Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition: Season Two or Cancelled?

Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition canceled season twoLast week, ABC aired the final season one episode of a new reality show, Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. How do the ratings measure up and will the TV series be back for season two or be cancelled?

If you haven’t seen it, Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition documents the makeover of “super obese” people, those who are approximately 200 pounds overweight. Trainer Chris Powell moves into their homes to help them change their attitude, nutrition, and exercise routine. When Powell leaves, he’s set them on the right course and keeps watching their progress via updates. At the end of one year, the transformation is unveiled at a party with friends and family members.

The reality series debuted on May 30th, at the end of the regular season, to a 2.4 rating in the coveted 18-49 demographic and 7.11 million viewers. It built out of its Bachelorette lead-in and easily won its timeslot, airing opposite a Hawaii Five-0 repeat and an original episode of already-cancelled Law & Order: LA.

The second episode of Weight Loss Edition dropped about eight percent in the demo (still respectable) and dropped nine percent the following week. Throughout the course of the eight episode run, the ratings fell as low as a 1.9 demo rating and a 5.48 million viewers. Season one ended up averaging a 2.1 in the demo and 6.02 million. Considering that its a summer series, these are respectable numbers. It’s the second-most watched ABC TV show of the summer, bested only by The Bachelorette.

ABC hasn’t announced a second season yet but, back in September, the network ordered six more installments. They ordered them before the show even premiered because each episode takes a year to shoot. With that in mind, the network will likely have six new episodes ready by late fall or early winter. ABC hasn’t indicated when they’ll air them but waiting until next spring/summer seems likely.

But, what do you think? When we first reported about Weight Loss Edition, many people reacted negatively. Do you want to see season two or would you rather see it cancelled?

Canceled and renewed TV show

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  1. Margaret says

    I really enjoy watching lives change on this show. I have 200lbs to lose myself and I would love to be on the show. Chris Powell has an inspiring & motivated attitude towards weight loss. It’s like he wills a person to be successful on their journey of weight loss. Obesity has become an addiction and people are hurting. Just as an alcoholic or a drug addict need support and resources, the obese needs are the same. I can only hope and pray the show will not be cancelled….I want to apply for the next season. Please continue the show~

  2. Redspice says

    I love the show. I don’t have 200 lbs. to lose, more like 40, but I loved watching the show. I hope they bring it back. It makes you think, if they can do it – so can I.

  3. Anonymous says

    Wonderful show! I watched every episode and I normally don’t watch much TV at all. Please continue this show!

  4. Amanda says

    It is an outstanding show and Chris Powell is a wonderful trainer. This show truly helps people unlike the Biggest Loser which makes a game of it. One week your on the Biggest Loser and the next week you could be gone. Chris stays with you for 3 months and checks up with you throughtout the year. He finds what is eating you and why you eat. I hope and pray this show has a very long run and helps hundreds of people who have no one else to help them.

  5. Tina says

    I love this show. I stopped watching Biggest Loser. But this show and seeing what these people go through, really touches me.

  6. Kim says

    I think this is a very positive show and should be continued. I look forward to watching it every week because it inspires me to continue eating healthy and exercising. Obesity has gotten way out of control in this country. People are eating not because they are hungry but because they are hurting and food is a comfort to them. This program reinforces the fact that we are all valuable human beings and being healthy will allow us to continue our journey and live a long and healthy life.

  7. says

    I thought the show was amazing! The process with each person was very heart warming. Chris Powell is an amazing trainer. I can attest to that….he used to be my trainer! I look forward to Season 2.

  8. Fancyface says

    I absolutely love that show, its inspiring to watch and i like it better than the biggest loser anyday, its more personal and its all about that person and what they need to do to change their life forever! I will be very disappointed if they dont bring it back, it seeems like all the good shows get cancelled!!

  9. sarah says

    They better make another season!!!! Very inspirational show and way better than Biggest Loser. Chris is a kind-hearted and genuine man who is just wants to change lives. He shows the viewers how to do it too. It is amazing to see the people over the year and it is relaxing knowing that there is no winner or loser. Everyone gets the help that is chosen, if they want it. Chris also counsels the people he chooses and gets to the root of the eating problem. I just love the show and was sad that season 1 was over. I will not be a happy camper if the show does not come back.

  10. Shawn says

    I loved the show. Very dissappointed it’s not on now. It’s good to see the end result and the struggles the people go through to get there. I think it’s very inspirational and if the show could even motivate 1 person to lose the weight, then isn’t that person worth saving? I would love to see it come back. I’m already missing it. Chris you rock!

  11. Rylee says

    I thought the show was put together well, and was a great addition to the ABC line up. It would have been nice to see a longer run of the season. My only conflict was Ihave school Mon. so I have to catch the episodes on abc.com.

  12. Sheila says

    Don’t need another weight-loss show. NBC’s Biggest Loser is a far superior show anyway. And ditto what Lorrie said. Won’t be watching ABC after AMC ends in September. If they won’t support their loyal viewers and keep our soaps on the air, why should we support them? See ya, ABC!

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