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8 Comments on "Extreme Weight Loss"

Amy Stuck

I’m shocked to see that this show has been canceled. Such an inspiration to all. Very sad I really enjoyed this each week and still watch the old ones that come on….BRING IT BACK!

Ken Ruhl

Please bring back this show, it has helped a lot of people. My wife and I really liked watching it. So PLEASE bring it back


The motiviation and inspiration I receive from watching this show-every season from the beginning is priceless. Please don’t cancel such a life changing and valuable show to so many-not just those needing weight loss.

Paul colella

My wife & I used to really enjoy this show. We are disappointed it has been canceled. The show motivated us to lose weight & we both have. A special thanks to Chris & Heidi for their show inspiring my spouse & I to become healthier.


[…] reality show, Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition documents makeovers of very overweight people. Trainer Chris Powell moves into their homes to help […]

treylan walker
this is treylan walker and I would like to be on your show I am sick and tired of the way that I look and i need some help and the motivation to help me due so so would you please loss this weight i weight 345 my weight loos goal is 205 or200 lbs so pleas if can find it in your heart to consider me for the show you wont regret it treylan k walker

Please leave this show alone.I really like watching people learning to get healthy and get a new beginning in life. And it is such a relief to see a show where they bare not fighting with other people and setting others up for failure like others shows.


Please do not take this off! its a great show and i think it helps people that are fighting there weight that in a good amount of time healthy time