Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: Should the Show Stay Cancelled?

Tonight, ABC airs the newest installment of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The show was cancelled late last year but ABC brought it back for four special two-hour episodes. Should they bring it back as a regular TV series, make more occasional specials, or let it stay cancelled?

As you may remember, ABC ended Extreme Makeover: Home Edition after 200 episodes of “Move that bus!” and helping families in need. The show had declined a great deal in the ratings and the final season ended up averaging a 1.5 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 5.77 million viewers. That’s a far cry from the show’s first season, when it was averaging a 4.3 in the demo and 10.81 million viewers each week.

ABC may have been hoping that, by taking the show off the air for a year, audiences would be ready to watch new episodes this holiday season. That hasn’t been the case.

With a lead-in from the final performance episode of Dancing with the Stars on November 26th, Home Edition attracted just a 1.2 rating in the demo with 5.92 million viewers.

Then, without the benefit of a lead-in, last weeks’ two-hour episode drew a 0.9 in the demo and 4.42 million viewers.

These are the worst numbers that Home Edition has ever generated — even worse than when the show was airing on Friday nights at the end of its run.

Clearly, there’s no reason for ABC to make any more episodes of the show from a ratings standpoint. They could try bringing it back in a few years but clearly the audience isn’t seeing these new installments as “special.”

But, what do you think? Would you like to see the show return as a regular weekly series, annual specials, or should it stay completely cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. dera says

    bring back the show to Ottawa ontario, canada
    and a completely new crew for the show to be aired
    here in ottawa,ontario, canada

    help people help the poor people here
    to get better homes and better community centers

  2. dera says

    let it go and donate the money to the poor families here
    in ottawa, ontario

    help us poor ottawa, ontarions
    bring the show here to ottawa, ontario instead

    and get our people help instead

    and turn some of our houses into MILLION DOLLAR MANSIONS <:)

  3. David & Sandy Elford says

    The show “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” was a FANTASTIC effort on the part of ABC, The Dream Team and everyone involved!

    They did the Lord’s work, in helping others, and also did it … in seven days)!

    There’s NOT much good to really watch on TV, anymore, these days.
    This shows was the EXCEPTION!
    It is one of very few shows where … for GOODNESS sake … you just had to watch each episode.
    Every episode gave my wife & I a GREAT feeling inside.
    Not just a nice feeling, in passing, because you’re watching a fun show … but a real strong “GOOD FEELING,” to the HEART, because you’re watching mankind help one another as these wonderful, hard-working people, The Dream Team, step up and help people in need.

    It was a series with special MAGIC (a Disney type magic) a show with love that ALWAYS caused us to tear up when we watched the joy, thankfulness and look of relief in the eyes and expressions of those families that Ty Pennington and the Design Team stepped in … to help!
    These Design Team folks, EACH AND EVERYONE OF THEM, to us became more than just actors on a TV Show.
    They were welcomed into our household almost like FAMILY MEMBERS that we know (and expected) to be over at THE HOUSE each week!

    You think we cried … when TY yells: “MOVE THAT BUS!”
    There were REAL TEARS of disappointment on the airing of the final show … it was like loosing a family member!
    We laughed at their methods of “demolishing” a structure … cried at the feelings of joy and relief in the faces of those they helped and were AMAZED by the creative ideas they used in making a house a special design.

