Everwood: Did Enough People Watch the Series Finale?

Everwood on DVDAs I wrote here, the hope of saving the well-respected series largely depended on the performance of the series finale (a two-hour episode called “Foreverwood”). Another WB series, 7th Heaven, had been cancelled previously but, because so many people (over seven million households) tuned in for the series finale, execs changed their mind and renewed the series for another season on the new CW network. Could the same thing happen for Everwood?

Well, over four million households reportedly watched the series finale of Everwood. Though this is a very good number for the series, it isn’t an impressive number in relation to other shows. As a result, the CW hasn’t issued any new information regarding the series. It seems that Everwood remains cancelled.

Adding insult to injury, Warner Bros. has announced that seasons two, three and four of Everwood will not be released on DVD in the foreseeable future. The sales for season one were disappointing so they don’t want to take a chance on releasing future seasons.

What can you do? Two things. First, keep writing to Warner Bros. and the CW and tell them that you would like to see the show renewed for a fifth season and new DVDs. Secondly, consider buying the Everwood season one DVD set. It’s well under $20 at Amazon and, as of this writing, the series is one of Amazon’s top-selling DVD sets. If this trend continues, execs may be convinced to produce new Everwood stories (a tv-movie perhaps?) and DVD sets. TV Series Finale home page

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Shelly says

    Does anyone have a video tape of two episodes I missed in the final season? They are “An Ounce of Prevention” and “Across the Lines.” I’m serving in another country and they are currently showing the last season, but my recorder did not get those two. Please help!!!

  2. mtohman says

    I am an everwood fan from Turkey. I just love it because it warms my heart everytime I watch the new part. I can’t believe it ended this quick. I appreciate if someone can tell me how I can order the whole 4 season DVD set to be sent to Turkey

  3. Vasilis, Athens says

    One of the most inspirational, beautiful and best written series in contemporary tv history. A true masterpiece. I trully hope that the network will reconcider. Someone should remind them its not always about the money. Its about the quality of your work and how it can affect your viewers.

  4. Frankie says

    ahh this is so gay everwood needs to come bak on me and my friend veronica used to watch it all the time it was so great and inspiring i dont kno if typing here is going to help bring it bak but im going to try please bring it bak

  5. Felicia says

    Please continue the show!!! it’s an amazing show and it deals with real life situations. Plus I want to know what life is like when nina and andy get married, and the loving relationships of amy, and hanna.

  6. Carole Aus says

    Everwood was probably my favorite show of all time and I know others who have said the same. Why on earth are such quality shows cancelled????? Every year there are fewer good programs to watch on TV. No wonder former viewers go to their computers instead. When Everwood was rerun, I again watched every single episode and cried, again, when it ended. I don’t supposed there is any way to bring all those marvelous characters back to see how they are all doing now?

  7. says

    Everwood changed my life. then it got cancelled.it was a terrific show, and Emily VanCAMP IS A VERY TALENTED ACTOR. They were wrong not to cancell it! it makes me laugh and cry,and me and my older sister got along better when it was on the air.we had something to talk about. Everwood talks about real life,and is so down to earth. Please bring it back!

  8. says

    I really liked watching everwood. Every day I came home, I looked forward to getting home to work to watch my favorite show. You are so stupid to take it off. It’s the best show ever. I wish there was a way I could watch it again. Can’t you do anything at all? I deal with depression and it completely lifts my mood when I watch everwood. Think about it if it makes some unfortunate person so happy just to see a show, how important is that show.

  9. Cindy says

    Everwood was a great show for parents to watch with teenagers. It covered so many issues that teens and parents of teens could relate to. This would be a great show to bring back for a fifth season. The reason the number of viewers was lower than 7th Heaven for the season finale was that 7th Heaven was advertised for weeks that it was the final episode. We need shows like this for teenagers and parents to watch together. Please bring it back!!!!

  10. Joan says

    I cant believe you guy are actually considering cancelling EVERWOOD. This is a wonderful family oriented show. It is loving, affectionate and realistic. I rush to my TV every monday night (when not working) to see. You gys just killed me!!! I hope, wish and pray that it will be back on air. These kind of shows no longer exist.

  11. Payal says

    I LOVE EVERWOOD!!! It is the best show ever and i hope that it comes abck i really want to see what happens to hannah when shes in college and if her and bright get back together.i also want ot see what happens to ephram and amy!! plaese bring the 5th season to us!!

  12. Anonymous says

    We can beg and plead and they won’t listen to us. Thats too bad because we the fans, are the most important, yet when it comes to future Everwood Episodes, our opinions means nothing.

  13. Terri Armen says

    How disappointing to see a show the caliber of Everwood’s cancelled. The acting was superb; the writing, dialogue and story line was very compelling. I was unable to predict what would happen. I, too, found the small town life charming, living somewhat vicariously through the characters, since I’m a big city girl. If it’s not too late, please bring it back; the re-runs at the very least, and advertise when and where! 7th Heaven has run its course; it is old and tired, though it was also a great show during its time. Bring back Everwood!

  14. Kendra Noyes says

    Our entire family is very disappointed that the show may not return. We would time dinner perfectly so we could all gather to watch the show together. It is a wonderful show for the entire family that deals with realistic issues families face today. If the show does not return, I certainly hope they will release the series on DVD beyond season 1. I do not watch much TV at all and this show was my altime favorite even over Friends that I faithfully never missed an episode. Please bring Everwood back soon! Our lives with be dull without this evening ritual to look forward to each weeknight.

  15. Dottie Ventura says


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