Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: Should the Show Stay Cancelled?

Tonight, ABC airs the newest installment of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The show was cancelled late last year but ABC brought it back for four special two-hour episodes. Should they bring it back as a regular TV series, make more occasional specials, or let it stay cancelled?

As you may remember, ABC ended Extreme Makeover: Home Edition after 200 episodes of “Move that bus!” and helping families in need. The show had declined a great deal in the ratings and the final season ended up averaging a 1.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 5.77 million viewers. That’s a far cry from the show’s first season, when it was averaging a 4.3 in the demo and 10.81 million viewers each week.

ABC may have been hoping that, by taking the show off the air for a year, audiences would be ready to watch new episodes this holiday season. That hasn’t been the case.

With a lead-in from the final performance episode of Dancing with the Stars on November 26th, Home Edition attracted just a 1.2 rating in the demo with 5.92 million viewers.

Then, without the benefit of a lead-in, last weeks’ two-hour episode drew a 0.9 in the demo and 4.42 million viewers.

These are the worst numbers that Home Edition has ever generated — even worse than when the show was airing on Friday nights at the end of its run.

Clearly, there’s no reason for ABC to make any more episodes of the show from a ratings standpoint. They could try bringing it back in a few years but clearly the audience isn’t seeing these new installments as “special.”

But, what do you think? Would you like to see the show return as a regular weekly series, annual specials, or should it stay completely cancelled?

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  1. says

    I think the show should come back as a weekly regular show. I felt the show did a lot more good than harm. It would be so uplifting to see all the good it would do for our communities and our people. And if not ,then at least try to bring back something similar to this miracle-making show.

  2. Mari White says

    I would love to see it come back say as a 1 x a year special charity event. It would be good to try other channels and broadcast companies. We have a family of 4 and we all have progressive neuromuscular disabilities. We would love to rehab the house and make it accessible and open things up better. Our youngest is being moved to private school because the public school system only sees the disability and they have no expectations of him. He is incredibly bright. Our oldest has autism. He is going to college part time but it’s not easy. I only work part time although I have a Masters but it’s a full time job caring for and organizing all the medical appointments. I also have young onset parkinsons. I am finding it more and more tiring to keep up. My husband uses a wheelchair and is progressing rapidly. Although physically disabled he has always wanted to teach middle school math and so he is in school full time on a new career path after a long medical career. Our home needs a lot of rehab and work. Even if they do one big charity event a year with a lot of advance advertising and pomp and circumstance.

  3. Mari White says

    I would love to see it come back say as a 1 x a year special charity event. We have a situation with our sons and my husband that I think would make a perfect type show. Any monies raised could be sent to a charity of choice or the whole event could be a charity event. I would love to talk to someone.

  4. Ngo says

    I think the show should remain a regular weekly series, it should also air on other channels for international viewers that don’t have the abc channel on their cable TV. I believe the poor viewer ratings means the show needs a makeover of its own or Americans aren’t watching, doesn’t mean the rest of the world isn’t. A younger team with fresh ideas, grander home designs like the ones from the shows early years. they could have international teams and take the show abroad. the bigger the better. This was a good show I bet many are willing to invest in internationally. Go back to the drawing board don’t just wimp out. like the oprah show this was something I thought would be around for ever. I planned to one day join the team, or get license to air my version in Nigeria

  5. Bart Taylor says

    I think they should bring it back as a regular series. This show beats a lot of the garbage that they put on tv these days and it’s a show about helping those that 1) help others and 2) don’t really have the means to help themselves

  6. Anita Wall says

    Hello, I am a mother of 4 adult children, two boys, 2 girls. My 2 girls have special needs. My youngest daughter is 20 years old and non-verbal severely autistic with many other health issues. It takes at least two people to take care of my daughter 24/7. My daughter with autism attacks us to scratch us, she throws her feces at us and she breaks every thing of glass in our house, including every light bulb. The mental health clinic has her on so many meds and my daughter is showing some scary side effects. These meds are not helping at all. The doctor tells me there is nothing I can do other than keep giving her more meds to make her like a zombie! I refuse! I know the answer but it requires a home built to my daughters needs on my 14 acres I own in Arizona as well as the therapy equipment needed such as; an in-ground pool, barn, indoor horse arena, and special park-like playground with sensory integration swings and other equipment for a therapy park, all of this to give my child relief from body aches and pains, stresses, and occupy her mind. One thing will be missing with all of this, all the other children and adults who need and will benefit from having such a great therapeutic ranch. Actually, those people are not missing, they are all in our county, it is my ranch they need. Then I and my daughter may once again have a social life with those who understand us, those who are going through the same terrible things and feel all alone like they have to hide from old friends who would never understand how we live such a terrible life daily. I have named this ranch, Wings of Angels Therapeutic Riding and Swimming Ranch. Please help me help my daughter get off most or all these terrible life threatening meds and give her and others just like her a place to be, a park just for our special needs people and others who just want to relieve stress my working with horses etc.. Please come help. I also have my other daughter, my oldest daughter is completely deaf and communicates through sign language. My daughter who is deaf has a three year old daughter, my granddaughter, named completely after me. I have a son who lives with me who had to quit his job just to help with his sister, my daughter with autism. My son is almost 23, this month is his birthday and he has given up his whole life to help me care for his sister. Please, we need someone to help, and then we can help others once again, as that is what I live for, the smiles on others. Thank you

    • Dede says

      And this helps bring back the show how? Looks like all you’re doing is begging and this doesn’t do anything for bringing back one of the best shows ever.

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