    We even visited Sears more … as it was GREAT to see some of the new items Sears had available!
    Maybe my wife Sandy and I were too close to the show … wishing we could help the families too (in each episode) and doing our part in viewing and cheering them on … to a better life.
    Maybe we were also too close in another way.
    We run an animal shelter, out of where we live and our own pocket, helping many lost & stray animals … and where we live, is to be “demolished” and we have NO WHERE TO GO!
    When we first started our shelter … where we were living … it was decided they were going to sell the building. We were give “20 days to vacate” on Christmas Eve.
    Most all of what we earn at our regular jobs … goes to operating the shelter … so we really had no where to go and no easy way to get there.
    Everything we owned went into storage units and my wife went into the hospital … with a major breakdown.
    Finally finding a small 800 square foot, run-down, cottage … just needing a place to care for my wife and our rescue animals … we moved in.
    Sleeping on the floor, with many of the animals, on an air mattress … was what we were use to … as we have NO real furniture to speak of.
    I sleep on an old lawn swing, in the living room, and I have a desk top to work on as I do research in various medical treatments we’re involved in to help give these lost animals a better life.
    More animals, in this economy, are in need and we’ve been called out on more rescues … so our family of animals that we are helping has GROWN many times over.
    No animals ever get turned away … we help all we can and each animals get OUR PROMISE!
    If we can’t find them a good and loving home … they will ALWAYS have a good home with us! NEVER to be taken to a shelter or left to be homeless again!
    Then, after moving in here … I was so concentrating on just getting a place for my wife rest and to care for our animals … I just “spaced out” on thinking about the fact that we surely could afford the monthly rent and rent on many storage units … of our belongings.
    So shortly after moving in. I had to move as much from storage (as we could) into this little building.
    Boxes are stacked floor to ceiling in all rooms. Two room you can’t even get into … as they are FULL!
    No where in the house can you walk, from room to room, full-shouldered … you are ALWAYS walking sideways and turning in between boxes. It is very crowded … very claustrophobic.
    A situation that doesn’t help my wife medical condition and “panic attacks” are quite common (for both of us) but we have NO WHERE to go!
    The animals have a ram-shackled old deck (we wired in to contain them) they are NEVER caged and roam freely in the small house and the deck … that still gives them outdoor experience without roaming outside.
    They are safe and protected and sleep indoors (the house) each night … able to freely roam house and deck as they wish.
    We are caring for more lost animals … and then awhile back we received NOTICE, in the mail, that the owners are planning to “DEMOLISH” this building … and we will have to leave.
    We are at wits-ends and have no where to go!
    My lovely wife , of 33 years (this February 14th, ) had her second breakdown.

    Every couple weeks I will locate little drawings and sketches (ideas on scraps of paper) of things (IN MY MIND) that I’ve drawn … of plans for a better place to live.
    My wife likes to cook … we have a hot place and a toaster oven … as the oven and stove doesn’t work properly (and are grounded) and one can get a severe SHOCK!
    SO I HAVE PLANS I’ve drawn up of a nice country style kitchen … she’s a North Dakota farm girl at heart and LOVES the kitchen ideas!

    My wife loves to play music. She’s able to play piano and it would be a GREAT therapy for her … but there’s NO ROOM TO DO THAT HERE!
    I have little drawings of a country style music room themed with a touch of Eeyore (her favorite Disney character)!
    She likes to knit, crochet and sew … but there’s no room here to do any of this!

    On the bedroom floor, in a little three-foot area, she will sit with cutting old wool sweaters (from the Goodwill) that we’ve washed in hot water and felted down.
    Using a pattern she hand cut, hand sew and create one-of-a-kind mittens that we call “Kitten Helped Mittens.”
    Named this … because she is often “playfully helped” by many of the kittens and cats we care for … as they play with the yarns and wrestle with the wools as we create each specially made pair of hand crafted mittens.
    These mittens are sold and part of the proceeds goes to the Humane Society and part helps us, a little, with our shelter. Then at Christmas time we will donate several hundred pair of these fancy mittens to The Salvation Army to help the adults and children fight off the chilly weather!
    Our caring for the animals and these mittens … helps my wife, a little, in coping with things day to day.
    But every task or effort is a bit unnerving … as it’s not easy working a project in a little “three-foot” area!
    But we get by … because WE HAVE TO … everything we own is CRAMMED in here and it’s where we care for an help animals.
    Animals come to us with all types of severe issues.
    We do everything from helping new mother’s give birth to their babies …to giving pills, medications and fluids … as many we deal with have issues ranging from heart and kidney problems to blocked bile-ducts, enzyme deficiencies, enlarged hearts and much more.
    We are working with each and every animal to see that they have a good life and a good home!
    I have all these ideas, plans and drawings. Sandy LOVES to see ideas I have in mind for her … SOMEDAY!
    But as time goes by … it seems like that DREAM is getting further and further away and I know that’s NOT good for the HEALTH of my wife!

