I hope that you will bring Everwood back and continue the series. It was a very good family show that was decent for everyone to watch without all the trash that is usually on TV. I am not much of a TV watcher but this show really held my attention and gave me the opportunity to watch something with my daughter we both enjoy and look forward to seeing. It helped to give us some quality mother-daughter time each night. Please bring it back for us and all the other morally based families out there! Give us something decent to watch! My daughter misses Ephram!

  4. Amanda says

    I think Everwood should of done at least one more season because it is very helpful to us teenagers and teaches us lessons to be a better person.And it is the best show i have seen in YEARS!!! But dumb shows like Kyle XY, Smallville, and Falcon Beach those don’t teach you one thing. So i am very, very, very, very mad because its always the stupid shows that stay on tv. But i still love Everwood even though its not on t.v. anymore!!

  5. GSoldier says

    I was really disappointed after i heard that everwood was cancelled after only 4 seasons…..but then the made me even more upset by not releasing seasons 2,3, and 4 on dvd…ive got the first but would like to have the rest

  6. Della says

    It’s a shame that so many good series such as Everwood have been taken off the air, to be replaced by JUNK. This was a show that actually had a decent story line, and was interesting to ALL ages.

  7. Sharon (Scotland) says

    Please Please Dont cancel this wonderfull show, this was the best show i have saw in a very long time i looked forward to watching it every day please give us the privelage of having in back in march.

  8. Carol says

    I was so very disappointed when you took Everwood off the air. I loved watching 7th Heaven but the re-runs are on again.

    I heard Everwood would be back some time in March. I sure hope so.

  9. says

    I can’t believe that Everwood has been cancelled – I have faithfully turned on the new CW for the past year only to find that it is still now showing. I can’t believe that you cancel one of the finest family oriented shows to keep something like Smallville and One Tree Hill. I watched each of those shows one time and never again. My husband and I faithfully watched Everwood every Monday and now their is nothing left for us to watch but OETA, History Channel, or National Geographic. The other networks are so filled with those stupid reality shows that are all alike and so DULL, if you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all. Come on guys, get real and bring back the one show that appealed to every family and every family could relate to. I will keep watching the network to see if you get your senses back or if I indeed have to keep looking for something on another network or just settle for those other channels that offer really boring stuff. Bring back EVERWOOD and soon or you’ll probably continue to lose quality viewers.
    Thanks for the opportunity to tell you what I think.

  10. says

    the only reason this show didn`t do well is if you are like us in kentucky if you are on dish or direct tv you could not see this show till it came on family channel we have ask for over two years for this local channel and just now got it i`m sure there are others that couldn`t get it either i never even saw it even advertised so if the cw don`t want this great show give it to hallmark or some one that will push it to do good

  11. Sherry and Kasey says

    Sherry- Please do not cancel Everwood. I am absolutley in LOVE and ADDICTED to this show. I even have my boyfriend watching the first season on DVD.
    Kasey- I dont usually like shows like Everwood but it is a unique comedy that is very creative.

  12. Anonymous says

    Everwood is Great,real,and heart filled.Also just getting to the good stuff thats taken so long to happen,like Nina and Andie.Second Ephrum and Amy just getting thier heads clear enough to be together. This show MUST stay on PLEASE.

  13. Jeannette says

    I live in Belgium but grew up in the UK watching The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie. Along comes a great modern show called Everwood with another fantastic Father figure, morals to learn, hardships to overcome, happiness to be shared…. So why the hell cancel it? Audiences are world wide and Everwood provides me with a taste of home no matter where I live. I would have liked to see the show continue and learn about it’s values which I can integrate into my own life. Treat Williams is totally Andy Brown and everyone’s ideal Dad. Bring it back please?

  14. alesia lindsey says

    i didnt watch everwood until they re-ran it on abc family because i never heard of it. After they showed the series finale, i was sad.I became so interested in this show.I have never been so interested in a show like i am in Everwood.I think this show deserves another season. It has so much more to offer. PLEASE RENEW EVERWOOD!

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