Everwood: Cancelled or Renewed?

Everwood castLike many of the shows on the UPN and the WB, the recently-announced network merger has left Everwood fans hanging. With only half as much airtime to fill, execs at the new CW network have some tough choices to make. Shows like Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls and Smallville seem like a shoe-in for return but a show like Everwood has a less than certain fate.

The first CW schedule won’t be released for quite awhile but the future doesn’t look promising for the drama series for a couple reasons. Everwood hasn’t shown great numbers and has been off the air for months. The latter is in part due to the fact that reruns of the show typically don’t do well in the ratings. In addition, Everwood creator Greg Berlanti recently signed a three-year production deal with competing studio Disney. Though he’ll be busy with other projects, Berlanti reportedly expressed hope that the show will see a fifth season.

Fortunately for viewers, Executive Producer Rina Mimoun isn’t taking chances. It’s been said that she’s preparing two alternate scripts for this season’s final show — a season finale and a series finale — so that show fans won’t be left hanging if the show doesn’t return.

The Treat Williams drama is scheduled to return to the WB airwaves on March 27, 2006 with the remaining new episodes of the 2005-06 season. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Douglas says

    I too like so many others have been asking the same question, why cancel such a terrific family oriented show? At the beginning of this posting I noticed one key thing that it was stated that the numbers aren’t there to keep the show going and yet look at the number of posts here in support of keeping the show going the young and older generations approve. Kudos to the show and the people here who support it. Please reconsider the thought process and the viewers thoughts as well.

  2. Diana Goodsell says

    Everwood is off the air…. I’m 57 years old and am reduced to watching the weather channel….. Everwood was one of the few good shows left. Reading a good book or watching DVD’s of past good shows are becoming our only option. What’s left is junk, trash, and war. I’m a middle school teacher and I don’t know how to combat this kind of influence you are having on our worlds children. Everwood had substance, values, culture, heart….
    Thank you who acted in this series. You did more good than you know.

  3. says

    I AM SO SAD eVERWOOD IS GONE!i cant believe the CW didnt take notice of all the campaigns and patitions! the least they could do was show reruns! THEY HAVE SHOWED RERUNS OF 7TH HEAVEN FOR EVER! eVEROOD GOT ME AND HUNDREDS OF OTHERS THREW THE DAY AND NOW ITS GONE!

  4. Beverly says

    EVERWOOD AND 7TH HEAVEN are both reality shows. People related to them. I was surprised to go to work and find that many looked forward to the next episodes. When EVERWOOD disappeared no one knew why and we all checked the stations daily. I see by reading the above emails that we are not alone. We all agree they should return EVERWOOD. I would much rather watch EVERWOOD AND 7TH HEAVEN back to back over Smallville…….

  5. May says

    um just to let you know my freakish cousin(melly) is upsessed with this show so if you brought it back for her she would become a better person and more social towards her family. Well I haven’t watched the show much so as far as iknow it was kind of really confusing and boring but melly means a lot to me so just make another season for her

  6. says

    I an very upset that Everwood was cancelled. I watched the show everyday and now I have nothihg to watch EVERWOOD was the only time I could just set and not worrie about eny thing.PLEASE BRING EVERWOOD BACK!!!!!

  7. James Hilbert says

    My wife and I are big EverWood fans. If you have kids,girlfriend,friends. This show touch all part of real life from teens to Mon and Dads. You have to really look at it and please put it back on thank you

  8. Jeff says

    I also didn’t watch “Everwood” when it was on WB, but found it on ABC Family. I don’t watch much TV, but I did always try to plan so that I could watch it. I am a single male, 39 and loved it! I can’t believe it is cancelled. Please bring it back. I too want to see what happens with all the characters. I don’t think I will ever want it to end, but at least I would get more! Will it be running on any channels again? Please! I hope you listen to all these other people. BRING EVERWOOD BACK!!!


  9. Dave says

    Other than news and financial programs, I really never watch TV shows, but I have to say that I got hooked on Everwood. The quality was excellent and the story lines were very well written. Compared to Everwood, everything else is crap.

  10. Betty Giguere says

    It really does seem these days that once you really grow to love something, it either gets discontinued or cancelled. Please don’t do this. My husband and I always set aside the time to watch this wonderful show, and when we got ready to watch the other day..it wasn’t there..Please don’t do this. We really do love Everwood and miss it so much.

  11. Jerry Imes says

    Please. Please, Please do not cancel Everwoodit head and shoulders above the other shows that are on t,v. My wife and I both love Everwood.

  12. Nick says

    You know im going to be honist. I did not watch EVERWOOD while it was on “The WB” but began to watch it when it came on the ABC Family channel. I have to say i really got into it. The show had a really good story line. I am a 21 year old male and that show actually made me cry! I hope you people take some time and talk about this. I took over an hour to read all these letters about EVERWOOD. And i totaly agree. Give me a break Everbody Hates chris! What the heck is that. You Cancel EVERWOOD, And save 7th Heaven. But you move it to SUNDAY? Come on SUNDAY! its always been on mondays. So this is what should happen. Call the EVERWOOD actors back to the set. Tape a sesion and put it on Mondays at 7pm and move 7th Heaven back to monday at 8pm. See what happens i bet there will be alot of happy people. Oh and cancel those crapy shows that your wasting your money on like Everbody Hates Chris. And One tree hill I cant stand those shows they are garbage! So do the right thing and do what we the people want and bring EVERWOOD back!!!!

  13. Katie Lynn says

    I just got into Everwood by watching ABC Family. And I have to say…that show is one of the best. They left the last episode with Andy perposing. So… I’m left with what next? I checked to see if the show is canceld and as I can see it is just not airing anymore. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!! I want to know what happens to the characters. I want to see the wedding, I want to see Hannah go to college and see if Brite and her make mends..I want to see what happens :) Please bring back a good show to the line.

  14. Christee says

    PLEASE bring back Everwood! We just found this show on the Family channel this fall and LOVE it! This is quality viewing for the whole family. Even my husband got into it. I just read all of the posts here, and I gather this was a show that ran on the WB, which we never got here. So it is all new to us! The airing on the Family channel were reruns I take it, so why not run all of the seasons at least?

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