    I’ve got to do something!
    I’d just like to find SOMEONE who might be able to tell me a direction I can head … a little guidance (a helping hand) someone smarter that I about getting into a home.

    My idea is that there should be a way … SOMEWAY … that I could take the same money I’d be, in part borrowing, and USING MY LITTLE IDEAS, DRAWINGS and plans … be able to construct a place that would exactly meet our needs in being able to care for my wife and grow as we care for more and more animals!

    This place would also have to be an area that we could continue tobetter care for my mother and father.
    Mom has CIDP (a nerve disorder like MS where she looses the ability to do anything for herself) and my dad has CHF and has problems with his heart and circulation.
    They are MY PARENTS!
    Many people just stick their elders in a nursing home and visit them on occasion … my parents wouldn’t last long in a place like that!
    We’re helping them NOW … and we realize theys will eventually need more help.
    Their spirits are high and their wanting to be around and part of the family is still STRONG … and we want to help them maintain that!
    These little drawing and ideas thrill my wife when we talk about the way things will be in her REAL HOME … someday!
    When we talk off the ideas … SHE’S HAPPY (and she’s NOT HAPPY as much anymore like she use to be) and I’ve got to bring HAPPY back into her life!
    Telling her of these ideas brings tears to her eyes … yet I know we are so far away from really being able to accomplish this MIRACLE without some guidance (advice).
    We are up against a rock and a hard place!
    When this letter arrived about this place being “demolished” … I mentioned my wife’s two breakdowns and was given a slight extension.
    But the extension has come and gone … WE still have no place to go … so I just paid the next month’s rent and prayed.
    No one has said anything … YET! But the other shoe will drop and my wife I know will be heading for another breakdown! This isn’t right!
    Sandy is afraid to answer the phone, the door or go get the mail … as it may bring the bad news or she’ll meet someone on the way to the mailbox who has bad news!
    Does anyone have any ideas?

    So maybe there a reason we have adopted a close relationship to this WONDERFUL show and made the whole Design Team … a welcome part of not just our viewing family … but our REAL FAMILY!
    Sandy loves Ty and thinks he’s great.
    During Sandy’s second breakdown I purchased a book by Ty Pennington … to make her feel better (Sandy’s an avid reader … I use to be but my vision has worsen).When I presented her with the book .. she was thrilled.
    Then she quietly asked me if I thought there was any way I might see that it was autographed to her!
    I said I’d try.
    Sending the book off to the publisher (in care of Ty Pennington) to see if this might be possible.
    That’s been over a year ago … the book was NEVER returned!
    She was very disappointed … me too!
    I wish there had been a way I could have gotten this book signed … as it really meant alot to her!

    So maybe Sandy & I do identify closer with the FEELINGS behind those tears and looks of relief and gratitude … from those “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” has helped.

    But even so …
    Even if we too wish a bit of “relief” might be heading our way …

    YOU HAVE TO ADMIT ABC HAD A wonderful SHOW IN “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition!”

    Should it come back … YOU BETCHA!

    Should it be tweaked … should it be changed?

    Everything in life is changing …

    We continue to be thankful for what we have (day to day) and hope things will SOMEHOW-SOMEDAY head in a better direction for us!

    Bringing back this fantastic TV series (even in specials) would be a WONDERFUL CHANGE to our life.

    Most things you watch today on TV … just takes up a person’s time!

    Programming that often does not really benefit anyone (under the name of questionable entertainment) and does little (at times) to really make one feel good about themselves, their life, their country … or anything!

    You’re just suppose to laugh along with the “laugh-track” at off color humor and questionable subject matter and, at the show’s end, feel you’ve been entertained!

