Everybody Hates Chris: So, Was That the Last Episode?

Everybody Hates ChrisThe Everybody Hates Chris sitcom has been running for four years; one on the UPN network and for three on the CW. Loosely based on the early life of comedian Chris Rock, the sitcom stars Tyler James Williams, Terry Crews, Tequan Richmond, Tichina Arnold, Imani Hakim, and Vincent Martella. Recurring characters are played by Jacqueline Mazarella, Travis T. Flory, Kevontay Jackson, Ernest Thomas, Jeris Poindexter, Jackee Harry, Michael Estime, Antonio Fargas, Blake Hightower, and Todd Bridges.

Last night, the CW aired episode 88 of Everybody Hates Chris, titled “Everybody Hates the G.E.D.” It’s the end of the school year for our young hero and he’s late (by mere seconds) for the 29th time. Though he’s already finished his tests and it’s the last week of school, he’s told that if he’s tardy one more time, he’ll have to repeat the 10th grade.

Meanwhile, Drew decides he wants to audition for Amateur Night at the Apollo, despite not having any particular talent. A full house at the barber shop tells him about their own personal experiences performing crazy acts and getting booed off the stage.

As you might guess, Chris ends up being late for school for the 30th time, even though it’s hardly his fault. He’s told he has to repeat the school year and his Mom agrees with the school because, in the long run, she feels it’s the best thing for his character development. Chris refuses to repeat the year so he decides to drop out of school. His parents are not happy. So that he’ll be able to get a job, Chris decides to take the G.E.D. test so he can have the equivalent of a high school diploma.

By the end of the episode, Drew has performed a pail drumming act and, thanks to some assistance from a hot dancer, it goes over very well. Tonya graduates and Chris has taken his exam.

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He waits for the results at the local diner and one by one, his Mom and siblings arrives. Chris plays “Living on a Prayer” on the booth’s jukebox and his family sings along with him. His father, who has some trouble parking the newspaper truck, has the results of his test. Just as Chris is about to discover his fate, the screen goes to black.

With appearances by many of the show’s recurring characters, Chris dropping out of school and the not-so-subtle homage to the finale of The Sopranos, Chris Rock intends this to be the series finale. The show is very likely to be cancelled due to a variety of reasons and the comedian decided to make it an easy decision for the network.

Crews says, “Chris Rock didn’t graduate high school and started comedy when he was, like, 17 years old. Our Chris (Williams) is now a sophomore in high school, so the timing is lining up pretty well. Once he becomes a comedian, the show’s over.”

Williams is currently pursuing a film course at New York University and is happy with the episode. He told TV Guide, “If it ends here, we ended it the right way.” Rock agrees and said, “It might not be a bad way to go.”

The network will ultimately decide if last night’s episode is the last but, if it is, do you think it’s a good series finale? Are you okay that it ended in a cliffhanger? If not, how would you have finish the show?

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  1. nicholas thai says

    it was a good show and the ending would have been great if only you understands chris rocks past or otherwise your just searching around the internet wondering what happen for hours like i did 10 seconds ago

  2. Nick says

    This was a very brilliant show. It makes me laugh and all but i just wish they hadn’t of ended it like that. But if you guys are wondering what the score was it was 735. That’s why they zoomed in on the back of the truck when he was having trouble parking, and it had showed the number 735. Chris Rock said it himself while he was in an interview. I hope you people find this comment very helpful for i wish they would bring this show back on. :(

  3. says

    i juss watched the last epi and im juss sad it was over in 4 years it was so funny and good i still watch the reruns on bet in the morning and sometimes nick@nite has it on as well its juss bad it was over in 4 years

  4. Ambiguous says

    I realize my comment is a day late and a dollar short, but my husband and I recently finished watched all four seasons (having just purchased them from Amazon) and was stunned, surprised and a bit confused by the ending. I understand the cliffhanger, as I’m a writer myself, but not to come back with another season leaves me sighing as I did when Roseanne ended her show killing “Dan” in the process. “Everybody Hates Chris” was one of the more refreshing, delightful and honest shows to come along and I’m sorry it ended so abruptly.

  5. analese says

    i think chris rock should make another season but agian the reason why they didnt want to show another season was beacuse of he fathers death so yeah but agian it did suck wen they ended at the part wen he wants to know wat he got in his g.e.d

  6. says

    wow THIS WAS A GOOD SHOW i loved this show i watch it all the time it seems the drama ends in the last episode But Unfourtanly they can’t continue i think they should of filled the career by forgeting the farther death and showing his comedian job and how he got his life and should of shown at least some thing and what the HE** they didnt say any thing i think they should go on with the life although the farthers death would be tragic i dont want too acutally see julius die i would like too se what happened next but now in the future we got rochelle in pair of kings and all that so apprently i guess it was ment too be although i enjoy that show but i am PISSED!

  7. anonymous says

    his GED score was 735 out of 800, 735 was the number painted on the fathers truck. The man doesn’t matter, he is to add a dramatized atmosphere to the final scene, nothing more.

    …that said, having passed the GED myself, you guys suck at spelling so I wouldn’t knock it as it may be in your foreseeable future.

    • awesomer says

      itz based on chris rocks life so that guy was the guy that found his talent we alll know what that is

  8. Anonymous says

    who the hell was that guy at the counter that they keep panning to? what was his purpose? looked like michael keaton.

    • awesomer says

      he got a 753 or sumthin like that cause julis has trubble backin in and they zoom in at the back side and the scroe is there

  9. Jhon Mackellroie says

    I think the man in the sunglasses should go outside and highjack Chris’s dad truck then as the father goes to try and stop the crook but the crook shoots the father and the father says in his last words he says “Chris I saw on his wallet it said G.E.D. graduate,this cu,cu is why you should always get a good educ.(He closes his eyes and dies.)Then Chris takes the grade from his mom and rips it up and tosses it on the ground. Then his mom says “I know it doesn’t matter but he did get an A+ and with that I feel that in life he’s gonna make the right choices in life.The screen goes blank.

  10. Anonymous says

    Well I think it should end with the father’s death. The whole time I saw the shady guy I thought something bad was gonna happen. Then I saw Julius show up and I felt he would get shot saving Chris from the robber when Chris tried to stop him. It may sound cold but that’s what I think.

  11. anonymous2 says

    I think I have it figured out: when there is the death of something it ends abruptly for that person or character. Well we know Chris isn’t dead because he is still around. We do know that he really took the GED as well that he became a comedian around the age 17. Back to the part of death… I think the abrupt ending is the death of their living conditions. They were “coming up.” The song Living.g on a prayer represented that their prayers were about to be answered. The mysterious guy was probably the person to discover Chris Rock.

    • Jhon Mackellroie says

      Well you make a good point that man was very misteries so he must be a chriminal who took G.E.D.’s so that sends a lesson to all kids saying get or good education or you have a good chance of living out a life of crime.

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