    ABC’s “Extreme Makeover” Home Edition” entertained people in a good and uplifting way!

    You felt good about people helping other people … I don’t care who you are the show made people feel that that’s just the way life ought to be!

    You felt good about improving people’s lives and the tears of happiness that would come to your eyes, when these folks were helped, were cleansing tears for us all!

    It showed us how life can and should be … one hand helping the other.

    Helping one another … it’s the American way!

    You felt proud of your country and these folks … every time you watch the show!

    I would have given ANYTHING to be able to just once be there to help … to BE A PART of the Design Team efforts in building something to better a family’s life.

    That’s why we are proud to say …

    …that this show and Ty Pennington and the entire Design Team (to us) we consider them as our family members … WELCOME in our house as any brother or sister!

    With our love and respect for Mr. Pennington … these”Design Team” folks … ABC and all the people and sponsors (like Sears) that made the show possible!

    Bring the show back … it’s just the right AMERICAN thing to do … as it makes one proud to be a part of such a fine program … even if all we can do, in being “a part,” is be
    the VIEWER!

    If you have an extra prayer and wish to share it our way (as to our situation) this would be most appreciated!

    (Too many words … I know)
    but I’m at a loss as where to turn … so I ramble … I guess!

    God Bless!

    David & Sandy Elford
    (and all the animals we care for)

  4. Arlene says

    I missed this show terribly!!! I was so happy when it came back on for the holidays!!! I do wish that it would come back on permanently. If building homes isn’t working, then as a previous viewer said, there are countless community agencies, churches, neighborhood health clinics, etc. that help families, children, etc. that could use the help.

  5. Out of The Box says

    I would like to see some specials. How about doing more creative types of properties that pose challenges conversions. Adaptive reuse etc. There are so many communities trying to unload public building into private hands like schools, firehouses & churches they pose real challenges. I would find these rehabs more interesting.

  6. Desiree Moeller says

    I really enjoyed this show & rushed home to watch it. It was great to see the families
    Joy & astonishment at their new homes. It was inspirational,
    & hope giving. I always wanted to be one of the chosen secretly. Always
    Wondered what it would be like to live in a house that didn’t
    leak, had all the windows, & doors weatherized. But hey I stayed
    warm watching the giving from Ty & his crew. I miss this show.

  7. Why Watch says

    Let it go. Use the money they would’ve spent on filming etc for one family and donate it to a charity that can help multiple families.

  8. Pam Crosby says

    You do not know how much I have missed this show! It is the greatest show that has ever been on the air! They haved helped so many people and so many causes. To me it is comparable with watching Walt Disney movie with the family every Sunday night when I was a child. It is a good family show that should stay on the air. It might just need to be put on a different night, that’s all. I can tell you first hand that helping out on two of the NH shows has changed my life and I will never forget the heartwhelming feeling I got with helping out other families in need. I pray every night that ABC brings the show back!

  9. J. S. Bregger says

    This show has changed so many lives, not just the ones receiving the new home. It has restored faith in humanity when so many feel down and hopeless. The spirit of America is seen here in this show for all to see. I would hope that consideration would be give to this when deciding to renew this show. I know that ratings (money) is the driving factor but service to the community is also one of the reasons for having a TV station license. Please reconsider your decision to cancel this extremely valuable show of the American spirit.

  10. Marsha says

    This is the only show we can all watch as a family with children ages 2-10 (without worrying about inappropriate language or innuendo etc…) Our whole family loves the show–bring it back, please! But, please do a better job of advertising that it’s back and when it airs. We only found it when looking for Christmas shows to record on our DVR. We still miss watching it on Sunday nights…

  11. Kat says

    Of course they should bring it back; here’s a reality TV show that helps families, instead of being all about who is sleeping with and/or backstabbing who in order to get mad amounts of cash.

  12. Melinda says

    This is one of the best shows on television IMO. I would love to see it on all the time, but occasional specials are still good and fill me with joy.

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